Full Moon May 21st 2016


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A Sagittarius Full Moon encourages us to have fun, quest for knowledge and expand our visions.  This is the first of two Sagittarius Full Moons in a row!   When a Zodiac sign has two Full Moons in a row…..it is rare!   It happens only about once every 19 years.  It is almost like the Universe is saying…..we have some rethinking to do with the Sagittarian themes!  This Sagittarius Full Moon is truth seeking and very dynamic. Sagittarius is notorious for putting their foot in their mouth and for leaping before looking!  It also has Mars sitting with this Full Sagittarius Moon. Mars is at its closest approach to Earth in almost 10 years….adding even more energy to this Full Moon. Venus is also sitting with the Gemini Sun! This Full Moon suggests a shift in perspective and a questing for Truth!  Making this a very active…high energy… Full Moon!  


It also encourages us to think deep and focus on our Truth.  This is important as we have been through a lot of activations and down loads over the last months and years.  Leaving us with a feeling of  “the rug being pulled out from under our feet.”  Things seem a little unstable, uneasy, and fluid.  This is also true throughout the world and with the Earth herself.  We are being asked to see and create “our own” big picture and focus on it.  We are being asked to create our new future out of the chaos that is happening around us.  Even though we may not be sure of exactly where we are headed……start moving….and Trust (Sagittarius) in your Guidance.  These changes are happening in all areas of our lives.  All the seeds that have been planted over the last months and years…. are now sprouting….we need to decide which ones to nourish and which ones to let go of.

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