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Find Your When

Taking responsibility for yourself and your energy, especially after a lifetime of projecting and deflecting, can be a very challenging thing to do.  There are three things needed to begin the process:  where to start, how to change the thinking and finding the when.  If you are unwilling to accept responsibility for the role you have played, the rebuilding may be delayed.  When you are fully ready…The Universe will be waiting with as much Unconditional Love and assistance as you need. ~ Creator

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Keep Your Faith

The Universe often hears your musings on why you experience what you do. What appears to be a let-down or challenging situation can certainly knock you back on your heels!  But if you look closely enough you will notice things falling into place just as they should.  Remember your faith, dearest one and know all will be well. ~ Creator

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Take A Break

The Universe knows it can be very challenging to be ‘in the know’. Experiencing things that most humans do not may fray your nerves and exhaust you. But you have also been given the gift of Unconditional Love; a constant flow that fills every fiber of your being, all day, every day.

Today, take a break and use your gift to find your center. The closer you become to who you really are will alleviate the drain on your systems. Trust that The Universe will help you find your tribe…those who will support you as you move through your Earth plane existence. You are worthy and deserving of this, allow yourself to receive! ~ Creator

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Learn From Your Experiences

Sometimes it will feel like everything is going sideways.  Good intentions go awry, and you just cannot seem to say or do the right thing no matter how hard you try.  Guess what?  That is what being human is about! (Smiling) You arrived on your Earth plane to learn, grow and discover (on a very personal level) what is right/wrong for you.  Mistakes will be made; feelings may be hurt and there will be times when you feel one more human interaction will break you.  But there will also be joy, love, connections and beauty every day!  Learn from your experiences and know you are loved unconditionally. ~ Creator

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Choose Your Feelings

One of the true beauties of being human…choosing how you will feel every day.

Will you be upset or angry?
Will you be happy and joyful?

Are you going to be full of love or devoid of it?

The Universe understands that outside circumstances may make things challenging and it can be tough to discern what is yours and what is projected. It is, however, completely within your power to hold on or let go. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn this skill and, what once was hard will become easier with each passing day. ~ Creator

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Revel In The Joy!

Over the next few weeks, you will be purging and releasing a great many things that no longer serve you.  Emotions, situations and people may fall by the wayside.  It is okay to let yourself grieve this passing.  You are, after all, human. (Smiling) Once the grieving has passed, allow yourself to revel in the joy of new growth…there will be plenty of it! ~ Creator

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The New Changes

With the strong incoming energy, the changes you have been asking for have begun and they will be as easy or challenging as you like.  As you work with The Universe, you may notice those around you changing in response to your changes.  This may be a bit surprising at first but, it can be an excellent indicator of your progress.  Slow and steady or quick and decisive, the choice has always been yours. ~ Creator

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Just Send Unconditional Love

When a challenging situation presents itself, take a very large step back and see it for what it really is.  There are many people in your world who have absolutely no concept of peace.  They will resort to anger, rage, resentment, sadness or anxiety to move through their lives.  Keep in mind that it has nothing to do with you! (Smiling) They are engaging in and looping programs, regardless of how destructive, that make them feel safe and secure.  It is not your responsibility to make it better for them…they must discover it on their own.  Just continue sending Unconditional Love and know they will be taken care of. ~ Creator


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