2015 Scorpio Full Moon


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This Scorpio Full Moon is a powerful and emotionally charged one! Scorpio’s energy is about deep psychological transformation…..through the unconscious (dreams, imagination, emotions), as we then acknowledge this, and begin to communicate with our consciousness. Also through our deep desires…. as we learn to let some of those intense desires go….. This Scorpio Full Moon desires peak emotional intensity and experiences…..even if they are hidden (Scorpio). There is a Sexiness with this Scorpio Full Moon, almost a haunting……simmering desire to express one’s emotions on all levels…..be sure to keep the desire’s on the high Spiritual side of Scorpio and trust in the transformations. Take the Power of this Full Scorpio Moon and face who and what you are ……only then can you make changes.

We have been through a lot of transformative energies over the last several months…… Lots of chaos….lots of changes, on a personal level, and a community/humanity level. The energies have been strongly asking us to let go of people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where we are……purging in all areas. We not only are seeing this within our own lives……but also with families, friends and relationships…..and also within the World and the Earth itself. For example: The fiery Volcano in Chile, the massive earthquake in Nepal (the Earth is purging), the wild shootings on both sides of the law and the marches/protests…..as people start to take their power back and stand up for their cause…..and demand justice on all levels. Remember…..we are in the 60’s part 2! This Scorpio Full Moon will bring more of this to the surface…..if only the surface of your own consciousness.

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