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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 24, 2015

Many human beings would love to enter into their own communication with the angels, masters, or their guides, but hesitate because they are afraid. They wonder, why would an angel talk to me? Aren’t they busy? How do I know the guidance I receive is from a positive source? Because so many of you are unsure and fear making a mistake, you are avoiding stepping into your own partnership with spirit.

Allow us to put your fears to rest. You are all worthy, and beloved, and precious to us, and we love working with you! In fact, it is our greatest joy to do so! All you must do is ask, and we are delighted to assist. You are all worthy, and you are never a bother.

Angelic communication is telepathic. Your own thoughts will come from inside your own head. Communication from your guides, masters, or angels will come in, like a stream or an inspiration, from outside of yourself.

Any guidance from a higher being will be encouraging, positive, uplifting and empowering. We do not work from the energy of fear or negativity. All information will be presented with love, acceptance and positivity. We honour your free will and will never tell you what you must do. We gently guide, never order.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 23, 2015

There is a phenomenon that occurs in humans where they idolize others. The person they feel so drawn to is someone who excels in their field, usually an artist or performer of some sort. Let us explain to you why this happens.

It is not necessarily the person you are so drawn to, but rather their complete and perfect alignment with their purpose! Your fascination with this person is actually your own desire to express your own beautiful alignment and your own highest expression of self.

That is the true gift that those of fame offer. Not only do they play out their own problems in a public way in order to allow you to learn and grow from their experiences, they also remind you of the glory of living your highest life expression, by honouring your true purpose and unique contribution to the planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 22, 2015

We find a great many human beings delaying their healing waiting for some kind of closure to come from another. This is such a gamble, Dear Ones! You see, the need for closure indicates that a hurt has occurred from your dealings with the other. If they were not able to keep from hurting you in the first place it is highly unlikely they will have the skill, love, or compassion necessary to create the healing you are looking for. They likely do not have the insight or ability to gift you with the closure you seek.

You are in charge of your healing. Waiting for another to give you what you need to heal is giving your power away. You do not need any external gift from another in order to give yourself permission to heal! Your own self love, your own nurturing of self, your own healthy boundaries, your own desire for wellness and wholeness, is all that is ever required to create the perfect conditions for your healing.

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 21, 2015

A beautiful thing happens when you are able to still yourself and connect with your inner truth and beingness. You get to know who you really are! From that place, navigating your life becomes so much easier. You have clarity about what is right for you, and you understand others are the experts of what is right for them, according to their own truth and beingness. This is what leads to acceptance and peace, with yourselves and with others. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 20, 2015

What if you began each day with the words “thank you” and then immediately surrendered into wonderful? You would anchor high vibrating energy as a start point and proceed to navigate your day with the expectation and evidence of the magic and love that exists for you. How could you not have a satisfying life experience from such a practice? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 19, 2015

The timing of the universe is always designed for your highest good and the highest good of others. We understand that can be difficult for you to remember when you are not consciously aware of the movement that is happening behind the scenes as the universe conspires to serve and delight you. Trust, Dear Ones, trust. Just as you know it would not be beneficial to you to take a cake out of the oven before it was fully cooked, allow your manifestations the time they need to reach their perfection. In the meantime, you must only look at the wonder that already exists around you to remind yourself of your own magnificent ability to create and experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 18, 2015

Do you believe you deserve comfort? Ease? Or do you still believe that struggle is necessary to earn things first? It is not Source that decides what you deserve, Dear Ones, it is you. Then the universe lovingly agrees and supports whatever you declare for yourself. How wonderfully simple and empowering the system is! ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 17, 2015

Gratitude is a powerful creation tool. It gives the universe clear feedback, which allows it to deliver what you really wish to create. If you do nothing more than practice gratitude, it is more than enough to transform any situation. It is through gratitude that you will that you will develop the true mastery of being in empowered movement. It is the difference between careening wildly in a raft with no paddles or taking the comfortable boat with the advanced navigation system down the river of the flow.
~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 16, 2015

So many of you place tremendous expectations upon yourselves. You are trying to achieve a level of perfection that is nothing short of applying a conditional love model before you will give yourselves the unconditional love and approval you deserve.

Dear Ones, hear us when we say that perfection is nowhere near a necessity for your growth and evolution! All that is required is a desire to evolve and an overall consistency with your efforts. All great change comes from an accumulation of actions that are in line with your intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 15, 2015

Dear Ones, a reminder. It is a tremendous honour to be in the body, physically present on the planet at this time, because it is the realm of experience. It is through those experiences that you grow, expand, learn, refine, and self define.

To deny yourself experiences because you fear the unknown, is to deny yourself the very thing your soul is seeking – to be able to try many, many things tangibly through the vehicle of the body. So embrace your human experience! Savour your senses, see the magic of the Now, and appreciate the opportunity that you have to do so. It is truly where the soul makes the most progress. ~Archangel Gabriel


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