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In Judgement

When you stand in judgement of another, you put yourself in a very interesting position.  What a human chooses to do with their life is completely up to them.  If you have decided to ‘condemn’ your brother or sister for what they are doing/not doing, you are missing the reason for the connection and possible growth that can be accomplished for both of you.  Remember, dear child, they have as much right to free will as you. ~ Creator

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Your Voice

During your healing process it is important to find your voice.  It may be challenging, awkward and sometimes painful to speak after so many years of being silent.  When you speak of what you have endured, others will hear and gather strength to speak as well, beginning their own healing journey.  You may feel as if you are only one, however, multitudes are listening. ~ Creator

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My lovely one; it may seem as if you are surrounded by muck.  The everyday acts of living may make it feel as if you are dragging all of it with you.  There is a lesson in this!  Please remember that once you move past thoughts of being weighed down, there are great treasures to be found.  It may take some digging, but you will find them. ~ Creator


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