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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 10, 2018

Dear Ones, many of you are receiving an influx of energy. This energy is high vibrating and spiralling, a golden energy consisting of adamantine particles which you would identify as Christed energy. This is an up-levelling of energy, if you will, and profound not only because you are ready to receive it, but also due to the shift it creates within you.

Because this energetic shift is so transformative and sacred, it takes precedence over all other things. This particular energy requires you to be awake but still in order to receive and integrate it. This is what has created the experience of the flu or other ailments that require you to rest for those who have been very busy and unlikely to take the time for stillness for themselves.

For those who do make a point of practicing stillness, it may show up as simply more fatigue. (If you feel like you have the flu, please be responsible and see your health care provider and don’t just put it off as an energetic shift! It is loving to give yourself good care in all ways.)

Different energy shifts have different energetic stamps, if you will. Some require you to be still and aware. Others require you to be still and unaware as in deep sleep. And others will quite easily integrate as you go about the business of your daily life.

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Daily Message ~ Friday March 9, 2018

Never underestimate the power of the smallest acts of kindness for they are an opportunity for you to express the love that you are and support others in ways that will be willingly received. It provides simple heart-centred connection that is lovely for all to experience because it is pure in its intention and expression. It is entering the flow of love that is easiest given and accepted for the highest good of all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 8, 2018

Dear Ones, following your heart is absolutely essential as you move forward in these unprecedented times. It is the only way you can navigate higher vibrational relationships, honour your own soul agenda and offerings, and move into the highest potentials even if you cannot see how they could possibly come together from where you are. It is embodying the energies of faith and trust both within yourself and as an outward expression, which allows your divinity to take the lead in the most authentically powerful and beautiful ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 7, 2018

It is quite common for enlightening human beings to think that they aren’t doing enough in terms of their service. This is due to having a high level of diligence and commitment, but also from old conditioning that is based on the martyred service paradigm.

We understand it can be difficult to understand from your perspective, but your greatest contributing service occurs from your own growth and evolution. As you enlighten you shift, transmute, and anchor energy. You assist the planet and the energetic grids in so many ways. As you move forward in your own process, you access new and inspired ways you can be of service to others, as well.

Further, because you have been self responsible, you become far more balanced and actuated, which allows you to be of the greatest assistance to others, both by being a powerful teacher by example, but also by being able to assume the role of guide on earth through your love, wisdom, and compassion.

One of the biggest challenges for those who are on the planet to be of service (this means everyone on their own enlightenment journey) is to shift from martyred service to joyful service. This means releasing the idea of having to carry the weight of the world on your own shoulders, or that service is hard and requires great sacrifice, and moving into the new model of it being comfortable, joyful, and a beautiful cooperative effort of many souls, all with the same heart-centred agenda.

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 6, 2018

As this is a year of flow and creation, people’s focus will naturally be on their ability to manifest and move into life expressions that are far more in line with what they would like to experience. We love that you are all experimenting with your creative abilities!

Almost every enlightening human being will come to a point of frustration where what they are wishing to create is not coming together for them. We wish to offer some insight as to why that may be.

One of the greatest requirements to manifesting is your willingness to receive. Most enlightening human beings are far better at giving than they are at receiving. This is because they are on the planet with service contracts. It is far more natural to them to put others first. Because they see themselves as the help, they have trouble accepting help from others. If you are having trouble creating what you desire, we highly recommend that you examine how willing you are to receive.

Do you take compliments well? If someone offers help do you gratefully accept it? Do you make time to focus on your own wellness? Do you see unconditional love as being an aspect that applies to everyone including you? The first place to adjust if you are having difficulty in creation is your willingness to openheartedly receive in the many ways the universe can deliver to you.

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Daily Message ~ Monday March 5, 2018

Dear Ones, you have so many noisy filters that can create confusion when you are trying to make decisions. You may know very well what is best for you but then second guess it because you wish to please another or do what others will think is smart or best. But the fact remains that you are the only one who knows your own energetics, and thus, only you can discern when something is a true energetic match to you.

