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11/11 Gateway

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What does the 11/11 Gateway have in store for us?

The Angels had been telling me, without mentioning made me feel, what the Gateway of 11/11 would bring. Some will receive certain minor tweaks in their light body through the spinal cord, the Crown Chakra will get new expansion and the powerhouse of the Solar Plexus will be amplified.

What it is all about?

Let’s begin!

The spinal cord is not only a useful component of your physical body, but the 33 vertebras also act like a cosmic energy antenna, each of them are linked to a sound, a frequency in itself that is liken to a musical note which mostly have been called a higher octave of energy. This new sound/energy can download itself through our spinal cord; we would receive some minor tweaks throughout our spine as we are getting fine-tuned like a musical instrument so that we could finally be ready to vibrate on a higher frequencies stream. We will welcome more light within us, having a lighter physical body that will be more crystalline in its essence than carbon based. Each vertebra is linked to an emotion, if your spinal cord hurts in some place, then it's telling you that there's something resurfacing that haven’t been yet healed. It will ask you to look within and connect through your cosmic antenna, the more energies we will be able to handle, the more vertebrae will be aligned vertically, which could trigger Soul Memory Banks to open, or Chakras Shake-up or simply deep emotional emergence.

Ascension Update - Trinity Months

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Higher Consciousness had been kindly nudging me of the importance of letting others feel through all that we do, the warmness Flame of Empowerment. Angels also pointed out that for the upcoming months of November-December-January, will act as a catalyzer, months of Trinity Power Initiation, Transmuting and Clearing.


All misleading wishes or ideas made through projection onto others will completely dissolve, which might act as a `cold` moment of emotions for the souls that haven’t yet started their inner work. This energy will shake the very foundation of your belief as change is freely welcomed, pushing each and every one of us further down the road of earning our Mastery through lessons. The rules of the old will not apply anymore; things will be renewed as you will gain brand new clarity. We will see suddenly more clearly than we ever had, as we will recognized the divine in another just like we do recognized the divine within us. We will journey into our Multidimensional Consciousness and there wouldn’t be any school of teaching that would be able to explain what had happened within each of us as we are Unique in our own ways and our paths are all different.


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