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Daily Message ~ Friday December 26, 2014

Dear Ones, as your thoughts become focused on the New Year, we encourage you to become expert energetic sorters. What do you wish to bring with you into the energies of a brand new year? What honours you? What supports you? What helps you grow and expand? What allows you express yourself in your truth, transparency and integrity?

What do you wish to create and experience as you move forward? What aspects exist in your life that will help that dream become a reality? What do you wish to leave behind? What may have been an energetic match at the beginning of this year may not be a match at all anymore!

You have all shifted profoundly. With your wisdom and clarity, decide what matches all of your intentions and let the rest go. If you do, you will be entering the energies of a brand new year well prepared to create, expand and grow into your greatest self expression yet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 25, 2014

If we could give you one thing for the holidays, it would be for you to see yourselves as we do. We wish you would allow yourselves to see how spectacular your beauty, your bravery, your compassion, your complete capability, your connectedness, your love, truly is. You are all divine perfection and loved wholly and completely for who you are and all you do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 24, 2014

What does it mean to walk a path of peace and joy? It means to give yourself and others unconditional love, and to allow that love to lead the way. It means to practice acceptance and allowing, and to see the perfection in all. It means to uplift and encourage others. It means to embrace your truth, your authentic power, and to show others that they can, too. It means committing to shining your light, and being the beautiful teachers by example. It means embracing your beingness and your divinity, and knowing that all else is illusion. It means living from a flow of abundance, and sharing from that place that knows there is always more than enough for everyone. It means understanding that what happens to the one affects the all. These are the things we wish for you, today and always, as you move forward during these amazing times. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 23, 2014

Every last thing you seek, whether it be love, joy, health, abundance, peace or anything else you wish to experience, becomes part of your experience by you noticing its existence first, and using your appreciation to grow it to your desired level. Once you understand that, you will embrace your own infinite ability to create and become a conscious master of manifestation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 22, 2014

The holiday season is a time where there is a lot of focus on the act of giving and receiving. Do you prefer to give? Can you receive graciously? Can you give with an open heart from a place of love without expectation? Can you receive the same way?

This is all a true reflection of your feelings of abundance and your ability to give and receive with joy and balance. Pay attention to your feelings during the amplification of giving and receiving over the holidays and it will help you gain clear insight into your overall thoughts about your own flow of abundance. This will allow you to easily see where you may need to adjust to be able to move into joyful giving, and receiving, all year long. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 21, 2014

Dear Ones, you have been through such thorough purging and releasing as part of your enlightenment process. Do you know what has been left behind? You. The pure essence of you. Glorious, shining YOU. It is from that place of truth and transparency that you will be drawing to you the truest matches for yourselves, in all areas of your life. What an incredible gift you have given yourselves! Shine bright, and be ready to be dazzled by the fruits of your labour. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 20, 2014

Just like intending to soak up energy from the sun, it is a marvellous practice to take a moment to embrace the divine energies available to you during your holiday season. You are about to enter a time that will be featuring an influx of the Christed energy. Why not consciously welcome it into every cell of your being? It is a glorious treat for your body and soul. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 19, 2014

When you experience things as being magical, you are noticing evidence of the divine being present with you. If you understand that you are an aspect of Source having a physical experience, and that magic is Source energy making itself known in physicality, you must then be magic, too! Do you see? There is magic and divinity, in you and all around you. It is what you came from, it is what you are, and it is what you can create from. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 18, 2014

When you mail a letter, you address it, put a stamp on it, and place it in a mailbox, secure that it will reach its destination. You do not worry about the steps that will make it happen. You do not need to figure out who will take it out of the box, or where all the helpers are to get it where it needs to be. You simply trust the system is in place, and that it will work.

Why not apply that same logic to your manifestations? Many people have things they would love to create, but don’t because they can’t figure out the different steps needed to bring them to fruition. Dear Ones, that is not your job!

Your job is to create. Your job is to decide what you would like, to set your intention, and, just like dropping your letter off, release it to the universe to process. You don’t need to know all the steps! You simply need to trust that the system is in place to receive your request and deliver it for you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 17, 2014

For many of you, this is a very busy time of year. When the demands of your life become more than usual, it is so important to make time to stop, still yourself, breathe, and take a moment to connect with Source. There are no special words or rituals required. It is simply making the choice to allow your divine spark to connect back to your power centre. Think of it as recharging your batteries, if you will. It only takes a short time to do and it allows you to move forward in a way that is supported, balanced and reenergized. ~Archangel Gabriel


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