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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 3, 2016

When you have an attachment to an outcome, you are trying to create from old energies – from your limited self, that will judge things as good or bad based on how close they present to how you think they should look. If they do not, you experience disappointment. It is an exercise of control.

When you stay open and accepting, you are co-creating from higher energies, allowing the universe to deliver what is absolutely perfect for you, in all ways, when the timing is ideal. It is a demonstration of faith and trust, a knowingness that there is divine wisdom working along with your soul, to create for the highest good of all. It is an exercise of surrender.

The first is trying to create from a very limited vantage point, that is very constrained and resistant to expansion. The second leaves room for miracles. Which would you prefer? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday July 2, 2016

Dear Ones, as an individuated aspect of Source energy, you are, indeed, everything you seek. What you are doing is working your way back to the remembrance of your own divinity, your own wholeness.

What does that mean? You don’t need to seek love, you ARE love. You don’t have to search for healing, you can call upon your own divine template of perfect health. You don’t need to be rescued, you can step into your authentic power and create what you desire.

Do you see? It is like you have been on a scavenger hunt looking for all kinds of external elements you thought you needed, while you were the overflowing treasure chest all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday July 1, 2016

Dear Ones, the more you are true to yourselves – the more you honour your preferences, your passions, your interests, your ideals – the faster you will create the life of your dreams, and draw to you the kindred souls who share the same visions. Don’t be afraid to be uniquely you, to allow your own special blend of divine energy to shine bright, for that is exactly what you are on the planet to do, and that is how your perfect matches can find you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 30, 2016

Your power centre – the place where you can best create from – is a place of alignment and full presence in the Now moment. If you start feeling uncomfortable or anxious, we recommend you play a game we like to call In This Right Now Moment.

It is very easy. Simply still yourself for a moment with a couple of deep breaths and intend to connect with Source. It does not matter if you feel anything, your intention is more than enough. Even just simply saying to yourself, “God is guiding me now” (feel free to substitute whatever terminology feels best to you for the word God) is also very effective. Then simply start looking around for what is working for you at the moment.

Examples of this could be: “In this right Now moment, I have plenty of air to breathe.” “In this right Now moment, I am safe and loved.” “In this right Now moment, I am warm, dry and fed.” “In this right Now moment, I see beauty.” “In this right Now moment, even without doing a thing, I am a beloved part of Source energy.” “In this right Now moment I am good.” Just start seeing the things that are oh, so right in your world, and in yourself, and as you do so you will start to feel much more present and more comfortable in your body.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 29, 2016

Dear Ones, you are sovereign beings and can claim the energetics you desire at any time. You are in charge! What would you like to declare today? It is as simple as stating what you choose. Here are some examples. I choose peace. I choose calm. I choose love. I choose ease. I choose joy. I choose presence. I choose connection. Do you see? You get to choose from the myriad of options that are available to you.

Select an energy that you desire. Savour it. Wear it. Feel it. Say the word. Imagine it written in your energetics. Wrap yourself up in it. BE it. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to embrace your authentic power and select your preference? Isn’t it an empowering experience to anchor the energy you want despite what might be going on around you? That, Dear Ones, is what will continue to support the shift on your planet and nurture the world you are wishing to create – individual human beings choosing the energies they prefer and beautifully embodying them. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 28, 2016

Surrender is how your soul leads you to expansion, acceptance, and creation. Control is how your ego keeps you in constriction, resistance, and stagnation. Which one do you think really expresses who you are and what you wish to experience?

There is a fallacy that staying the same creates comfort. Not so, Dear Ones! You are beings of flow and self expression. Resistance to that natural state of being will always create deep discomfort. This is not to say that you cannot have consistency in your life. You are an energetic creator, and as such you will absolutely have your preferences. You decide what you want to take with you through your appreciation.

Allowing yourself to stay in the movement of the flow lets the universe support you continuously with energies that match your unfoldment and evolution, and that is when true comfort, satisfaction, and joy become sustainable parts of your experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday June 27, 2016

Dear Ones, we wish for you to take a moment and acknowledge your innate goodness. You are good. You are kind, and compassionate, and loving, and brave, and good. Regardless of how many mistakes you think you have made, you are good. That is all we see when we look at you, your tender hearts and your goodness, and it is the thing we wish most of all for you to recognize and trust in yourselves. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 26, 2016

Dear Ones, it only takes a few seconds of heartfelt intention to surrender into your highest good. It only takes a few minutes to still yourself and connect to Source. It only takes a moment to notice the beauty that abounds all around you and feel gratitude for it. These are choices that can make all the difference in the world to your comfort and satisfaction, that do not make any big demands on your time. The idea that you do not have enough time to devote to your spiritual practice is a fallacy, for it is a beautiful addition to your life that can be implemented easily throughout your day. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 25, 2016

There has been this insidious belief that has been conditioned into you that says you are not ready to handle freedom. Freedom and authentic power go hand in hand. Together they embrace your divine capability as a co-creator of your own life expression, as well as the great shift that is happening on your planet.

And yet, even though you may fear stepping into your authentic power, every time anything infringes upon your freedom, you will feel your own energetics rising up against that. Dear Ones, that should tell you that not only are you ready to assume your own authentic power and do wonderful things with your freedom, it is absolutely essential for your comfort and self expression.

Again, you are shrugging off the last vestiges of what has held you back from fully embracing your truth and your own divinity. It is through embracing your freedom and authenticity that you will finally allow yourself to be and do everything that is in line with your soul’s desires. It will allow you to divinely express beyond limitation, to add immeasurably to the mosaic of the whole. It will help you you to discover and embrace the beauty and the light that you truly are, in ways that support and serve beyond anything you could have thought possible. Freedom facilitates the unfoldment and deep satisfaction that comes from honouring the soul in your greatest expression of self. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 24, 2016

Constraining yourself creates discomfort, as your soul is always seeking to grow and expand. Attempting to constrain others, will create discomfort in your relationship with them and will ultimately cause them to have to reject you in order to honour the freedom the soul is seeking.

Dear Ones, control simply cannot get you where you want to be, not for yourself, and not with others. Do not be afraid of freedom for it is freedom that will flow you right to your deepest desires and truest connections. The days of holding yourself back, keeping yourself small, and letting fear rule your life are over, and being replaced with creation, expansion, and embracing experience. ~Archangel Gabriel


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