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This has been said many times through many different sources; your world, your life will change when your thoughts change.  This, of course, has always been your choice.  The Universe has always been happy to oblige every thought, feeling and action!  You are and have been the co-creator of your existence.  When you have a conscious realization of this, things in your world will begin to change.  How it changes is completely up to you! ~ Creator

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The Gift

Today, you are invited to look back at all the amazing people you crossed paths with or have known during your lifetime.  The interactions may have been awe inspiring or humbling, they may have awakened a part of your soul you did not know existed or put you on a path you were not expecting.  Each one of them gave you a gift that you may not have been fully aware of at the time but, has come back to you full force.  As you move through this next shift, embrace those beautiful moments and let them flow into you.  The Universe is showing you that, in sharing gifts (from others and yourself), immortality does exist and you are truly a part of it all. ~ Creator

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A Part Of Your Heart

Listen!  Listen very carefully and you will hear The Universe speaking to you.  It may not always be in words; it may be in poetry or song, the way the waves crashing on the beach sound to you, the birdsong or just silence.  Once you have discovered the way it speaks to you, you will always hear it, it becomes a part of your heart.  This, my darling one, how dreams are created and brought to fruition. ~ Creator

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Time To Sort…

You have a lifetime of memories and more to come.  Sometimes, those memories have become tangled up, both good and bad together.  At one point, you may have felt that putting them in boxes and storing them away was the best thing to do.

In this shift, it is time to start sorting!  Decide what you want to keep and what you would like to release.  This may not be the easiest process but, it is time to begin letting go of the energetic charge of hurtful things in your past.  As always, you will be protected and supported by The Universe as you proceed with your healing and growth because you are loved! ~ Creator

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There have been so many times when you have forgotten the beauty of you!  Your kindness and compassion, your empathy and love, the way you treat others with respect…all gifts from The Universe that you have taken and made your own.  Your growth now is going to be all about how you feel about and treat yourself.  Remember, dear child, what you show and give others is a direct reflection of what exists within. ~ Creator

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Acceptance & Support

When you open yourself and really listen to another’s truth, you open yourself to love unconditionally. This does not mean their truth needs to become yours, that you need to dis-avow what you think, feel and believe…it means that you are secure enough and love yourself enough to hear others without judgement or condemnation.  Giving acceptance and support to each other is a great gift indeed! ~ Creator

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Stand Up And Be Heard!

Dearest one, it is not constructive to continue dodging the heavy, challenging, gut-wrenching stuff forever. Eventually, it will come up in ways you are not expecting.  This, in turn, may leave you surprised and very uncomfortable in that particular moment. Stand up and listen, then stand up for the voiceless. If you were/are one of the voiceless, it is time to be heard! ~ Creator

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Take some time today for introspection.  For some, it may be a bit challenging to go within and see what is causing discomfort.  For others, it may be a clear path.  One of the joys of being human is being able to reach the parts that are not often touched and see them for what they really are.  Each one is a moment in your timeline that deserves respect and care.  Those moments are truly you! ~ Creator


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