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Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 25, 2015

By stepping back into awareness, you will be able to tell if the energy you are bringing to any situation is helping or not. It is as simple as stopping if you find yourself in an uncomfortable place and asking if what you are bringing is part of the solution.

What always helps? Love. Compassion. Empathy. Honouring. Caring. Understanding. Acceptance. Kindness. Appreciation. Showing up with an energy of peace, harmony and unity.

You always get to choose which energy you would like to lead with. By deciding ahead of time what you intend to create more of, you can shift out of the habit of reactivity into the choice of mindfulness, and that, Dear Ones, is mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 23, 2015

Dear Ones, let us assure you that there is not one wound within you that you cannot heal yourself. Let us explain what we mean by that.

Many of you have experienced hurts from others. These hurts occur from being neglected, abused, mistreated, or abandoned by another. Often these hurts have occurred in childhood and they become part of your story. From being part of your story, they become an part of the energy that you hold.

Generally, when you have a wound that requires healing, you think one of two things. You believe that there is no undoing it since it happened so long ago, or, that it is dependant upon the person who inflicted the hurt to heal it. Both of these beliefs create a blockage to your healing.

What if we told you, you could create the healing you have been yearning for all along for yourselves? You have the complete ability to send your loving, compassionate self back to the point of the hurt and give yourself every single thing you deserved but didn’t get. Go step in and protect yourselves in that memory. Go gather yourself up in your arms and snuggle and love yourself with the most wonderful, nurturing care. Reassure your wounded self. Encourage your wounded self. Give your wounded self the care and respect it always deserved. Help your wounded self know that it has every single thing it could ever need, right now, to heal and thrive. Fill that part of you with the healing balm of endless and unconditional love.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 22, 2015

Have you ever thought to communicate with your body? Have you ever stopped to ask your body what it needs? It is such a simple thing to do! Your body is naturally always going to try to find its way to wellness. It is the expert of itself. We urge you to stop, be quiet, and simply ask your body what it needs right now to thrive. Start to listen to it in all ways. Rest if you are tired. Move if you are energized. If it has a craving for a certain food, let it have it, knowing there is a nutrient in that food that is required. Hydrate it. Love and nurture it!

Have you ever stopped and thanked your body for all that it does for you? Have you ever focused on all of its incredible systems that work automatically your entire life without you having to think about it at all? Have you thanked your cells? Have you thanked your body for being such a wonderful house for your soul? Have you honoured it for allowing you to enter and fully enjoy the realm of experience? So many of you are focused on every ache and pain and never think to celebrate the wonder of the body that serves you tirelessly. Shift your health by appreciating all the systems that are working perfectly for you!

Your body is an integral part of your experience as a human being. It is time to love it unconditionally and honour it for the incredible ways it so lovingly serves you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday August 21, 2015

Dear Ones, so many of you have been distracted by the world around you, that you haven’t noticed how full of treasure you all are. Take a moment to connect within. Allow yourselves to see, to truly see, the wonder within you. Feel your divinity. Feel your connection as an individuated piece of Source energy. Feel your passion, your creativity, your courage, your love!

It is safe and it is time for you to explore within. Peel back the layers of self denial to see the true delight inside, just like unwrapping a present. Just like a gift, once you know what is inside, you can’t ever not know. You can’t re-wrap a present that has been opened and forget what you know is inside.

There are endless delights to be discovered because there is an entire universe inside of you to explore. You are the most glorious beings, and our greatest wish for you is that you can finally see why we are so madly in love with each and every one of you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 20, 2015

A question that many people ask is, “How do I release old belief systems?” The answer is very simple, Dear Ones. You replace the old one that does not honour you, with a new one that more closely matches who you are today. Let us give you an example.

As a child you may have thought there were monsters under your bed. That belief would have seemed very real to you at the time, and would have been resulted in you feeling very fearful and disempowered.

As you grew older, you gradually realized that there weren’t monsters under your bed after all. You didn’t need elaborate healing ceremonies to release that belief. You didn’t need to do anything at all. You simply replaced the old disempowered belief with one that matched your new level of growth and understanding.

Do you see? Any belief system that you still carry that promotes fear or feeling disempowered in any way is outmoded and ripe for release. Connect with who you are today, examine whether beliefs are a match to your level of growth, empowerment and truth, or whether you are continuing them due to habit and conditioning. Then replace anything that does not honour and support you, with what does. It does not need to be any more complicated than that. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 19, 2015

Why not surrender your day today to be of your highest service? Being of service doesn’t need to be grandiose. Far from it. Being of service can be moving an earthworm off a sidewalk, reaching something down from a high shelf for someone, or simply having a smile and a kind word for everyone you see. There is a lovely flow and joy that comes from consciously choosing to show up as the light for anyone who may need it.

Many of you fear being of service will be too big of a job, too overwhelming, too difficult. Far from it, Dear Ones. When everyone does a little bit there is no such thing as a heavy load, and your opportunities will always perfectly match what you have to joyfully and comfortably offer. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 18, 2015

Dear Ones, as you navigate shifting energies, your attitude about those energies will have much to do with how enjoyable you find the experience.

Think of being on a roller coaster ride. If you are resisting, in fear, and completely focused on it being a horrible experience, you will find the ride long, bumpy, and thoroughly unpleasant. If you embrace the experience, feel the exhilaration and approach it with an attitude of fun, you will throw your hands up in the air and enjoy every twist and turn.

Make no mistake, you will end up at the finish no matter how you approach the experience, but it is totally up to you how much you enjoy the ride. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday August 17, 2015

Dear Ones, as you embrace your own divinity and authentic power, you begin to guide yourselves on your own unique paths. All of the old limiting belief systems that have ruled you for so long cease to influence your decisions, and instead you choose to navigate your lives beyond old societal expectations and the fear of judgment. You honour your complete capability in all ways, assuming full responsibility for self, which allows you to experience the freedom and sovereignty that you have been yearning for all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 16, 2015

One of the most empowering shifts you can make as a human being is to consciously move your focus from absence to presence. When you begin to choose to see the many ways what is wanted is already present in your life, you begin to settle into the idea that you are always provided for and supported by a loving universe.

But beyond that, it is the discovery of the presence of the divinity that has always been inside you that will bring the most profound healing of all, for it will allow you to finally see beyond the illusions of separation, abandonment, victim consciousness, and the idea that you are in any way not enough. You will finally recognize your permanent connection to all that is, and your innate ability to choose from that empowered place of endless possibility, potential and experience. ~Archangel Gabriel


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