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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 20, 2021

What if you treated your life like a treasure hunt, excitedly following the signs and synchronicities to new discoveries? You would start to experience the fun and wonder that is available for you, not just at the end result, but throughout the entire journey. What a wonderful way to shift yourself into presence, gratitude, and exploration, and allow yourself the true joy of unfoldment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday February 19, 2021

Dear Ones, the act of surrender is not losing yourself. Far from it! It is choosing expansion and empowered forward movement because it allows you to experience yourself as part of the greater flow of the energy of the divine. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 18, 2021

If you are always feeling the need to show yourself as being the good one or the right one, your need for external validation likely comes at the cost of invalidating others.

Can you see then how shifting out of  the discomfort of constantly trying to prove yourself into the comfort of accepting your own truth and worthiness with nothing to prove actually serves everyone involved? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 17, 2021

While doubt can certainly be a stagnating energy, it doesn’t have to be. Doubt is an invitation to use discernment, an opportunity to connect with your own inner wise one and discover your own truth.

So if you are experiencing doubt rather than simply sitting in it, we encourage you to dig deeper. Get curious about what you are doubtful about and why that is. Is your intuition telling you something? Are you simply seeking clarity or a new alignment? What is your truth about the topic? What further energy is there for you to harness, heal, or release to support your forward movement? What are your energetic preferences and what do you wish to create? How can you use this experience to further empower you in your growth and expansion?

Doubt can be a wonderful reevaluation tool that helps you discover your energetic clarity on any topic or situation. It can also be an indicator of unhealed or frightened parts of yourself that need your love and attention in order to feel secure enough to move forward on the next exciting leg of your journey. It has much to offer you if you are willing to look beyond the energy itself. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 16, 2021

So many of you, in your desire to be diligent about the path you are walking, seek the advice of others. We honour you for wanting to make good choices.

If you are seeking advice it is important to always use your discernment as the expert of your own life expression. It may be helpful to ask yourself, is the advice I have received what is best for me or what would be best for the person giving it? Are they living a life that is in resonance with how I would like to live? Are they wise, mindful, and conscious? Is this person my energetic peer? Is their advice focused on the empowerment of everyone involved? Does it feel loving, supportive, and expansive?

Another thing that is helpful to ask yourself is, am I looking for guidance, confirmation, or permission? Guidance is what you seek when you really don’t know how to proceed for your highest result and can help you get clarity on what is the right match for you. Confirmation allows you to affirm your own wisdom and can help you embrace your forward movement more confidently. Permission is looking for validation from others because you are still concerned about what others will think.

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Daily Message ~ Monday February 15, 2021

You will always know when it’s time to move on from something because it will start to feel uncomfortable for you and require more and more patience to stay in those energies. You can always tell when something isn’t energetically supported for you anymore because the situation will start to take more and more effort from you just to maintain. This is because your energy is slowly but surely moving out of energetic alignment with it, withdrawing in preparation of connecting with the new. Most human beings don’t like change and this system is prepares you for it. Simply put, if you didn’t get uncomfortable many of you wouldn’t move at all!

What we want you to know is that you do not need to wait until you are incredibly uncomfortable to detach from one energy and to connect with the new. If you think of previous transitions you have made from one job to another, or one relationship to another, most of you knew the situation you left wasn’t working for a long time before you took action. Or perhaps you weren’t taking action at all even though you knew a situation wasn’t right so the universe, at the direction of your soul, created a sudden ending for you in order to get you to move forward.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday February 13, 2021

A great many of you have been in service for many years. You have been holding the space for others and your planet. You have been actively caring for so many around you. You have been dedicated to your mission and have been doing the heavy lifting, often feeling misunderstood and unsupported.

You may think of the first phase as a very long phase of giving. Many of you will be shifting how your service looks now that there is another wave of people who are awakening and excited to step into your old roles. This can be challenging for many of you as you have identified yourselves through your service, but this change is necessary. The biggest challenge many of you will face is learning to receive, and coming to peace with the idea that your beingness is more than enough.

When you are always giving it is like trying to thrive with only out breath. You might think of out breath as masculine energy. You have been leaders and wayshowers in whatever ways served your individual soul paths. But after so many years of dedication, it is time to pass the baton and be ready to receive. Receiving is a feminine energy. Is it time for you to take a great big in breath?

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Daily Message ~ Friday February 12, 2021

Many of you are leery to feel your emotions. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the times you are in, or think it will be too much on top of your energetic sensitivities. But resisting your emotions is a great disservice, first because they have a wealth of information for you, and second because by resisting them you actually amplify them and your discomfort because you are practicing separation within yourself.

If you have an emotion coming up, allow yourself to feel into it as your own loving parent and guide. What is this emotion? Why is it coming up? How is it trying to help you? As you start to acknowledge the emotion and flow with it, you may very well be surprised that it starts to settle. Now that it has your attention it doesn’t need to be as loud.

Let us give you an example. Let’s suppose you start to feel very uncomfortable. Feel into that. What would you call it? You might identify it as anxiety. Wonderful! You can now consciously connect with it. Your conversation might look something like this:

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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 11, 2021

Dear Ones, during times of intensity and change, people can get triggered and act out in sudden and surprising ways. This may feel shocking and confusing to you.

When people are having an experience that threatens an unhealed aspect of self, they are not just reacting to the experience at hand, they are reacting to the entire history of that wound. That is why it can feel so much stronger than just that singular experience.

If someone has reacted in such a way towards you and it is completely uncharacteristic, we urge you to focus on the entirety of your relationship with them. From a place of compassion and by looking at the whole picture, you can embody the energy of grace and forgiveness, just as you would appreciate someone doing the same for you.

But if someone is in a cycle of reactivity towards you and are defending their actions rather than taking responsibility for their healing, you may need to decide to remove yourself from that situation until such time as they can become a safe connection for you again. This is not being punishing or unforgiving, but rather taking yourself out of a recurring energetic cycle that is not serving the highest good of anyone involved. Stepping out of that pattern allows for reevaluation and creates an energetic shift. The other person can then decide if they wish to meet you in the new energies or not.


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