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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 28, 2015

Joy and laughter are high vibrating energies that shift you into a higher vibrational space which allows for healing, release and the transmuting of lower vibrational energies. This is why we urge you to start to become joy detectives!

Look for the things that bring you joy in your life. If you aren’t quite sure, become a joy detective and discover what does. As you begin to place your focus on finding joy, you will begin to find it, and will start infusing your life with laugher and delight.

As you start to spend more and more time in laughter and delight, you will be shifting not only your own energy, you will be supporting the energy of your environment, the grids, and the planet. You will be consciously setting your internal GPS to the discovery of even more joy in your life and creating endless new possibilities and potentials for your future, as well.

Make no mistake about it. Laughter is a profound and multi-faceted healing tool for your past, present and future. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 27, 2015

In order to heal you must first stop the trauma. Do you allow others to treat you in ways that are less than you deserve? Do you abuse yourself with your negative self talk or poor boundaries? Dear Ones, loving another should never come at the cost of not loving yourselves. The balance and nurturing you seek comes from loving yourself just as tenderly and unconditionally as you love others. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 26, 2015

Faith and trust are powerful tools to allow you to release expectation and attachment to outcome. When you release expectation and attachment to outcome, you enter into a flow of acceptance that opens you up to far greater potentials and possibilities, and shifts you out of the discomfort of resistance. It is another way to embrace the joy and peace that comes from being a willing dance partner with a loving and supportive universe. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday July 25, 2015

When you choose to practice appreciation, you start to notice the divine perfection all around you. This helps you move into a greater trust and faith in the universe. Your greater trust and faith brings you peace and acceptance. Do you see? There is a lovely cascade of energies that occurs making from one simple, conscious choice. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday July 24, 2015

Many sensitive humans find being in certain energies challenging. They find it difficult to keep their balance while in the presence of some people or environments. Let us remind you that you are always in charge of your own energetic state. No one has the power to affect the way you feel unless you give that power to them.

So how do you shift away from being so affected by those situations? When you show up in your highest alignment and balance, with the intention to be of loving service, you are emanating your truth and divinity. You do not “pick up” from others when you are shining your light, you see. The candle flame does not catch darkness from the room.

This is not about controlling how others act, or trying to convince them to see your point of view. This is about being secure in your beingness, bringing your highest vibration to the situation, and allowing others to decide if they wish to embrace that light or not, knowing whatever they decide is perfect for them in that right now moment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 23, 2015

When was the last time you just moved your body, allowing it to sway and twirl in whatever ways felt good to you? Having a body is one of the greatest delights of being a human being because it allows you to experience in so many ways. Savour it, appreciate it, honour it, let it lead the way!

Your children are very adept at this. They spin and twirl instinctively adjusting their energy as they do. They lie on the floor to ground themselves. They dance and jump, bend and stretch, intuitively knowing exactly what they need, and finding great enjoyment while they do it. This is another example of how you could learn so much from your children!

Take your body out to play every once in a while! If you just take a moment to stand in the middle of the room and allow it to move however it wishes to, you would be surprised at how much energy clearing you can do with this simplest of methods. Try it! You just might be amazed at how joyful you feel afterwards. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 22, 2015

When you don’t know what to do in regards to a situation in your life, you can always step in and be your own loving guide. Deep inside you always know what honours you and what does not. By following the same advice you would give to your dearest friends and loved ones, you will be demonstrating self love in a way that can never, ever steer you wrong. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 21, 2015

Dear Ones, when you surrender into the flow to be of your highest service, you become a willing assistant to the universe, finding yourself at exactly the right place, at the right time, to make a difference. That may be in the form of a warm smile, a helping hand, a word of encouragement, or simply adding your energy to an area that needs a little upliftment. You become, in essence, an answer to a prayer. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 20, 2015

Many of you, as you navigate the shifting energies, bemoan the fact that you have become so sensitive. That sensitivity is a wonderful thing!

The more aware you are, the less contrast is required for self definition and redirection. Those who are still asleep and deeply unaware often require big events to get their attention. The beauty of your heightened sensitivity and awareness is that you begin to notice subtle energy and can choose to redefine and redirect far faster and easier than ever before.

Do you see? The continual shifting you are doing and the resulting heightened sensitivity is not about making you more uncomfortable in the world. It is actually designed for greater comfort, for you to embrace a less chaotic path, and to move with far greater acceptance and willingness than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 19, 2015

Dear Ones, healing is a process that occurs naturally. You will be made aware of anything that needs to be addressed.

Think of your car. If you had a flat tire, you would recognize there was an issue, attend to it, and move on. You would not, for the rest of time, keep your car on a hoist, checking and rechecking the tires to make sure they were good, would you?

So many humans, in their desire to be diligent, get stuck in the healing loop, looking over and over for signs of trouble. The act of healing is meant to be matter of fact. “Oh, I see there is something coming up. How wonderful that my vehicle lets me know what it needs! I will tend to this and get back to my journey, secure in the fact that if there is anything else I need to be aware of, I will know.” Do you see how such an attitude would keep you in the flow of wellness, and moving at a pace that is perfect for you?

You do not keep picking off a scab to see if healing is occurring underneath. Trust in the system. Know your body, your lightbody, your soul knows everything you need and will deliver it to you with 100% accuracy, with an entire universe assisting you in that process. ~Archangel Gabriel


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