Full Libra Blue Moon April 19 2019


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 This Full Libra Moon is a powerful one!   It is very energized…intense and revolutionary!   It seems to have a message……no matter how chaotic, intense and transformative the last several weeks/months have been, and still are..…..there seems to be a “newer” energy and focus about bringing things into Balance….that is underlining this Full Libra Moon.  This Libra Full Moon is also at 29 degrees which is sometimes referred to as a “critical” degree and is often associated with endings of cycles and new beginnings.  Libra which is ruled by Venus is relationship orientated and about Balance and Love!!   At the same time we have a very intense Full Moon who’s energies don’t seem to be bringing us as much “Peace” as you would think.  It is as if the Universe is serious about us learning to bring things into Balance!


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