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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 8, 2014

Dear Ones, so many of you have been hurt in your relationships. In response to that, many of you block yourselves off from love in a desire to keep yourselves safe. We understand this seems like a perfectly logical response, but hear us when we say that pinching off from the love that you are is one of the most painful things you can ever experience. You ARE love. You come from love, and your natural state is to BE love. Isolation is not love. Fear is not love. Distrust is not love. Simply put, you cannot experience unity consciousness and separate yourself at the same time. To deny love is to deny yourself on the deepest level.

What has caused you pain has been the effects of someone operating outside of love. Or perhaps, you have found yourself behaving in ways in your previous relationships that were an indicator of being outside of the love that you are, yourself. If you are having difficulties, it is because you are not experiencing yourself as the love that you are. If you are allowing someone to abuse you, or, if you are not treating others as they deserve, you are no longer allowing love to lead the way.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 7, 2014

So many of you put tremendous pressure on yourselves in your enlightenment process. Please hear us when we say that you are remarkable beings. You are so innately good, so divine, so brave, so capable! You are the ground crew, choosing to have the experience for all of us to learn and grow from. Just the fact that you have shown up on your planet tells you that you are successful. Take the pressure off yourselves. Know that you are doing a magnificent job. Your unique beingness is more than enough to add immeasurably to the whole! You are loved […]

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 6, 2014

Dear Ones, there is a time for doing and a time for being. There is a time for inspired movement and a time for rest. There is an in and out, an ebb and flow, an influx and output, that is part of the natural movement of the universe. That is what creates an overall balance, both within you and for your planet, as well. Accept this fact. If you have been in one stage for what feels like a very long time, know the energies will shift again, into the rest or the movement you seek. Use this knowledge […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 5, 2014

For many of you, the act of surrender takes tremendous courage. That is because you don’t quite trust it and fear the unknown. You think it may be better but you are also afraid that it may mean careening about wildly. When you truly understand the act of surrendering into the flow, and know that it can only take you to a better place, you will see there is nothing to fear. Surrendering is choosing to enter the flow of unconditional love. It is dropping your resistance and allowing yourself to be carried, guided, loved and supported beyond all your […]

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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 4, 2014

The act of surrender ensures you are moving with whatever energies you are experiencing as efficiently as possible. If you are not in a time of tangible movement, surrender will keep you out of resistance and ready to go the moment the energies support movement. If you are in a period of accelerated flow, surrender helps you move with those energies and emerge much less battered and worn than if you were in resistance the entire time. You might think of surrender as being the grease that allows you to move with the flow, whatever it is doing, with far […]

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Daily Message ~ Friday October 3, 2014

Acceptance is a powerful tool that acknowledges and celebrates the competency of each and every soul to know the exact experiences they wish to have. It also acknowledges that there is a universal system of guidance and assistance that works the same for every single person on the planet, to support them in those experiences. When you know, deep in your being, that nothing is ever wrong, that the unfoldment that you see is divinely perfect in all ways, you can finally settle into the beautiful state of peace that has been available, and waiting for you, all along. ~Archangel […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 2, 2014

There will be times in your life when you experience accelerated energies. During those times, you can feel like things are coming at you from all directions, that things are choppy and unpredictable, and that all you can really do is hang on the best you can. While those times may feel very intense, they always lead to a better place. Always. Imagine going down rapids in a raft. The ride, initially, is very busy. You are getting bounced all about! You may get spray in your face, and you can’t even see the scenery around you because you are […]

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 1, 2014

Dear Ones, your lives will seem to slow down whenever you enter a time of energetic integration. Integrating an influx of energy will always take top priority in your life, so the universe will create the exact conditions required for you to do so. You may find yourself suddenly in a very quiet space. You may create circumstances that keep you still and less busy, like a minor injury, a cold, or fatigue. You may find your calendar clears. If you are in a helping profession, you may find your client load lightened, as people do not take on new […]

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 30, 2014

If you understand that every time you consciously connect to Source you are solidifying a bridge between your side and ours, can you see how every person’s connection would be stabilizing your world? Just holding your highest vibration and alignment is an incredibly powerful way to assist, that completely supports both the individual and the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday September 29, 2014

We have introduced the idea of your focus being your blessing. This is why your time, your fully present attention, is so very important to all of your loved ones. Your focus is considered your blessing, your endorsement, your agreement, your desire to continue. This explains why children will misbehave to receive your focus, even if it seems to be “negative” attention. They understand that where you place your focus is your way of saying you are choosing to keep the object of your attention. Receiving your attention shows you still love them and wish to continue your relationship with […]


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