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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 11, 2014

Many human beings don’t like to “put themselves out there” for another person. They think, I’m not going to love that person if they don’t show me they love me first. Or, Why should I appreciate that person because they don’t appreciate me? We understand this may seem very prudent and wise from your perspective, but it cannot get you where you wish to be. In fact, by living that way everyone holds out and nobody wins.

When you make your responses dependant upon another’s actions, you are giving your power away. You are limiting your experiences because you are placing yourself at the mercy of another. What may have seemed smart to you is actually a severely limiting choice.

Dear Ones, you lead your life expression by choosing what you wish to energetically embody and becoming what you wish to receive. Every choice you make is an energetic declaration of self and preference. If you wish to have love, love. If you wish to have appreciation, appreciate. You can absolutely steer your flow, and your experiences, by being a vibrational leader and your own energetic hero, by choosing to BE, and to give, what you wish to receive. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 10, 2014

Appreciation is the one aspect that will water and grow your relationships and ensure that everyone feels honoured for their unique contributions and beingness. People will naturally want to do their best if they feel efforts are noticed and celebrated by others. Why not spend the day looking for things to appreciate in others and letting them know what you find? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 9, 2014

Dear Ones, if you wish to shift into a better feeling energy, just love. Find something to love. Find a situation to love. Find an animal to love. Wrap yourself up in love. Go to a place you love. Send love to your planet. Send love to your past self and your future self. Show your love by giving to a charity. Go out on a mission of love and beam it to every human being and situation you come across. Because the act of loving is how you can instantaneously reconnect with the truth of your being, which will immediately shift you into your highest alignment and allow you to feel wonderful. That is the beautiful thing about loving – whether you are giving or receiving, everybody wins. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 8, 2014

Never underestimate the power of your soul to tell you exactly what it needs, or to use its innate intelligence to shift and evolve. As long as you are willing to stay out of resistance and pay attention to what your inner being is telling you, you will find yourself flowing into the exact circumstances you require. Trust that you are part of a system that is divinely intelligent and works seamlessly for you when you let it.

You can’t get it wrong! If you head off in a direction that isn’t for your highest good, you will get so uncomfortable that staying there simply won’t be an option. You will always have all the feedback you need, so you can stop worrying and start living and experiencing. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Sunday December 7, 2014

We would like to reassure you that no good deed goes unnoticed. It is not a matter of reward or punishment for your behaviour, but an energetic answering to your emanations. Know that every time you choose to assist, it really doesn’t matter if you get the instant result you may be looking for from the other person or situation because it is the universe that will respond to you in a myriad of ways. It is the joy of expressing yourself as you really are that matters. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 6, 2014

Dear Ones, we encourage you to stop rating your experiences by what is deemed normal by your society and to start using your own inner compass to decide whether something is acceptable or not. This is why being in touch with your feelings is so important. You must be able to know how you feel in order to tell whether something is in line with who you truly are or not. Again we encourage you to be the expert on you, and to navigate your life expression based on what feels right based on your own truth. The spark of divinity that exists in each and every one of you will always lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday December 5, 2014

So many of you have experienced things that were masquerading as love, that weren’t love at all. Again we say, love does not hurt, love does not reject, love does not betray, love does not judge or control another. The hurtful experiences that you may have had are caused by the absence of love, not by love itself.

So we urge you to redefine what love is through your wisdom and new perspective. What is your new definition of love? Can you see now that love only includes, uplifts, supports, celebrates, encourages, nurtures, understands and connects? Once you are clear about what love really is, you are far better able to see situations in their truth, and will never confuse the absence of love for real love ever again. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 4, 2014

Dear Ones, forgiving someone who has wronged you does not for a second mean that you condone their behaviour. It means you no longer wish to hold the vibration of being victimized. It is the energetic dissolution of the binds that tie you to another in ways that do not match who you really are.

Forgiving is not only an act of loving release towards the other, more importantly, it is an act of self love. Forgiveness is a stunningly beautiful declaration of your own self worth. Can you see? Forgiveness is necessary to fully step into your authentic power, because you cannot be empowered and be a victim at the same time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 3, 2014

Every time you judge another, you reject the flow of connectedness that exists between you and that person and separate yourself. Every time you judge yourself, you reject your own perfection and separate yourself from your own divinity.

Continuing to judge will only further feelings of loneliness, being misunderstood, rejection, abandonment, separation consciousness, and being judged yourself. You simply cannot experience the joy of being part of a greater whole if you continue to separate yourself through judgement and intolerance.

Dear Ones, acceptance nurtures your connection with others and celebrates and supports the innate right and wisdom each person has to follow their own path. Acceptance honours the contribution each soul makes to the tapestry of the whole and the beauty, freedom and importance of free will. It allows you to live by your deep knowingness that every soul knows exactly what it is doing, and to demonstrate your faith in the entire system. It is what will create the flow, the connectedness, the unconditional love, the unity consciousness and the peace you seek, both within and on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 2, 2014

Dear Ones, would you feel better if you could substitute the words surrender and flow with love? Because surrendering into the flow is moving back into unconditional love. Love is the great expander and creator you are seeking. You cannot wish to experience love and then avoid surrender and flow and be successful. They are all one and the same. ~Archangel Gabriel


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