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On The Way

My dearest; this past year may not have been the best in your existence.  It has been challenging and there may have been times when you wanted to give up and not take one more step.  Let it be known that your tenacity, your growth and willingness to take leaps of faith have been duly noted.  As your new year begins, please remember that rewards for your previous works are coming to you!  They may not arrive with a theme song and fireworks, but they are on their way…..and you are worthy and deserving of receiving.  Open yourself to the infinite possibilities! ~ Creator

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You See….I See

You may bemoan your mistakes, your less than good choices and your not so wonderful actions.  I do not!  I see all the opportunities for growth, learning and a slew of new experiences.  If you had not done and said those things, you would be exactly where you were at the start.  No better, no worse…..just there doing the same old thing you have always done.  Embrace and honor, they have served you well! ~ Creator

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Why Trust?

Why do you continue to trust? Because you know to the very core of your being that you are not alone, never have been, never will be. No matter what.  It is enough for the moment. Having faith and trust has never meant surrendering who you are to anyone or anything. It is a knowing that you are taken care of. ~ Creator

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The Waiting….

How often have you pushed yourself, a situation, an experience in expectation of a given outcome or to finish it?  And, once it is done, you find yourself wishing that there was more to it.  Sometimes, it can be a very challenging experience to wait for Divine Timing to answer your thoughts/prayers/intentions.  The Universe is asking you to take advantage of the waiting time, knowing that once everything is in place, it will be just as you asked….and more!  Patience may not always be the most pleasant thing, however, the rewards are immeasurable. ~ Creator

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Beware, my beloved, of sudden attacks of conscience, great and small acts of compassion, quiet movements of kindness and explosive moments of love!  You need not change who you are, where you are from or your location to view and experience these things, just open your eyes.  You need not become a ‘saint’ to participate……just let your heart be your guide. ~ Creator

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Let It Be

During your life, you will have moments when your world will not make sense.  You can think and think and it feels as if an answer will never come.  These are the times, my beautiful child, to just let things be.  Remember, you do not need to have all the answers.  Sometimes you just need to trust. ~ Creator


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