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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 7, 2019

Dear Ones, what you choose right now is how you set up your tomorrows. Choosing in any right now moment is an act of empowerment. So what do you choose? What options are available to you right now?

If you are stuck, we will give you some suggestions. Love is always an option. Gratitude is always an option. Both of those choices shift you out of your mind and into your heart.

If all you did was choose those two elements consistently you would lighten not only your present moment but also what you will align with for your future moments. It really can be that simple, for any time you are in your heart you are operating from your true power centre. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday July 6, 2019

Dear Ones, the more you release the need for labels, the more freedom you have. The moment you label something, you put constraints and restrictions upon it. Many times, in fact, it immediately stunts its growth.

Labels feed expectations and limit growth. They are often are created because you are trying to control something or to force it to behave in a certain way. Much like a fish will not outgrow its tank, the moment you put your creations in a box they can only become as big as their container.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and the things that matter to you is the freedom to self express and the room to grow into their grandest expressions of self. You sell yourselves so short when you start to restrain things in your desire to have safety and predictability, for the moment something stops growing is the moment it loses its purpose. There is so much more available to you than what you realize!

Allow your relationships to grow and evolve. By giving them the space to unfold, you support them in blooming into their highest potential. What labels do you have for yourself? Can you loosen them up or become broader in your own expectations of self? Can you allow your service to continue to evolve? Can you become friends with the flow and let it continue to surprise and delight you?

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Daily Message ~ Friday July 5, 2019

If a child makes a mistake because they didn’t know any better, you are quick to forgive. You explain there are different options and why they might want to make a different choice in the future. You understand there was innocence under the choice and see it as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

When did you lose that compassion and understanding for yourself? When did you lose that compassion and understanding for others? Can you lovingly redirect yourself without the need for shaming or berating yourself? Can you offer that same grace to others?

It is highly unlikely you will make perfect choices 100% of the time just because you have reached adulthood. You are still growing and evolving and will continue to until the end of your days. You will learn your preferences by trying many things and discovering through experience what best matches you and your truth.

Your growth involves redirecting again and again, evolving one empowered choice at a time. You are exploring your mastery, which will involve aspects of what it is and what it isn’t. This is all part of being in the realm of experience, and to be expected as part of your evolution. Be kind and gentle with yourselves and others through all of this, Dear Ones, for shame and blame are energies that cannot support anyone in the discovery of their highest expression of self. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 4, 2019

Dear Ones, so many of you are so hard on yourselves if you forget to practice what you know or behave in a way that you feel is not spiritual. We would see your slips as successes from our perspective.

The fact that you wish to show up as your highest version of self is a wonderful intention, which indicates growth and expansion. The fact that you catch yourself when you are not in an alignment you prefer rather than simply staying there is great progress, for it indicates you have evolved beyond being comfortable in those old energies.

Every single time you catch yourself and choose again it is a vibrational leap that not only serves you but the planet, as well. Every time you redirect back to your own truth it is a powerful declaration of self and a clear demonstration of your new preferences. You are in the process of energetically anchoring new habits that better match who you are and where you wish to go.

So rather than beating yourselves up for your perceived failures, please know the fact that you have developed awareness and now prefer something different is a wonderful success. It is defining yourself again and again in ever higher vibrating ways. That is exactly what is driving the shift on your planet and is a truly a glorious thing to behold. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 3, 2019

The way you behave is a reflection of your level of attainment and personal evolution. It is the outward expression of your internal state.

This means you cannot control what another does by telling them what to do or how to behave, or forcing teachings upon them, because they must find their own readiness and energetic alignment to change from within. Any changes they may make in an effort to please you will likely not last because they are not supported by their own energetic foundation.

You create the most change through your own unique expression of self. You are the most powerful teacher by example. As you embody your beingness, others will notice and will naturally seek you out when they are ready to move forward with their own evolution.

