Dreamer dreaming in the dream

The Dreamer, living in his Dream

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We are about Dreamers living in a dream, and we ask whom is dreaming the dream...but it is of the dreamer, and what happens when the dreamer wakes up he completes his dream and begins a new one. We are all but dreamers in a dream creating as we go, dreaming as we go on. What we choose to experience is but a part of this dream and life changing events are but parts of another dream coming into fruition. The dreams can last a long time or a short time we decide before we begin a new dream how long it will last... But if this dream is made up of many dreams whom is dreaming the totality? It is but source having from each wave send out a new dream aka cycle to experience something new every time. Source tells: show me what this dream can come up with and help to find out more at play to how this universe works... How existence works, what it can play like in all its limitless forms. In our human forms we are very limited to what we can do compared to on the other side, but there is truly no limits if we allow and understand we are the Dreamers, each dream we create is but a wave send on out affecting other dreamers out there and many can dream from the same dream same as source when it sends out its wave. Many Dreamers that choose to experience its dream are all creating many of its own parts in the dream. When we wake up the dream is done and we begin a new one. A new experience all together as one dreamer dreams in the dream. If we allow to grow...dream bigger...not dream bigger but expand the dreams we can see all the different dreams we are living in and group them up in one big dream and see more to what this dream truly is...we gather higher consciousness and become aware of not only your dreaming but what many dreams create all together...what they are all there for and it's the same as seeing the bigger picture. Imagine seeing what source see's sending out a wave and experiencing it all together as one whole totality.

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