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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 15, 2015

We cannot stress the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for yourself that supports your alignment, growth, self expression, and purpose. You are on the planet to be uniquely you and to make the contributions only you can make. Surround yourself with people who remind you of your truth, who encourage you in your beauty and beingness, who celebrate you in all your you-ness!

The days are gone that require you to fight to prove yourself, as that is based on the old model of conditional love. Simply allow yourself to shine in all your delightfulness and allow those who see and love you for who you truly are access to your inner circle, for those are the ones who are qualified to support you in your highest expression of self. From that solid footing you will best be able to support others, as well. Doesn’t a continuous dance of mutual upliftment sound wonderful? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 14, 2015

Dear Ones, you are in the body, on your planet at this time for the sole (soul) purpose of experience. What if you released your fear of making a mistake and realized you can simply choose to have an experience, and if you don’t like it, choose again? It is through your experiences that you grow, evolve and self define. It is through experience that you get to know yourself better, and the universe expands. It is through your expansion that you experience freedom and creation. Do you see? Make the best choices you can with your mindful and tender hearts, and then take the pressure off yourselves, and LIVE! ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday April 13, 2015

The beauty of using surrender and flow is that it allows you to work hand in hand with your guides and helpers, even if you do not have the ability to consciously hear or feel them. The more you stay in the high vibrating energies of surrender and flow, the more you are creating the exact conditions necessary to start to recognize and feel the energies of spirit.

The irony is people wait to hear their guides before they are willing to surrender into the flow, avoiding the very thing that allows a very tangible experience of spirit to occur.

There is no reason to ever wait to surrender into the flow, Dear Ones! Even if you do not know what you believe, you can simply surrender to “more” and then allow the flow to work its magic, bringing you the unmistakeable experience of how loved and supported you always are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 12, 2015

Dear Ones, have you noticed how efforting, trying and forcing have become more and more difficult, while surrendering and flowing with intention is far more supported, easier and provides faster and more satisfying experiences? The first is about chasing results, the second is about attracting your highest results from your own space of beingness. Which feels better to you? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday April 11, 2015

When you are navigating your day from a place of surrender and flow, you can rest assured that you are always in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, for your highest good. This leads to complete acceptance of the perfection of your life, however it is presenting, which creates a deep and abiding sense of peace in your life. There is nothing left to do but simply BE and enjoy each Now moment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday April 10, 2015

Dear Ones, when did joy become frivolous to human beings? When did you adopt the idea that it was irresponsible? That it was meant to be enjoyed sporadically, and only when all your duties were done?

Hear us when we say the path of joy is how you find your passions and your purpose. It is the true guidance system of the empowered human beings. Further, joy holds such a beautiful, high energy that it serves not only you and others, but also supports the energetics of your planet. Thus, following your joy is an act of service.

Do you see? Perhaps now you will finally allow yourself to infuse all areas of your life with the energy that was always meant to guide you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday April 9, 2015

If you have been wounded from a relationship, do not turn away from love. Turn to love! For it was not love that hurt you, it was the absence of love that has resulted in your hurt.

The way to heal a wound of any sort is to pour love all over it. Take your loving focus and place it on yourself, nurturing, doting on, and healing yourself, until you are completely beyond the experience of the absence of love.

Once you have done that – once you have opened up, and allowed yourself to receive all the unconditional love you need, you will be in a place to effortlessly attract the real, safe, true love that you have deserved and yearned for all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 8, 2015

Dear Ones, the energy of love is the greatest healer of all. Since love is a stream that is always available to you, you are all great healers, too. If you are seeking healing for any issue, turn that love on and point it at yourself until you are completely sated. Love has the capability to transform any situation! Fill yourself up with the unconditional love that is your birthright, your superpower, and share it lavishly with yourself and others, and watch your world change. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 7, 2015

Dear Ones, we see many of you staying beautifully in balance, shining your light, and being in alignment. We also see you feel like certain situations or circumstances have the power to knock you out of that alignment.

Being in or out of alignment is always your choice, your preference. Hear us when we say that you will only lose that alignment if you give your power away to an external situation. So, rather than approaching a situation that you think will be difficult, or has been difficult in the past, by bracing yourself or shoring yourself up energetically in some defensive posture, which automatically states you are expecting to engage with these energies, why not simply choose to shine your light brightest during that time? Choosing to be of your highest service by holding the light is the way to approach any situation from a place of authentic power and beautiful alignment.

Being of service anchors you in a place that is non-reactive and unshakeable. It is wonderfully empowering to approach a situation with the intention of simply being of your highest vibration and service, and allowing others to simply be where they are. It is an approach that is filled with unconditional love, both for yourself, and for others. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday April 6, 2015

Intention is a powerful tool. It is like setting your destination in your internal gps. When you get clear about your intention, you are stating to the universe what you wish to create or experience. You are choosing your path, and expressing yourself in your authentic power. If you do not know exactly what you wish to create, you can simply intend to surrender into the flow for your highest good. It can be as simple as that, Dear Ones, to chart a course to a life that is in line with what you truly wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel


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