So if you have a decision to make, we highly advise that you sit quietly and feel into your own inner knowingness. Connect with your own essence and then love and trust yourself enough to allow that to lead the way. That is the fastest way to move forward in the ways that match your own energetics and soul path, and will ultimately bring you the most pleasing result. It is allowing pure energy to lead the way, which can only bring about the purest energetic matches and supports for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 4, 2018

Love is expansion. Fear is contraction. Acceptance brings comfort. Resistance leads to discomfort. These are basic facts enlightening human beings understand.

Where things start to get more challenging is when you understand these things and then make yourself wrong if you are not loving and accepting 100% of the time. This is where you start to judge yourself and beat yourselves up unnecessarily.

Dear Ones, the nature of the universe is not to be only one thing. The universe moves and shifts, ebbs and flows. Expecting to be unmoving in anything is not realistic.

Be easy with yourselves. We wish for you to understand that all movement is forward movement. You don’t have to have complete compliance to only one or two elements in order to be successful! You simply need to gently redirect if you find yourself in a space that isn’t comfortable for you. Discomfort is simply a redirectional tool. You will soon find that with your awareness you will choose love and acceptance (and thus growth and expansion) more and more, until they are the natural go-to responses for you the majority of the time, and your personal preferences.

As you continue to evolve you will still have ebbs and flows. You will just find your lows get higher and your highs get higher. Your entire vibrational range will continue to move onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of your soul growth.

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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 3, 2018

We have a surrender experiment to propose for you today. Why not surrender into being of your highest service at the start of your day and see what happens?

This is a wonderful exercise for it shows that your service does not need to be grandiose. You may notice that a person may ask you the time or to reach something down from a high shelf if you are in a store. You may run into someone who simply needed a hug or an encouraging word. As a non-resistant human being willing to make a difference, you will be led to many ways you can make a positive difference.

This is not about saving the world all on your own, but rather being willing to show up for loving acts of service in the way that will best serve you and others. And you may be so surprised to discover the many ways small acts can make big differences!

If you surrender into being of your highest service and not one thing happens, it does not mean you did it wrong. It simply means that your highest service that day was simply being a non-resistant being of love who was willing to help, and that best occurred by holding the energy which was being an energetic support to the grids and your planet.

Do you see? Surrendering into service takes the guess work out of things. It allows you to see the myriad of ways you can make a difference right now in simple and loving ways. And that, Dear Ones, is how you can step into beautiful and joyful service by willingly moving with the flow of highest potential on any given day. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday March 2, 2018

One of the greatest things you can do for your relationships is to become self aware and self responsible. This means that you don’t depend on others for your happiness. It also means that you check in with yourself before you agree to do anything, and if you do agree to something you embrace it gracefully because you understand it was your choice.

If you take the time to do those two simple things, you will move beyond resentment. Since resentment creates anger, resistance, and separation between you and others, making choices that are in line with what you really wish to do helps you show up for others with an open heart from a place of love, safety, and connection, which can only support and heal your relationships. Further, being responsible for your own happiness and choices frees others from the pressure of trying to figure out how you really feel. Your self awareness and self responsibility opens the door for true communication, and for actions and responses to be based upon that truth.

The days of martyred service are over, Dear Ones. Making sure your efforts honour and empower everyone involved will pave the way for the new template of joyful service, which will serve everyone much better than ever before on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 1, 2018

You have had a lot of energetic activity as you have stepped into the new year of 2018. There has been much shifting of energy, much integrating, and much change. It is common for it to take a while to get used to the energy of a new year, particularly one that is as markedly different as 2018 is compared to 2017.

We estimate it will take until the spring equinox for you to truly have a good feel for the unique energetic stamp of the energies of 2018 and how best to work with them. The equinox will help you anchor the energies more fully into a space of balance, and from there you will find it much easier to move into the full potential of what this year has to offer you, both individually and collectively.

To be clear, you will always be growing and evolving. You will go through times that support surges of obvious growth, and others that focus more on integration and energetic fine tuning, matching the natural flows and ebbs of the universe. 2018 is a year of flow, of big leaps and discoveries, and pioneering new, more empowered ways of doing things. Know that you are being supported in learning the best ways to use these energies.

Trust that your own inner wisdom knows how to lead the way, as well, if you allow it. You continue to surprise and delight us with your incredible tenacity and capability as we cheer you on in the creation of the new times on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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