New Libra Super Moon October 16th 2020


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This New Libra Super Moon is a powerful one!   It is very energized…intense and presents us with some Radical Transformations while we experience Accelerated Evolution!  These chaotic and transformative energies are affecting us all and at times…. bringing in some angst and fear. We are in uncertain times, with the virus that is all around the World and the angst about uncertainty in most areas … but staying out of the fear is extremely important.  These are World Wide events …and this Libra Full Moon is about love, relationships of all kinds and balance! 

These energies seem to be intensifying daily….and they are.  We are in the midst of extreme transformation and it is starting to wear on our physical bodies as well as our mental health.  There is a feeling of total exhaustion.   This is true for everyone including Astrologers themselves.   Remember that the beauty of Astrology is to know the energies you are dealing with so that you can navigate the energies out in the real world a lot better.  But also remember that everyone needs to take care of their bodies and there moods.   If you feel tired…please rest…if you feel lonely…get out of the house and or…do something physical.   These energies will continue to be strong at least till we get to the end of December when they may shift a little. 

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