Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 6 - The Big Sleep

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       What is it about fear that gets us all tied up in knots?  Is it the biological realm rearing its head in the face of a possible threat?  Is it our minds making mountains out of molehills?  Or is it some other nefarious element that lies outside of our control? The “fight or flight” response says “you must make a choice,” based on what’s in front of you and what capacity you believe you have to deal with it.


 It’s not always right, this “fight or flight” response.  Sometimes we act when leaving would be a better option.  Sometimes we stay to quickly learn that was inadvisable.  So how do we deal with fear in a manner that is most compatible with our True Self?


The nature of fear is twofold.  First, we are reacting to a real or perceived danger.  Second, there is an urge to do something about it, be it magical or otherwise.  For a physical danger, fight or flight is likely the best course of action.  We measure the danger and act, by either removing ourselves or confronting it.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 4 - Life as Movie and Myth

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Sometimes it’s hard to make a change in our lives.  It requires such stamina, a wealth of desire.  Is it any wonder many give up before they start?  The aching inside drives us forward, to a hopefully better place, where we can be relieved of our dissatisfaction.


So where do we go on this quest? Do we cross the mighty ocean?  Scale the tallest mountain? Or simply take stock of ourselves and issue another edict.  “I will not live like I did before”, “I will change the script of my life”,  “I will scale what is mine to scale, and I will go it alone if I have to”.


There is no need to go it alone.  The Great Creator is always there with a helping hand.  He is right behind you, giving a little push.  Saying things like, “You can do more if you want”, “There is much you have to offer”, “You’re just getting started”.  A gentle prodding it will be, because He’s sensitive that way.  Pushing too hard elicits resistance.  That’s not the way to go.  Gentle prodding, with generous doses of encouragement, will take you further.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 3 - Heroes and Heroines

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Self & Ego


“Once upon a time there was a sad man who threw away his life to have more control over his world.”  Doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?  Throwing away your life to have more control!  Shows you what can be done with an odd set of operating values.


We take ourselves out into the world to learn lessons.  Sometimes we are poorly informed and come back from our ventures more messed up than when we left.  It’s this kind of application, based on false premises, that leads us astray, down the garden path to our own destruction.


Ever wonder why there are so many “burnouts” today?  Same reasoning as above.  Apply your voluminous intellect to a situation requiring emotional intelligence and then watch out for that wall! Here it comes again, straight at you.


The Self knows better than this.  And when ego is set aside, the Self can do wondrous things.  She/He will lead you right back on to your proper path and have you call upon your emotional intelligence along the way.  Know that challenges on this road are there to wake you up from that docile sleep imposed on you by ego and forces around you.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 2 - A Hero's Welcome

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Open Your Heart


What is it with this Open Heart business?  Isn’t this a tough requirement for us humans?  Oh yes, we can easily say: “open your Heart and you will receive the best Life has to offer”.  But doesn’t this include pain too?  Well, yes it does. We all know this one, don’t we?  So why ascribe such importance to this Open Heart concept?  Isn’t that a prescription for danger?


  “Not at all.  I never meant to harm you with this Open Heart idea, only to alert you that Earth school requires it if you’re going to be successful.”


“I sent you here on a mission, to learn all that you can, and to notice that those of you with “open hearts” enjoyed the greatest success with life’s experiences.  Yes, they did feel pain along with their joy and other satisfactions.  They felt Life completely.  That is My measure of success.”


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Chapter 1 - The Hero Myth

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Some messages are cryptic and some are not. But all are issued from the one same source, God the Creator.


When we are alone, contemplating our navel, we risk succumbing to outside interferences.  In the Ethereal Realms there are entities that worry about us because what we do, or not do, affects their future as well. You see, they already know that all the creatures of the Universe are interrelated.  What happens to one group affects all the others.


Forget for a moment that they are disappointed with us for proceeding so slowly.  Are not the sense of Self and Right to Be worth pursuing on their own merits? We don’t need a cosmic or personal calamity to be reminded of this.  For our own sakes, let’s evolve.  Let’s find that place inside where we are centered.  Let’s find that core of our being and express it gloriously.


Who knows when these entities from other worlds might show up?  Don’t we want to welcome them with our very best – all aglow and filled with love – so that they can feel at home here too?