Be the love. Be the safe person for people to approach. Accept people wherever they are on their journey. Offer your wisdom when asked but understand you are planting seeds that will grow whenever it is the right time for them, as each person’s awakening has its own pace. It is a divine unfoldment, and just as flowers grow at their own speed and bloom when they are ready, the result is always perfect and beautiful. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 2, 2019

What words of love can you speak to yourself today? What loving song can you sing to yourself today? What energy can you wrap yourself up in today that allows you to feel your own tender care and nurturing? You are the expert on you and as such are the best one to know exactly what you need to move forward with the most comfort, ease, and support possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 1, 2019

Dear Ones, are you open to the idea there are always solutions or energetic matches that exist for you that are beyond what you are aware of? If you can agree to that idea, doesn’t it make sense that the next step to empowered change is being willing to be moved into the discovery of what they are?

Resistance will only keep you within the realm of what is already known, and in many cases, expired. Be brave enough to explore what is just beyond what you can see. Expand your field of possibility by allowing yourself to be led.

Understand that with every single shift you make, new possibilities become vibrationally available as a response to your upgraded energetic state. This is so exciting because it means there is always expansion happening that comes with more wonders just waiting to be discovered! All you must do is be willing to move into the exploration of those new realms of potential with openness and curiosity. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday June 30, 2019

We understand as human beings that you seek to find labels or rules to help you feel there is predictability, and thus a sense of safety, in the unfoldment of the times you are in. But the universe never stops expanding, and thus, you will never experience only one specific energy for a long period of time. That immovability would be contrary to what both you and the universe are designed to do.

Dear Ones, there will always be ebb and flow. There will be integration and release. There will be night and day, in breath and out breath, rest and movement. There will be times when the divine masculine is the focus, and other times when the divine feminine will be the focus. There will be times when you are resting and times when you are going through rapid acceleration.

The beauty about all of this is that it is all designed to move you forward with the most ease and comfort possible. The energies are customized to provide you exactly what you need at any given time. As you come to embrace this new way of looking at things, you will find a sense of safety in the divine intelligence of it all, and the fact that you both assist the shift and benefit from it. You will be able to settle into a deep faith and trust, acceptance and allowing, and harness exactly whatever is being energetically supported knowing that it is always, always for your highest good and the highest good of all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 29, 2019

Are you in acceptance or willingness to receive? How do you know?

We suggest you start to pay attention to any way you hold yourself separate or say no. Do you accept help from others or do you feel you need to do everything yourself? Do you constrain potentials by micro-managing? Do you have a need to label things rather than allow the unfoldment? Do you accept compliments?

Do you hold yourself outside of your own love and self care? Are your boundaries so strict that they don’t allow anything in, not even the good? Have you experimented and become comfortable enough with surrender and flow to stay in it long enough for the magic to happen? Are you willing to be surprised? Are you willing to accept love without the fear of strings being attached?

Do you give yourself enough time to savour the now moment? Do you acknowledge the abundance that already exists for you with your gratitude? Do you see yourself as worthy enough to receive? Do you have worthiness or trust issues that are now ready to be healed so you can finally move into a life expression you want and deserve?

Do you have old conditioning or belief systems that are holding you in lack that simply don’t apply anymore and are ready to be released once and for all? Make the commitment to pay attention to your own self talk or response every time you are offered something or think about your dreams and any way you are still holding yourself separate will become very apparent.

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 28, 2019

With every energy shift you encounter, you become just a little bit more energetically sensitive, a little bit more empathic. You may notice that you feel things more acutely. This can initially make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, and it can be difficult to discern what is going on.

If you are feeling energetically uncomfortable we have a very simple solution. First ask, “Is this mine?” If it is, wrap it up in your love. If you are picking up on feelings another may have towards you that don’t feel good, simply intend to return to sender wrapped in love. If you are feeling the energies of the collective, blanket it in love.

Do you see? Love is always the soothing solution, and the key to making any energy more comfortable for everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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