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YEE-HAW! THANKS, SUN!: "A Severe (G4) Geomagnetic Storm is now in progress. Bz/IMF conditions continue to intensify the ongoing geomagnetic storm.

ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 8" SolarHam.com" 

IMAGE: SCREENSHOT of www.SolarHam.net 



The higher feed’s

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The higher feed’s (Field’s)

What this composes has in effect’s a gradual "assumption" to individuals whom will gradually make the most of what their experiences of the higher grids can bring about while they choose to give freely (Create) from what they may have learned within their individualities, their pathway’s within exertion of the higher mappings (the flow’s) "this concession is apparatus" remaking exempts in the controversial energies* while explanatory the concept’s may abolish the governing factors of the lower consensus within after choices of event’s are conceived in the intellectual recap’s down below.

The aforementioned aspect’s (within) creation by which the higher gradual implementation’s may become known to individuals having a higher grid experience* can conceive of these creations in accordance to law’s which super imposes the greater aspects of the intellectual bond’s within (trines) in Signs* which abolishes the aspects of memorabilia the consensus of the higher graded aspects of ourselves in a query.

The momentum gathered from answering these questions are conceivable "(aspects of the higher implementation’s)" while gradually having caused clearance to enable the higher expansive (flow’s) to give freely exempts "in signs".

Exemption: fabrication’s "(will cause the aspects of this flow to be giving)" in accord’s to higher intellect’s* gradation point’s trough the fields, if we denote fractals of the expansion’s, caused within moments of the "reuptakes" which inquirers on the deviation’s formal to interdependence’s in querying modes, stasis.

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