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: "The Voice"

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Round 2 of Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012

In today's chapter we feature the Introduction from "The Voice" who delivers these materials to me.  I've been doing this for 19 years and have a ton of material to show for it.  This book is but one item in a growing inventory of music, fables, stories, poems and just plain ole good info.  I've included the Table of Contents at the end here so you can see what this book is about and what's coming next. I've been writing it for over 10 years and only recently got the last bits. This past week, I was told it's "Go Time".  So here we are!  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!



(Every chapter or section starts with a "reflection" like this one below. Then off we go!)


Feeling Welcome 


So how do we know when to stop with our pain and suffering?  Is it when we are warmly greeted by a group of like-minded peers?  I think so.  That’s when we know we are no longer alone.  Others have suffered just as we are, and made their way to another shore, a place of safety and understanding.


Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012: Author's Introduction

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Hi there, Dr Moe here.  We've been asked by the GFP to "Help" in any way we can as we accelerate towards the finish line of our Ascension project. I've been writing on the subjects of Ascension and Personal Growth since the early 90s, waiting for the right time to begin sharing.  "Now Is the Time" according to my Guidance, so here is the Introduction to my book "Conscious Evolution - Preparing for Ascension 2012"


Contemplating Change


It seems beyond all understanding at times, what it is we have to learn about ourselves.  Complex creatures we are, running around this world like chickens with our heads cut off.  Are we sure this is what we want to do?  Are we certain we want to construct our lives in such a fashion as to waste energy every time we turn around?  There must be a better way.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

It’s not that we actually know any better, at least not until we see a different way presented to us.  Then we’re confronted with the possibility that life could be different.  We could perhaps slow down a pace or two.  We could pick up on one another’s thoughts and see how life looks from that perspective.  We could liquidate our morality for a day and adopt another’s, like a new pair of shoes, and see if they fit.

A Channeled Letter to the Newly Awakened

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Dear Fellow Traveller:

Welcome to this Journey of the Light. You are in the process of waking up from a long sleep, the Illusion of Life which you had agreed to experience for the betterment of your heart.

All is not what it seems. Here are ten simple steps to let yourself know that  you are truly on the correct path. The Spiritual Progress that you make is allowed at your own pace, this is 'self-study', and you will have forever if you wish to be completing them.

1) You shall notice an inexplicable connection to Light

2) You shall experience changes in friendship based on a common Light Level--you will attract those into your life who are of a Higher Vibration, and release those who are of a Lower Vibration.

3) As you Learn you shall experience this 'Step Up' process repeatedly.

4) You will start wanting to have Healthier Pastimes, Diet, and Exercise.

5) Your connection to Gaia and her Living Creatures will take on a new depth.

6) In your Mind you will begin to Question, your Heart shall become an important detector of Truth (what is Right for you shall 'resonate' strongly with you).

7) Others will become drawn to you for your Light. Unfortunately, some from a Lower Vibration might find it uncomfortable to be near a Newly Awakened One, and will go.

8) Your Heart will begin to 'pick up' on the intent of others, just by being in their Auric Field, and Presence. This is normal as you begin to experience this.  Normal in every way.

Reminder - Mission Statement for 2012

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Calling All Lightworkers, Starseeds and Wayshowers:


A Mission Statement for 2012




I am coming to life. I am waking up. I am awakening to my True Self. I am! I am! I am!


I am coming out to greet the world, to share my story, to be a man/woman, to be a contributor, to be a helper, caregiver, supporter and guide. I am a guide to the New Age. I have been here before. I know the way. I can retrace my steps. I can be who I came here to be.


I am coming out of my shell. Sometimes I take action. Sometimes I can’t do anything but wait and pray; then it’s time to just listen. I can only move when I am being urged to move. Some days I am half asleep, groggy, stumbling around, unsure of what to do, unsure of where to go, within that fog so to speak. I appear to be stumbling around between worlds.


I am releasing my hold on 3D and have already planted one foot in 5D. I have just lifted my other foot off 3D and am about to plant it as well on the 5D landscape. That makes me nervous. Because when I do plant that second foot, I say goodbye to 3D forever.



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