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Daily Message ~ Friday September 13, 2019

For every energetic shift you go through, you step onto a platform that allows you to see a little bit further ahead into what is now opening up for you. As you are shifting rapidly now, you might think of it as hopping from one stepping stone to another, making your highest choice through preference and possibility, one now moment at a time. This is the joy and beauty of unfoldment, Dear Ones, the fact that you are ever expanding and constantly navigating through the new potentials that show up like magic in response to your own evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 12, 2019

Many of you feel the focus should be on the divine feminine. Others feel the focus should be on the divine masculine. What if we said it is both?

What we wish for you to understand is that the divine feminine, and the divine masculine are both aspects of divine flow. The divine feminine aspect of flow is the lull phase, the nesting phase, the empowered receiving phase. The divine masculine is the action phase, the empowered forward movement.

There are times when the focus for the expansion and empowerment of mankind will be on the integration of the divine masculine. There will be other times when it will be on the divine feminine. Regardless of what sex you are, both are integral to your balance, supported forward movement, and evolution and are vital to move into your authentic power.

If you are having trouble with worthiness or receiving, you may wish to explore how you can integrate more of your divine feminine. If you are having trouble with taking action, power issues, or seeing yourself as an empowered co-creator, you may wish to explore how you can embrace more of your divine masculine.

Do you see? Both work are part of the different phases of manifestation and are essential aspects of your embodiment. One may be the featured theme of a certain energetic phase, but to try to only embrace one is to deny the other. By being willing to honour and accept either you can include both as being part of the beautiful mosaic that is you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 11, 2019

Dear Ones, you can embrace your light and still be diligent about your healing processes. And you don’t need to always be on high alert for what is wrong in order to do so.

If you are working with the surrender, faith, flow, trust model we call the Divine Combination, anything that needs healing, release, or your acknowledgment will come to the forefront to be dealt with. You can give it your loving attention and then recenter back into the light that you are.

The beautiful thing about this is that every single time you lovingly tend to your needs and then return home to the acknowledgment of your own beautiful light and innate wholeness, you expand your knowing of self which, in turn, supports the grand shift of consciousness on your planet.

This approach honours both your human self and your divine self which supports you in navigating to your highest potentials and experiences. It will not result in spiritual bypassing but rather in bypassing the fear and doubt that keep you in perpetual troubleshooting mode.

It allows you to be guided by an incredibly efficient system that is designed to naturally bring into your awareness anything you may need to address with the energetic support that comes with divine timing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 10, 2019

Dear Ones, we understand that you are used to having clear ideas of where to go and what to do, and learning how to navigate in new energies can take some getting used to. Another way to understand it is to realize that 3D, or the old phase you are leaving is linear and constrained, while the new phase is non-linear and limitless.

It can feel daunting to realize that as pioneers there is no map. You are the ones who are creating new pathways and templates through your expanding into the new. And while this may feel foreign to you at first, please know that the true gift of this is that it is giving you the freedom you have been craving for so very long.

You get to try what feels best to you, rather than what others think you should do. You get to lead with your heart. You get to make empowered decisions one now moment at a time. You get to express yourself, joyfully, through your preferences. Your exploration and experiences are what have the most value, which releases you from attachment to outcome. Further, you get to shift into the discovery of what joyful, supported service feels like.

All these things are what your soul has been yearning for. These are the times you couldn’t wait for! Much of the anticipation you have been experiencing – that feeling that something big is about to happen – is your soul jumping up and down with joy and excitement for the opportunity to move fully into the new energies and to finally get to play, unencumbered, in the realm of endless potentials. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday September 9, 2019

Most of you have been conditioned to live your lives on high alert, always on the lookout for what is wrong or not working. This has been passed down to you from other generations, where survival was threatened on a continual basis, and is the focus of those who fear victimization.

Dear Ones, one of the most prevalent aspects of the shift of consciousness you are part of is moving beyond victim consciousness into your authentic power. As such, your focus can also shift from what is wrong or threatening, into what is right and supportive.

