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Move Forward In Love

What happens when you do not fit into ‘their’ world anymore?  The changes going on now have many of you asking this very question.  As you walk your path, it may seem as if your world is falling down around you.  Dearest one, it is time to change your perspective. (Smiling) What may appear as destruction to you is actually a re-construction of what you know.  It may be tense and unsettling but know, as you move forward in love, you are creating your new world as you go.  Keep moving, you can do this! ~ Creator

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Do Not Give Up

The Universe knows that some of you may be experiencing a bit of a rough ride.  The changes you are going through now are challenging…it may be frustrating and stress-inducing.  The Universe also wants you to know that you are going to be okay!  Again, this is not being done to ‘teach you a lesson’ or ‘punish you’.  Every part of you is being shown a much different way of looking at things and the human brain will, on occasion, have a hard time adapting.  You are being asked to release judgement of yourself (and others), remember to breathe and know that, once this wave is over, some great strides toward the existence you have been longing for will be attained.  Do not give up, you are doing an amazing job! ~ Creator

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Send Love And Let Go

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, those around you will become offended/hurt/angry with your attempts to help. Dearest one, The Universe is here to tell you; do not take it personally! Each human has their own belief systems, exists in their own paradigm and has their very own set of triggers…none of which you know so, give yourself a break! Release the need to ‘make it better’ or apologize for failing to meet expectations wholly unknown to you. Holding onto someone else’s projection does not (and never will) serve you. Once you have a conscious awareness of what is going on, there is no reason to ‘live there’ anymore. Send love and let it go. ~ Creator

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Standing By

If you have not already prepared, it is time.  Several consecutive waves are arriving to your Earth now; more than one message has relayed the importance of being prepared.  If this information has fallen by the wayside, rest assured, there is still time.

Keep in mind…the further along you move in the process, the deeper you will go.  The deeper you go, the darker things that have been hiding will be brought to the light.  You may choose to share these experiences and situations with others or choose to ‘go it alone’.  It is about whatever makes you most comfortable.  There has never been a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to go about it.  There is ‘your way’ and it is absolutely wonderful and perfect! (Smiling) As always, The Universe is standing by for assistance and support as needed. ~ Creator

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Have I Heard This Before?

On occasion, it may seem as if you are receiving the same information again and again.  In some cases, you are. (Smiling) When you say to yourself, “Wasn’t this mentioned yesterday/last week/before?”, it is The Universe’s way of saying ‘Pay attention to this, it is important!”  You are being given another chance to fully understand the message or (especially after an intensive learning phase) it is being presented to another level of your Self.  Learning and growth involves all parts…brain, body and soul.  Regardless of where you are on your journey; practice self-care, keep your thoughts/actions positive and know The Universe supports you always. ~ Creator

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…On Your Path

As you experience and integrate this new wave of energy, you may feel as if you have been knocked off balance with heightened emotions and situations catching you by surprise. Do not let this dissuade you from your path! You are human and experiencing human feelings is a part of the process. Take some time today and gather what you need to make the road little smoother, knowing that it will pass just as it should. ~ Creator

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Another Way…

When you chose to arrive on your Earth plane, you knew there was going to be some work involved; being in a human body (with all its lovely idiosyncrasies), emotions, interactions of all kinds and, most importantly, the relationship with yourself.  80% of the time, you have plowed your way through it and have done quite well. (Smiling) As you move through your life, there may be bumps, judgments and projections that, for whatever reason, you have chosen to accept.

Today, you are being invited to take another look and decide what is really yours and what belongs to others.  Rather than responding with learned behaviors, forgo the ‘knee-jerk’ reaction and ask The Universe to show you what it is truly means.  A better understanding of an experience or situation will allow you to move past it with more than a little grace and ease.  This is something you have earned and deserve so use it!  Remember you are fully supported every step of the way. ~ Creator

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You will always be as strong as you believe yourself to be.  Allowing the thought, “I am strong”, does not mean The Universe will begin hammering you with situations and experiences that will overwhelm and challenge.  It simply means that you are changing your perspective and letting those around you know what has always been there.  You are in the process of re-discovering a part of yourself you may have forgotten. Strength will always mean different things to different people.  Find out what it is for you and know you can be strong. ~ Creator

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Time To Start

Your awakening and learning process has always been filtered through your life experiences but, rough beginnings do not always mean challenging growth or outcome.  Your amazing, infinite mind has the ability to change whatever you choose to focus on and free will opens it up to all the possibilities outside those experiences.  Do you wish things to be as they have always been, or will you make a conscious effort to move toward your better tomorrow?

The Universe understands that your existence is yours and will always support you along the way.  Now, dear one, it is time to start creating! ~ Creator


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