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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey


This is a very powerful Flower Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse! It is the most intense and spectacular Full Moon this year and it will appear bigger and brighter than normal Full Moons. It also can magnify emotions, truths and your belief systems. There are many major aspects happening at this Full Moon Eclipse to move us on our evolutionary Journey with the help of some very positive aspects.  At the same time…there are a few aspects that involve choices we might be faced with…rather to head to the high side or the grayer side.  One of those aspects is Mars in the orb of the opposition to Pluto.  Forming a Cardinal T-Square with Eris, Pluto and itself!  This energy can become a bit volatile if not guided in a more peaceful energy. Be careful and cautious for the next several days….   This Full Moon Eclipse is also ushering in the Eclipse season….and the next one is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th


But remember…the Universe never gives us more then we can handle.  Leading up to this Sagittarius Full Super Moon Lunar Eclipse we have witnessed the opening up of business and festivals and gatherings after being shut down for over a year and even that is confusing.  It feels so good to be able to move around and share in person and travel (Sagittarius)…but it also feels so funny to do that after being locked down for so long.  Is it really safe we ask??  We have also been witnessing many massive shootings and demonstrations and protest and some becoming violent and then realizing that we are in the process of Radical Transformation and Exhilarated Evolution and suddenly….we are in a new norm…as we are co-creating the “New”.…. Let’s create a Peaceful and Loving one!



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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This is a very dynamic, important and Powerful Full Moon!   This Full Sagittarius Moon is not only sitting with Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) but it is also sitting on the Galactic Center (a portal to the Universe, where we can access Higher realms, Higher truths, and Higher wisdoms)...and then to add even more energies to this Sagittarius Full Moon…. it is happening only days before the Summer Solstice!  Intensifying the energies as we move into Eclipse season in July!  Then add in the Cardinal T-Square with Pluto/Saturn/South Node…opposing Mercury/Mars/North Node and all 6 being squared by Eris! We have a time of intensified Evolution!  It is a turning point…..a time of initiation…a time of choices….releasing what is no longer vibrating we are now vibrating and a time of radical change!

It is also a time of feeling like you have very little energy and a time of feeling overwhelmed.  Also since Mercury (planet of our Voice…how we speak and what we say) is sitting in the Cardinal T-square, you may want to watch what you say….the tone you say it in and the energy around it, as words can fly out of your mouth in energy or in ways that you didn’t intend for them to be surrounded with, and there can be miss understandings etc.   This is very strong energy and our bodies are trying to incorporate it all….and it isn’t easy.  As we move though July with 2 Eclipses….the energies will continue to increase from this Full Sagittarius Moon through July.  Just be prepared and work with the energies and make good choices….because on the other side….there can be amazing opportunities.    

This Full Sagittarius Moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon as this is the time of year that Strawberry’s become available.   It gives the Moon a sweet energy. 


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology
Cathy Lindsey
Wow!! What a powerful and Magical Day this is! It is a Full Moon Solstice! A Full Sagittarius Moon and in less than 12 hours the Summer Solstice. Increasing both of their energies! the last time this happened was in May and June of 1997….almost 20 years ago….and it won’t happen again until 2062. This is a wonderfully rare celestial event!
There are many activations happening during this 2nd Sagittarius Full Moon in a row & and Summer Solstice event. Far more than can be put into this one report.
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