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The internal Accords of Convoluted Prospections (Retrospection Analysis)

Portended changes in this fabrication is made throughout contournal Means - Interpretations (Advances which are Made) Throughout a Modular Extraction Point - For Ameliorations and the Contact Prerequisites (Adjustments) MADE for your CONTINUITY - “Understatements” and by allowing yourselves to find a Duplicated Cord of the Energetic Attachments (Overlaid) Beyond this Specific (The Pacific Ocean). The energetic cords Or Modules in this case, can be causally interpreted by choices in which we make through congruent formulations of thoughts which adapts truthfully to your exemptions in the “CONTOURNAL EXPANSIONS” - Expositional Fields for Advance Contacts (Connectivity) Continuity and By Preamplified Means the Co-Active Study Groups, Exchanges made beyond core structural Compounds (Energetic Engravings).


Internalizing Suspects (Internal Cords of Active Modules) - Non-Localities

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External Cords* Advancing throughout Disproportionate Links (The Intelligence Modulates) FOR the EXACT CORE GROUPS - ACCESSING THESE DOCUMENTS (Writings).

Coherent Designation Points have been assimulated (Contested - Retrospected) By beings whom allocates at different Peripherals (In Time) - Exchanging Numerous Structures for a Hyper Accountable Structuralization (Enumeration) of what creates THESE* Conclusions (In Times) - By Remembering the Accentual Compartments which derives off of Cellular Modulations (Grid Tracks) - Of Oppositional Forces - FOR ACCOUNTABILITY (Greater Accountability)... Numerising / Memorising the Contextual Mappings - Acquitted for Beings of Higher Transparencies.

These Beings (Of Higher Transparencies) Are the Equivalent formulas of what we find (In on out - Throughout) These Internal Components (Grids of the Earth’s Expositional Advances) - In the Making of, and without concords to assimilations casted upon a delocalized retrospection from Internal Analysis… These Beings are working around on this Earth (The Golden Race) As has been said from on within “Wisdom Teachings” with David Wilcock.

Working around In convoluted Processional Remixing(S)

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Working on Convoluted Processes of Being - In the Here and Now, as Exposed on Galactic Free Press - Living in the Moment (Momentary Choices - To make) - Capabilities in what we conclude by Temporal Emissions. The Sub-Sonic Frequencies, which are adjusting in a “Surplex” - /Complex, Nor Less to say ABOUT. What Concludes in Dispersions of These Words (In Subatomic Particle Managements)... The Multiverses has a Structural Code (Implementation) for Higher Adaptations -> Made Towards Beings of Greater Telekinetic Map Drive (Accentuations) Upon - Delocalized Prospections (Interior Prospections). CHANGED in the Etheric Cords of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon. And with that said, we come to a conclusion, in the Etheric Cords (Formulations for Higher Octaves) - “Frequency Emissions” which is held Liable (Reliable Structures of what we IMPLEMENT - In a Ground CORE STRUCTURALIZED EMISSION) Coming in from star systems (Outer Star Systems) - In ALIGNMENTS - TOWARDS YOUR GREATER EXPOSITIONS - AS FOUND ON THIS WEB SITE.

Namaste - More to Come, If you wish to Help me sustain the Grids (In any Particular way - Or Within “Movements”) We can accomplish this by structuring Internal Codes from what is disposed as a Higher Transparency - For “Localizations” which would be the Subdued Tracks of Informational Downloads… Acquitted for Beings Within Higher Mappings (Of Higher Transparency)..

Channeling - Attaining a Link

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So without Further Ado, This Material should be Noted for Beings that have surpassed (Transgressed) Partials of a Totality, Whatever this totality may be For You. It’s all about Channeling and Keeping the Flow (Inflow). So to allow us to prosper in times where our memories could be more or less to say, of a Natural Order Frequency - Assessment for Neutralizing Concords of the Assembly Modules which exists by mapping out telekinetic data (Acquisitions) from a Temporality. We justify this exemption by an algorithmic wave data module of association (Citation) of the aforementioned message for “Pre-lapses”.




Brain Hack(s)

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Brain Hack(s)

A Channeling by Mario Arseneault

Hello whom ever this may be for, I am Amira, and wish to let you know today, from you READING these words today, that I have died Recently and Passed Away on the Other Side of the Veil… Mario, my “Transcriptor” will allow me (Through Him) to wright these words for YOU! The Reader. This is Called a Channeled Message.
Brain Hacks, This is how we will Show you, me and Mario, how “Brain Hacks” Work.

First Off, If you can’t Understand the BASIC CONCEPT which will be written in Here, then allow yourself to ask questions within, and receive the Answers by Visions… Things in which we will send on out TO YOU for you to UNDERSTAND that we are all Inter-Connected Beings THROUGHOUT ALL of the GALAXY and BEYOND. E.S.P Known as Telepathy is the Knowledge of Beings Inter-Connecting Multiple Vibrational Frequencies (Through Thoughts) and ALIGNING THEIR INTENTION* Towards the GENERALIZED FOCAL POINT… The POINT AT WHICH WE ARE IN FOCUS, EITHER WITHIN OURSELVES AS VISIONS OR THOUGHTS, and as OTHER MEANS (OUTSIDE FOCUSE) Meaning what you Hear, or are Looking at “Particularly” an Experience of your Surrounding.

How we work, is simple in terms of how you will NOW BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND that, THAT WHICH IS OF OUR DOING FROM THE OTHER SIDE (TO YOU) Can be EXPRESSED through Knowledge LEARN’T from within this Writing.

