accordance to higher consciousness


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Alexis karpouzos (Born, April 09, 1967 in Athens) is an Greek-born Philosopher, Spiritual Teacher and Author. Alexis karpouzos passionate engagement with tensions at the heart of creativity give strength to his call for an individual and collective evolutionary leap forward.

Galactic Inheritances

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Galactic inheritances

In these moments, galactic beings are acknowledging controversies being played out on your planet. These are normal aspects of being which should change dramatically after the event which imposes aspects of a higher universal mind once humans partake in creation of their processes to higher understandings trough consciousness of what these formations are in actuality for at these moments… Understanding these can be of great importance in how concepts from past creations can be learned and used in these moments to understand consciousness as end points to what we are going to achieve in the near future within.

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