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I've fallen in love with Jesus!

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Falling in Love with Jesus

Dear Readers,

I’ve fallen in love with Jesus…
Falling in love happens when you integrate more with the Christ Consciousness and the I AM of your Being, so it is quite normal in the ascension process to fall in love with Love! The more Light you hold, the more you embody the Flame of Love, which is sparked into Life by your I AM.

We are all in the process of becoming efficient co-creators with our I AM, so that we can manifest again the Gardens of Eden on Earth as it was meant to be eons and eons ago.

It is our I AM who is the Spark that fires into creation our manifestations. It is up to us as its human counterpart, to set the intention, and to use our innate creative imagery and passion to keep the intention alive and clear by feeding it our love and gratitude, until it manifestations into form.

Think of it this way…. Our I AM is the spark plug that causes our car engines to burst into life. Without that spark we cannot go very far. The same metaphor applies to us as humans. We are the physical vehicle that our I AM sparks into life each day. Therefore it would be prudent to be in congruency with this precious and vital aspect of ourselves. As we become congruent, of ONE Heart, ONE Mind, with our I AM, through our clearing work, we are elevated into the higher dimensions of our consciousness.

Relationship Healing and Clearing Meditation To Attain Higher Frequencies of Light

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♥ Meditation to Heal Relationship with the Self and Planet as a Whole Entity ♥

I received a message the other day from my Beloved Higher Self offering me a powerful clearing and healing that he said would not only benefit me but the entire Planetary Body, of which he said I am a part. I decided to offer the healing and clearing to others through these two online events so that the energy could be multiplied and magnified through our group consciousness and grounded-ness.

This is the message and I share it with you today:

“My Brothers and I wish to offer a group clearing and healing which will benefit both the individual and collective group aspect of yourself, as well as the Group Consciousness of Gaia as an embodiment of Divine Love. This offering and coming together of Light Beings will assist All conscious Beings to integrate the maximum frequencies of Light which will be flooding your energy fields with the opening of the 11.11 Gateway, right through to the 12.21 Solstice, and the Grande Finale of 2016, a Year that has proven itself to be one of your toughest yet in your Ascension journey.”

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