The Creator Writings

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It is time to reestablish the human connection.  So many of you walk through your Earth plane existence tethered and tied to inanimate objects, searching for meaning and missing pieces of yourselves in small screens.  Yes, it is a wonderful tool and helps you learn and see more than ever before, however, it also cuts you off from ‘real time’.  Today, you are invited to be in and experience your life!  Lift up your heads and see!  If not now, when? ~ Creator

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My darling child, I know you are tired and frustrated. I know that you wish all of the changes that are taking place right now would hurry up and be over. You are going through a very human experience; be grateful for it because it will never happen again. And, when it is over, you will be able to look back and see it for what it truly is…..a priceless gift of growth and learning. ~ Creator

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Permission To Be Human

There may be times where you are in a ‘not so good’ space.  Even when your intentions are good, it feels as if nothing makes sense and all is out of place.  When this happens, please remember, it is OK to feel disappointed, upset or angry.  Do not punish yourself for it.  At times, it is necessary to let these feelings out safely to move them out of the way and make room for happier things and thoughts to arrive.  You are human, give yourself permission to be one. ~ Creator


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