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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 8, 2019

Dear Ones, comfort is your natural state of being. You came from the energies of Home through the womb, both of which are places that support your comfort and well being.  As babies, you expect comfort and will cry to have your needs met and to move back into that natural state of being.

So how do you expand and experience comfort? By staying present. By listening to what your needs are and giving them to yourself. By not creating discomfort for yourself through the energetic overlays of fear, doubt, worry, and resistance. By trusting and flowing, knowing that wellness and wholeness are your preferred states and you will always redirect back into them. By acknowledging all the things that support your comfort that are already in place and serving you.

Every profound energetic shift supports your expansion but then will seek integration so you can be comfortable in that new expanded state of beingness. You navigate great change one Now moment at a time.  By doing so it will never, ever be more than you can handle and you will always ultimately find your way back into comfort. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday January 7, 2019

After such a prolonged period of review, release, integration, and transformation, it can be easy to fall into a weariness of ascension symptoms. We understand why this occurs but we wish to expand your perception of the ascension process.

Your ascension symptoms are proof positive that the shift is occurring. It is proof of change, proof of your growth, and proof of your success with the assimilation of the previous energies because you are ready for more.

Further, we wish for you to understand that energetic shifts always occur in the exact perfect timing to support your continued success and expansion, and to honour your soul’s desires and agreements. Trust that they are always in line with your capabilities and your mission. They serve the purpose of moving you deeper and deeper into the knowingness and experience of your own divine essence.

From that perspective, you can accept that when a new energetic phase occurs it is because you are ready for it.  You are being invited to surrender into the flow of releasing and receiving, and to acknowledge and embrace the fact that you are up-levelling once again. The more you can surrender into what the energies want to do for you with your wisdom and acceptance, the more adept you will become at moving through them efficiently with the most comfort possible.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 6, 2019

As you move further into the energies of 2019, many of you will make discoveries of subtle yet profound change. You may be surprised to recognize that healing has occurred or is occurring in areas of your life that felt very stuck for a long time. Because comfort is your natural state of being, sometimes it takes you a while to realize that an old familiar pain hasn’t reared up in a while, or that an old issue isn’t as charged as it used to be. This is the natural progression of the work you have done, the fact that you are stepping into the next new phase of your incarnation, and the more forward moving energies of the new year. 2019 will be filled with many discoveries of self and the awareness of new potentials due to those internal shifts. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday January 5, 2019

Dear Ones, during such changing times when so many are at different stages of their journey, we ask you, as the front runners and pioneers, to choose kindness, compassion, and graciousness towards others who may be triggered and acting out. You are ready to hold the space of understanding because you have had those moments yourself, and have appreciated when others have had patience and forgiveness for you.

You have cleared out so much of the energy that would result in your own reactiveness. You have healed to the point where are not viewing the world from victim consciousness. Holding the space in a calm, loving way, while having healthy boundaries and responding in ways that serve everyone involved is now completely available to so many of you.

Try it!  You just might be surprised at what you are capable of. This is going to be a theme of 2019, recognizing the ways your mastery is accessible to you now due to the massive amount of clearing and personal work you have done. Your awareness will help you move beyond getting triggered out of habit into new responses of balance and compassion.  More and more you will remember that how another behaves isn’t personal, but how you choose to respond is. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday January 4, 2019

Initiates focus and talk about what they want to be. Actuates shift into the embodiment of that desire. 2019 is a year of actuation meaning that you will give yourself permission to be and to navigate through that beingness. This is an absolute game changer in terms of what you will create because for the first time ever you will allow yourself to follow your own heart and your own energetics. This will allow you to experience a life that continues to expand and match your ever unfolding truth. This is what will settle in and start to create the deep satisfaction so many of you have been missing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 3, 2019

Shelley’s note:  Today’s message came back into my awareness thanks to Miranda Sparks-Nieves sharing it on facebook. I have no idea the date we originally posted it, but I think it answers a question many of us ponder on our journey, and it felt very pertinent to the energies today.  Sometimes Gabriel’s messages seem to have a life of their own and pop up in the perfect timing. :)

Many of you wonder what your enlightenment process means for your current relationships. Can you have a relationship with someone who is not spiritually awakening?

We liken this scenario to being on a highway, which could be considered your soul path. The person who is embracing their spiritual awakening seems like they are in a race car, while the one who is not may seem like they are walking down the side of the road. What we wish for you to understand is that both are in forward movement and one is not necessarily better than the other.

You see, there are many who do not have conscious spiritual awakening on their “to do” list for this incarnation. They may have focused on spirituality for many lifetimes and are wishing to take a break this time around. They may be fine-tuning other parts of the human experience and have come in service to you, to create the stability, resources and time you need to have the freedom to embrace your own enlightenment.

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 2, 2019

We urge you this year to shift from the concepts of good or bad, right or wrong, into simply seeing the value of experience. What would that do for you? It would instantly release you from the chains of judgment (both for yourself and for others) into the grace and ease of honouring the process that allows you to discover your preferences and expand more into the knowingness of who you truly are. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! We urge you to be kind and gentle with yourselves as you acclimatize yourselves to the energies of 2019. It is a marked shift from the energies of 2018. A gentle feeling out of the energies without expectation is recommended.  It is common for enlightening human beings to take until the first equinox of a year to truly get a feel for the traits of a new year.

We also wish to make you aware that you may feel some intensity in January as it holds two eclipses. If you find yourselves feeling the energies strongly, please do not launch yourselves into despair thinking 2019 will be more of the same energies 2018 held. It will not.

2018 was about exploring power and your emerging sovereignty and its underlying energy was review. 2019 will continue to focus on your actuation with the  underlying energy being creation.  They are completely different themes with completely different energetic stamps.

You will always have little pockets of intensity and experience varying energies as you continue to grow and expand. That is just part of being on the earth plane. Know that you have become incredibly adept at navigating them. They key here is to stay present and use your wisdom and mastery to navigate the energies that show up at any given time without painting them with the brush of the past.

The relief you will feel this year is supported forward movement into what it is you wish to create and how you wish to express yourselves in new and empowered ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 31, 2018

We would like to congratulate you on the tremendous amount of shifting you have accomplished this past year. As you are poised to step into 2019 our wish for you is that you will have not just love but also have compassion for yourselves. That you will replace self doubt with self trust. That you will see your experiences as having the real value over results. That you will allow us to fully support you with the surrender, faith, flow, trust navigation system that is the Divine Combination.  And perhaps most important of all, that you will dream bigger than ever before and find the joy that comes from playing in the energies that are beyond what you can see to co-create with a universe that adores you.  Your time is now, Dear Ones. Embrace it and shine! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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