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Your Energetic Signature

An important reminder; everything you touch, every thought you have and every word you utter carries your own unique energetic signature.  Whatever you are feeling and thinking at any given moment transfers that signature and sends a message to The Universe saying, “Give me more of that, please!”  A conscious and determined effort on your part can significantly alter your Earth-plane existence in any way you choose.  Good, bad or indifferent….that choice has always been yours. ~ Creator

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Your Reality

Your reality is unlike any other that has ever come before or that will come after you.  You create, destroy, build, grow and learn according to your perspective and understanding.  Do not become dismayed when others do not see what you see.  Some may empathize, others will not; that is the Divine Order of it all.  Live your reality in integrity, honesty and to the best of your ability.  It is up to others to choose to parallel yours or not….it is all about free will. ~ Creator

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An Act Of Kindness

How often do you practice kindness?  In the infinite picture a simple word, loving act or positive action toward another may not seem like much, however, the echoes of it reverberate through The Universe like nothing else.  Each of you was born with the gift of kindness in your heart and it is up to you to use it.  Be not afraid of it being misconstrued, abused or being taken advantage of; an act of true kindness will always be returned by The Universe tenfold. ~ Creator

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The Flowing Soul

Imagine yourself unfettered, untethered, untied and otherwise unbound by the restrictions of your human body. Your spirit/soul dances, swims, melds with others, separates and returns to you again. You do it every night in your dreams. It is now time to do it in your waking existence. Become free! ~ Creator

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Falling Down

It has happened just as it has before and probably will in the future; you have fallen, face-planted, took the big dive and now you are lying there wondering if it is possible for you to get up…..yet again.  Your wounded pride, skinned knees and, yes, even embarrassment may make you want to stay down and never move again.  Be aware, my beautiful child, of the fact that falling is a part of being human.  How else would you know that you are capable of getting up, dusting off and moving forward? As you learn, grow and change the moments of imbalance will become less and the experience you gain will be a guiding light for those that are moving through their own challenges.  As painful as the fall can be, The Universe is always there offering a hand up….just reach out and take it. ~ Creator

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Thank You!!

I would like to extend a deep, heart-felt and humble thank you to all who participated in the two week special I recently offered. The courage, tenacity, love and commitment to your own growth and healing amazed me through every hour I witnessed! To each of you; you will be in my thoughts and prayers daily as you continue your journey. I am honored to be a part of it. Blessings! <3


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