What if, starting today, your focus shifted onto what is wonderful in your lives, onto what you love and appreciate about others, onto the things you can connect with in others?  What if you consciously started to celebrate the many blessings in your lives, the magic, the wonder, the support, the love that is all around you if you have eyes that choose to see it?

You can’t expect to receive what you desire if you only look at what you don’t want from a catalogue. Your focus is your blessing of continuation. It is how you give your energetic feedback to the universe and express your personal preferences. We highly suggest you start to celebrate all the wonderful things that are working for you right now and are reflections of your own mastery and empowered choices. To do so will expand your life into an even greater celebration of co-creation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 8, 2019

So many of you are poised and waiting to step into the next phase of your incarnation but don’t know how to proceed. You want the directions or the map to the new.

Dear Ones, you are moving in unprecedented energies, which makes you pioneers. Pioneers don’t have maps, they are the ones who blaze new trails for others to follow. You figure out what is possible, and which way to go, through experience and then share what you have discovered.

Pioneers make decisions by following their hearts and making decisions based on the highest choice in each now moment. This is a path of presence, of intuition, of exploration. There is no right or wrong, as all the value is in experience.

This is why so many of you have been in a lull phase. It has been giving you time to get clarity on who you are and what you would like to try moving forward. The phase you are moving into is based on freedom, presence, and self expression.

So here are the instructions you have been seeking. Move with the energies. Follow your heart. Try things and if you don’t like your experience, try something else. Play. Be curious. Let things unfold. Trust your wisdom and your readiness for this new phase.

Understand that this is a wondrous time filled with new potentials and possibilities that you are now aligning with. And most of all, know your energetics and preferences are more than enough for you to continue being of service to the shift you have been, and will continue to be, such a pivotal and willing part of. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 7, 2019

One of the most profound aspects of this next phase of your evolution is that you can love, encourage, and guide yourself with your innate wisdom while simultaneously embracing your childlike innocence, wonder, curiosity, and presence. You get to be both the loving parent and the precious child simultaneously, which allows you to move forward with mastery and magic, honouring and accepting all parts of yourself like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday September 6, 2019

You were born with innate talents and interests, all designed to help you navigate your life expression into the experiences you wished to have and services you wished to offer.  Many of you put down those interests as you stepped into adulthood in order to please others or to be “more responsible”.

As you are preparing to step forward into phase two of your incarnation, you may wish to dust off those interests and see how you can bring them back into your life expression in new updated ways that match who you are today.

The pause so many of you have been in offers you the time to do just that. What did you love to do?  How can you incorporate it into your life now?  What did you always want to try but never did? As your own loving guide, best friend, and parent, you get to offer those things to yourself today because with your wisdom you recognize what perfect matches those interests are to your soul and their importance for your expansion.

This is yet another way you can move into greater unity with yourself, by honouring and including those interests and passions that were always present within you because they are important aspects of your soul and your purpose. You may need to adjust them to match the phase of your life you are in now, but please know it is never too late to water and grow those core interests, even if they have been neglected for a long time. In fact, to do so is a profound act of love for yourself and will add greatly to your joy and satisfaction. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 5, 2019

Surrendered human beings are delightfully easy to nudge into right time/right place scenarios. And it is such fun for us to do! We watch with bated breath and great anticipation because your discoveries and reactions are always so wonderful. There is so much joy in co-creation! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 4, 2019

As you continue to evolve, a theme that is coming up is moving beyond co-dependency into healthy connection. You may know that your interactions with those closest to you hold patterns that are no longer desired but don’t quite know how to shift them. This can feel daunting because many of these patterns have been well entrenched since childhood. Along with this, unconditional love can sometimes be misunderstood to mean allowing any kind of behaviour to continue in order to be loving.

Dear Ones, we have some simple rules of thumb to help you navigate the waters of creating healthier connections with appropriate boundaries. The first is, never become more invested in another person’s wellness than they are in their own. The second is, never become more invested in another person’s wellness than you are in your own.

You are seeking connection points that honour and empower everyone involved. There is not one solid unmovable line in the sand. There may be times where you need to step forward if someone is losing their balance to help them right themselves. The idea is that you always offer your support with an eye towards what will empower them to be able to stand on their own again.


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