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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 11, 2019

The beautiful thing about non-resistance is that you are poised and ready to ride waves of movement when they arrive. This allows you to be swept into your next great adventures with support and ease, as well as your next service opportunities. It’s a wonderful system that meets the needs of everyone involved, and all you have to do is be willing to be moved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 8, 2019

As you observe your life, what do you push most against as being wrong? What if it wasn’t wrong? What about this situation may be serving you? What different perspective can you take that can more you into non-resistance to it?

The greater your acceptance, the greater your flow. Your enlightenment journey is a highly personal one. What tips or tricks can you develop for yourself to move out of resistance? You might use an affirmation that feels good to you. Something like, “God is guiding me now” or “All is unfolding with divine perfection” can be helpful. You might meditate and look at your situation from a different perspective that can help you have a deeper understanding, and thus, move you out of resistance.

You might imagine handing your challenge over to your higher self and your team of helpers to resolve from the other side of the veil. You might simply decide that you are ready to embrace expansion that includes the resolution of the issue.  Practicing gratitude can be very helpful, as well. You cannot practice gratitude and resistance at the same time.

This is not about denying your feelings, but rather assuming the role of your own empowered leader in whatever ways help you stay in your faith, flow and trust where the most progress can be made and the most support exists for you. Don’t be afraid to try many different things until you find what works for you, your unique path, and personality. After all, that is exactly what pioneers do. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 7, 2019

Many enlightening human beings have been so concentrated on their growth and evolution that they have lost sight of what is fun for them. We have often said it is time to put the light back in enlightenment!

Laughter is incredibly cleansing and can shift energy faster than any other method. Fun is one of the greatest gifts of being in a physical body. Both allow you to be fully in your body and embrace the now moment.

So what if you don’t know what is fun anymore? We have several suggestions for this. First, think back to what you loved as a child. Children are most in touch with what matches them energetically so there will be clues for you there. If what you loved as a child is not a viable option for you anymore, look at the essence of what it was and think of how you can incorporate it into your life that matches who you are today.

Experiment! Be open to trying new things. Explore with curiosity. If you don’t have the time, money, or inclination to try a myriad of things, we suggest you go to a library or book store and take the time to go up and down every single aisle. Pay attention to where you linger. That will give you some guidance on what you might like to explore further.

Plan a vacation. Vacation supports presence, fun, exploration, and flow. For many human beings, It is one of the few times they allow themselves to be fully concentrated on having fun. Even if you don’t actually take the vacation, planning what you would do will expose you to new ideas that you can incorporate into your daily life.

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 5, 2019

You are in a time of profound energetic refinement. You are, more and more, further defining yourself while purifying and raising your vibration. As a part of this process, much will be coming up for you to examine.

This is simply an opportunity for you to assess what is coming up into your awareness. Is this a belief that was once true for you but you have evolved beyond? Does this match who you are today? Is this energy even yours? Is this an opportunity for healing? Is this an invitation for you to love and guide yourself from your latest level of attainment? Does this release leave room for greater self expression and expansion? What other gifts come from this experience?

More and more you are discovering your multidimensional abilities. This means you can feel and experience as a human, while loving and leading yourself as your own empowered guide. There is no need to deny one to focus on the other. You are capable of doing both. That is how remarkable you are! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 4, 2019

There are times when you crave change. There are other times when you crave rest. Both of these are parts of the entirety of the flow. The key to moving with the energies with the greatest ease possible is to embrace whatever phase is presenting to you because each has specific gifts that are essential for the next. It is a completely balanced system that gives you exactly what you need to support your forward movement in the most comprehensive ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 3, 2019

We asked you yesterday to recall a time when you had such a wonderful day that all of the elements just came together so beautifully to align you with right time/right place scenarios.  Such days are such a delight and can feel very magical, indeed!

Now our question today is, do you think such a day is possible the following day?  Or the day after that? What about the next week?  Next month? Or do you think those days are rarities that mysteriously only happen sporadically throughout your lifetime?

We agree that for most of you, those days only happen once in a while. But that is not because it is not possible for them to occur much more frequently.  It is your belief that they are rare events that keeps them that way.

The elements that make those days that are filled with movement and magic are flow, acceptance, gratitude, and presence. You are surrendering into and embracing the good, rather than watching out for the bad. They occur because you stumble into that alignment, but that alignment is something you can recreate, time and again, by embracing those elements.

Again we are urging you to be aware of any ways you unknowingly limit yourselves. If a day of magical flow has happened for you once, it shows you that is a skill you have and a viable option for you to experience again and again. With your wisdom and openness you can recreate the conditions that make it be so and start to make wonderful days a regular part of your existence. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 2, 2019

Can you recall a time where everything aligned perfectly with all the right time/right place scenarios? Do you remember how magically it unfolded, and how all that was required of you was to allow yourself to flow along with the divine perfection of it all? Can you think back to how you couldn’t help but marvel at how all the elements came together so beautifully? That is exactly what the universe is in the process of orchestrating for you right now. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 1, 2019

Many of you think you cannot have comfort as you navigate your spiritual journey. But if you explore what comfort is, you realize that it is a state of non-resistance, gratitude for having your immediate needs met, and embracing the now moment, and that is something you can create for yourself far more often than you realize. Rather than creating problems by expecting things to be a certain way before you even reach them,  we urge you to be open to the many possibilities that may exist that you haven’t explored yet. As pioneers, that is exactly what you get to do. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 30, 2019

Most of you have been raised to adjust your behaviour into some version of what others think you should be. This has been done by shaming, punishing, and criticizing you into conforming. Judgment and control is at the core of all of it. This is a system of non-acceptance and conditional love. You are on the planet to shift beyond all of that and anchor new ways of being.

Your fear of judgment dissipates when you understand other people are simply not qualified to speak on your own unique life expression. They can only give advice based on what would be best for them. If they were evolved enough to understand your entire soul mission, they would have no interest in judging you. The very fact they judge tells you they are not qualified to advise.

Conditional love is a means of control. You, as an enlightening human being, are about freedom and expansion. You are no longer interested in giving your power away to an old, outmoded system. Rather, you are invested in creating new templates of unconditional love and acceptance. Encouragement and creative self expression is what your soul wishes to support and experience.


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