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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 18, 2017

It is your complete trust and faith that allows you to continue to move forward, even in situations you may not understand. There is always a plan in place that your soul is well aware of, that you are willingly participating in, that is serving you and all that you wish to integrate into your soul's experiential repertoire. There is also a team of helpers at your disposal at all times to assist you in all of your experiences.

So trust, Dear Ones. Ask for our help if you need it, and stay open to accepting that help, even if you don't know where it will lead you. Know that the universe only loves and supports you in your desire for expansion and growth, and that you are absolutely adored and encouraged through it all. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Friday March 17, 2017

Why not start your own surrender experiment? Simply surrender into have the most wonderful day possible and see how it goes. What will happen is sooner or later you will forget to do that, and you will quickly see how much smoother surrender days go. Treating it like an experiment also gets your ego self out of the way and into a state of cooperation.

Have fun and play with the tools of surrender and flow! What happens when you surrender into being of your highest service? When you surrender into love? When you surrender into your greatest good? Which feels best to you? You can have one grand act of surrender, or several little acts throughout the day.

Working with the next navigational tools of surrender and flow, faith and trust, doesn't have to be complicated. See what works for you and what feels most supportive. Watch for the signs and synchronicities that lead the way and follow that supported path of least resistance.

You will find very quickly that surrender will become your preferred method of navigating life, because it is what the energies are supporting right now and how the universe delivers to you exactly what you need at any given time. Not only is it safe to surrender, it is where the magic is. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 16, 2017

When you hold encouragement for others, you become the bridge between seeing their wonderful potential and them discovering it for themselves. You become a facilitator of expansion with your love, support, and positive reinforcement.

While you may see what you think is the highest outcome for another, a true encourager holds the space for others to discover that for themselves in whatever ways suit them best. This supports freedom of self expression and expanding into their truest matches without the fear of disappointing others.

So encourage without attachment to outcome, allowing others to find their own path and timing with their own unique style, and you will be a wonderful catalyst for others to explore and discover their own gifts and highest possibilities. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 15, 2017

In order to move into better feeling interactions with others, we would suggest that if you are asked to do something, you take a moment to feel into that activity to see how you really feel about it, and if it is something you truly wish to do.

If it is, give your agreement, and you will enter into that activity with open-heartedness and flow.  If you check in with yourself and you feel it is not something you wish to do, you can gently decline, knowing that it is far better to give a mindful no than it is to do something resentfully.

Where it starts to affect your relationships is when you say yes to something you really do not wish to do. This approach frequently ends up creating resentment towards others. Resentment is an emotion that is filled with resistance, which will always create discomfort and separation. You cannot resent and love another at the same time.

Dear Ones, if you say yes to something that you do not wish to do, please understand that is a choice. It is a choice that you have made, not something that someone made you do. You are always a sovereign being, and in charge of your own decisions.

When you assume responsibility for giving a yes when you really meant no, you become more aware of your choices and resulting emotions. It allows you to let other people off the hook for how you feel. This also creates an opportunity to make different choices next time, which will only improve your relationships in the long run.


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 14, 2017

Dear Ones, please understand when you release a large chunk of emotion that was attached to a specific event, it is not uncommon for other emotions connected to that same event to come bubbling up to the surface in what we call a cascade of healing.

You see, the initial release makes it possible for other emotions that sat under the predominant emotion to leave as well. Do not let this overwhelm you! It will pass quickly. This is just part of the process and an opportunity to well and truly release all emotions associated with what you are healing beyond.

Simply identify what comes up and allow it to leave, letting love flood in as its replacement, understanding that the release of density is what moves you toward on your enlightenment journey, and exactly what your soul wishes to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Monday March 13, 2017

It is very common for enlightening human beings to be far more comfortable with giving than receiving. It is because you are beings service, on the planet to make a difference. The more you enlighten, the more you understand that being of your highest service is your greatest joy.

But only giving is not being surrendered to the flow, for the flow will bring you opportunities to both give and receive. It is through being willing to receive that you allow the universe to support and guide you. It also lovingly gives others the opportunity to experience the joy of giving and being of service, as well.

You will find true balance on your path when you can effortlessly give and receive, knowing both are part of the ebb and flow of the universe, and essential to the full experience each soul is seeking to have. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 12, 2017

The energies have been particularly strong of late in terms of bringing up what is ready for release. When the energies are strong, there is no mistaking what that energy is that is trying to leave. Why is this important? Because it is through your identification that you allow it to leave.

Dear Ones, you are sovereign beings. You are the masters of your own path. The universe is always seeking to assist you but ultimately it is your agreement and cooperation with that assistance that allows it to occur. The energies are bringing up things that are now ready to leave, but it is up to you to allow that to happen.

It is like the universe holds up an emotion you are ready to let go of as if to ask, “Are you ready to let this go?” You get to say yes, by identifying what you would like to let leave. By choosing not to look at it, you are deciding to hold it onto it for a while longer.

The fact that it is coming up does not mean you are still unhealed or broken. Far from it! The fact that it comes up means that you have healed to the point where it is ready to leave, which is a wonderful thing.

If you have an emotion that is ready for release, feel into it. What is it? What would you call it? Once you have labelled it, let it go. Wave goodbye to it and see it as tangible proof of the work that you have done.


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Daily Message ~ Saturday March 11, 2017

Enlightening human beings are beings of service. How that service appears will be as unique as all other aspects of humanity. Some may serve by helping other people, by assisting others on their own enlightenment journey, by offering healing support, by assisting animals, or addressing environmental issues. For some people, their highest service is simply holding space by being of their highest vibration which assists the grid and transmutes lower vibrating energy.

Dear Ones, just as you do not know what a person's individual soul agenda is, you do not know what their special brand of service is that is their highest offering. We urge you to honour the different service paths as much as you honour the fact that there are many different paths to enlightenment. It serves your planet to have diversity in service.

There is much change that occurs on an ascending planet. The fact that the other areas that require attention are being taken care of allows you to focus on what draws you. You are like a team of specialists, all being seamlessly led to how you can help best.

Know that each and every enlightening human being on the planet is making a profound difference in the way that best serves the whole based on their own individual strengths and soul agenda, and that is what will continue to drive the shift on your planet.


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Daily Message ~ Friday March 10, 2017

Dear Ones, the more you move through your enlightenment process, the more you operate from a space of surrender and flow, moving easily with the subtle bumps and nudges of the universe.

This allows you to effortlessly find your way into the right time/right place scenarios that serve your highest good. It also allows you to be easily moved into intersections with others that need your help, your kindness, or guidance.

You become part of that divine flow of the universe, serving and being served, having prayers answered and being the answer to a prayer, which allows you to experience your highest expression of self and the joy that comes from surrendering into being of your highest service. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 9, 2017

Dear Ones, remember each and every person's soul journey is unique. You all have different speeds, different paths, different gifts and abilities, different areas of service that draw you. There is no one size fits all path to enlightenment!

You are all having individual experiences for a reason. Your diversity serves the whole and supports the shift on your planet. We urge you to stop making each other (or yourselves) wrong for your paths and service and to start celebrating how brilliantly it is all unfolding, to reach and support a vast area of space and people, as you all evolve into shining your brightest light and purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel



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