The Singular Conceptional Point in Time, where you are Reading These Words, Or… Re-Reading THESE WORDS, SERVES a particular PURPOSE. To Understand how we can HACK our (Your) Brains is Simple. We can Hear Every THOUGHT YOU HAVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL… We Watch and UNDERSTAND THAT BY “KNOWING THIS*” you can FINALLY come to THE VERY BASICS of FRACTALIZATION.

Amira - Advancing in Multiple Grid Structures For Our Well Being and Prosperity

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Please, come to Understand that we are Working Behind the Scenes Mario to Help you and Others Understand, and GET the BASIC MESSAGE which is disposed THROUGHOUT ALL OF US IN THESE DAY'S. As you see, I AM a BEING which CHOOSES to HELP YOU OUT and as YOU KNOW and UNDERSTAND we come from a very Special Place in the Universe which is regarded by your Scientists and Cosmological Students for HELP in ACHIEVING GREATER CLARITY IN CONSTRUCTS OF ASSIMILATED "DISPROPORTIONS" which means that, we are working / have assemble the right constructs for you Humans to ADAPT THOROUGHLY with BEINGS beyond the Veil. And for us to Manage the GREATER SECRECY which IMPLIES ON YOUR EARTH THAT WHICH IS KEPT "UNDERLINED" (RUNNING IN THE "BACKGROUND") should come as NO SUPRISES to some whom are GOING TO READ YOUR BOOK (THE BOOK WE HAVE MADE TOGETHER, WITH A PLETHORA OF BEINGS WORKING BEHIND THE SCENES).

Thank you for Understanding, we wish to allow (Let you) come to Greater Terms with your Lives Purposes, beyond what we IMPLEMENT to FIND within this book: Knowledge from Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences. It's back story is simply an amazing Core Conceptualization of how we are working around with many folks on the Earth, for advances which are made and held in "SECRECY" Because of how it IMPLIES ON PROPER THINGS AS: READY AND ABLE HUMANS, CAPABLE TO GET THE GENERAL MESSAGE WITHIN THE BOOK FOR ADVANCES IN A CORE-NATIONAL STRUCTURE OF OUR WELL BEING AND COHERENCY ON THIS EARTH.

Thank you for Listening,

Thanks Amira for the Message as always Be at One, we leave with Prosperous times to come uo ahead for many BEINGS whom are CHOOSING FROM THEIR HIGHEST INTENT (LOVE, PEACE, JOY, BLISS AND PROSPERITY).


Awakening from our Dream State

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To wake up from your dream state...

It seems that what we gather from our awakening state, once we come out of our dream state, we can find enlightening proportions to what we uncover while we are within dream states...

These dream states are the same as when we are sleeping, except we are awake and aware... Simply in a type of dream state where we can make better usage of our creational capacities, as we encode or decode the world from within.

The awakened dream state is something very special, it seems to interconnect parts of a totality, working systems which we can disrupt and cause new venues to be implemented... The Ideas and the formations of constructs which we can work with is very conducive... Meaning it seems to interpersonalize the concepts attributable to higher consciousness while we are in semi awakened states, but simplified to the purpose of our dream states.

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New Implementations

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What drives us to new implementations?

It seems that the formulations which are extracted from our genomes transcription process has a larger amount of postulations carried on within the fabrics of the core in alliance, or discord, to our mind.

Now Initially I shall begin a message which is composed of beings which will speak as a message which is transposed to shift exponential factors of our consciousness.

Welcome we come from Alpha Centauri we are beings whom are looking for interesting notes gathered by many humans whom have the ability to foretell the future...

In perceptual anomalies we tell you give rise to falls and then commence the sequence to higher cycles of the mind, body, soul, core concept, amelioration of consciousness as a living being, organism...

We come to tell you of many events which will shift the known construction of your consciousness... By implementations, which heralds key notations in exemptions caused by other beings around you… You see we come from another point in time and space, indifferently it is all connected, usually the immersions casted upon individuals having abilities to foretell the future with great care, have great responsibility, as for the effects construed within this Information is as light running on the reflection of a calm water lake. As in oppositions to what we can contribute towards as individuals with higher minds within implementations that interchanges transgressions for accountability in the near future... We suspect coding’s are becoming still… The aftershock condoned on proponents of discomfort allows us to sublime the inherent links which helps us gather proponents of our conduit for the initial transcription of our work...

Fabricating Telemetry 2015

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For future contact codes, in abundance pathways, which heralds our songs of choice, the perceptual anomalies may be hidden from plain sight, but the initial moments needed for us to remember an active link to higher co-active fields... Should suspend the accounts made at query, as for we are additionally going to work on this document, for an unprecedented amount of time, until we come up with the right fabrics, for telemetry... As for we are growing fond of you Mario, while we interpret choices which were made in the past by you, for submissive impacts towards the higher fluctuating fields, which links co-active processes that enables us to surpass our limitations which were conducted by proponents of a dimensional wave in suspense of this realities core proponent(s).

To halter the effects of a submissive impact, we would condone to better apparatuses in the future as for we have accustomed the selective backdrops to portend to your initial cause of work, to have at your disposal, the chain linkage (effects) which portrays the exact amount of time needed within these documents to open up a vortex which can suspend the limitations an carry you on into galactic plains of energetic assemblies (Accords) which have parallels and other dimensional traits available for you to commence and understand the greater fabrics individually.

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