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Daily Message ~ Friday April 30, 2021

Many enlightening human beings have trouble receiving. This is often due to other life expressions where help was offered but later came at a terrible cost. You have learned not to beholden to others. Or perhaps during this lifetime you have learned not to ask for or receive help for fear of rejection.

We understand why you might feel this way, but we wish for you to understand that you are not on the planet to hold yourself separate or to go it alone. Our wish for you is that you will shift into being willing to receive as much as you as you so willingly give. This will allow you to fully harness the many benefits of the flow.

When others offer to help you, it is the universe serving you by working through them. There are so many loving human beings, just like you, whose greatest desire is to serve. Allow others the joy of being an answer to a prayer.

Can you feel how denying help is attempting to micro-manage the universe? Allowing yourself to receive in whatever ways show up for you opens you up to the wonder of experiencing just how loved and supported you always are. Say yes and let it in, Dear Ones. It is safe for you to receive love and support from all directions because you are the love and you will always draw to you more of the energy you embody. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday April 29, 2021

Dear Ones, we have been getting asked about our viewpoint on the covid vaccines. We understand that this is a major point of interest for many of you and we wish to offer this message to help you find your clarity on this topic.

With this or any other important decision you must make in your life, the best way to find the right choice for you is to explore the following question – what brings me the most freedom, expansion, and ease?

For some people getting the vaccine will bring an experience of more freedom, expansion, and ease. For others, not getting the vaccine will create an experience within them of more freedom, expansion, and ease. And some of you don’t know yet what will create the most freedom, expansion, and ease, and if that is the case we encourage you to wait until you have that clarity for yourselves.

There is no one size fits all answer, it is about using that question to discover what best matches you and your life expression. What might be a fearful choice for one might be an empowered choice for another based on their own unique energetics and soul path. As your soul is always seeking freedom, expansion, and ease, if you choose what you feel will best provide those elements for yourself you cannot make a wrong choice. If you can look at this issue through this lens, you will be able to see the different choices of others as simply honouring what feels best to their souls as the leaders of their own life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 28, 2021

Dear Ones, we understand so many of you have been through challenging times. You may have felt that the world has been a very harsh place for you, and because of that you think you have lost your innocence. What we want you to understand is that your innocence is never lost, it has just receded in order to keep itself safe, and it has just been waiting for you to reassure it that it is now safe for it to come back up into the light.

Connect with that inner child aspect of you that has felt it was best for it to hide. Recognize it has been there all along! Let it know you are an adult now and you will absolutely provide it everything it needs to it can get back to the business of being a kid and enjoying all the wonder and innocence that comes from that.

This is exactly how you incorporate more play, fun, and magic into your life. Acknowledge that aspect of yourself still exists and encourage it to come forward. This is moving back into the wholeness that has always been there just waiting for you to reclaim it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 27, 2021

The question we would like you to explore today is how are you not being true to you? Is this by making yourself wrong for your innate traits? Is it by denying what your true wants and desires are? Is it by never allowing yourself to sit with yourself long enough to even discover what those desires and interests are? Is it by never allowing yourself to receive? Is it by repeatedly choosing to stay in energies that you know without a doubt are not a true match to you?

An amazing thing happens when you start to be true to yourself. Your energy shifts to emit a beautiful clear energy that is the pure essence of you, which the universe responds to in kind. In other words, what is meant for you will finally be able to find you! It is from that place of being true to yourself you will best be honouring your mission on the planet, which is fully embracing the energy of being you and the profound purpose of your honest self expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday April 26, 2021

If there is one area of your life you find particularly problematic, we invite you to explore what you would do if you knew with 100% certainty that area was about to sort itself out. What would you think about? What energy would you release? What direction would you suddenly flow toward? What new thing would you start to engage with?

It is a powerful act to take back the energy you pour into what you perceive to be your greatest challenge. How much of your energy do you use pushing against what is unwanted? By choosing to disengage you immediately open up space for expansion. You allow the flow to carry you over, around, or through the issue to the solutions that exist on the other side of it.

We are not suggesting that you ignore any major issue in your life. You can have an awareness that something is not working for you and still choose to direct the bulk of your energetic currency (your focus and attention) to create beyond it. You do that by shifting into broad intention, flow, and the conscious engagement of your preferences. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 25, 2021

The idea that there is ever a static moment where nothing is happening in your life is not only completely false, it is impossible.

Dear Ones, you are beings of continual growth and expansion. You are also beings of flow. There is always movement occurring, it is simply tangible, or intangible.

If you are not experiencing movement in your lives, it simply means that all the action is happening behind the scenes, preparing you for your next big adventure. In the mean time, you may be getting caught up on your rest, shifting something internally, or integrating the latest energy download that is necessary for your success when the action phase comes.

Excellent self care prepares you to succeed when the next action phase is energetically supported to break through into your awareness. We urge you to simply honour the system of the entirety of the flow and make the most out of whatever phase you are in, because both work together in the most complex and efficient ways to ensure you can successfully realize your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday April 24, 2021

Learning to be ok with not knowing is an integral skill you have been supported in developing over the past year. This is teaching you to settle into the present moment, to focus on your beingness, to get curious about what might be possible and get clear about what your true preferences are, and to embrace the unfoldment. It opens the door for greater discoveries without constraints.

Not knowing encourages you to learn how to work with the surrender, faith, flow, trust model of the divine combination and it is through utilizing that model profound change will become possible, both personally and collectively. This is yet another example of how you are divinely guided, always, to develop the exact skills you need exactly when you need them, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday April 23, 2021

There’s a difference between being stuck and not knowing. If you are in a place in your life where you don’t know how to proceed, something is in the process of taking form for you. Trust. Allow more information to come to you before you take action. Focus on what you can do and what is being energetically supported. And most of all, know your soul is always prioritizing your evolution and expansion. If you have a willingness to move with the flow, it is impossible to ever be stuck. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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