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Worth It

With all the huge, sweeping changes going on, darling child, remember love!  The Universe knows that you have been diligent in your learning and growth and that it has been challenging on more than one occasion.  There is no need to be judgmental, harsh or angry when you release.  If those emotions are still present, there may be hidden things you need to work out before the process is complete.  When you get to a point where the cacophony has stopped, you are able to see things for what they are and have a deep understanding of it, that is when you are ready.  Be patient and loving to yourself…it may take some time but, it is truly worth it. ~ Creator

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More On Releasing…

As you explore, understand and release the negatives in your life, it is perfectly okay for you to feel sadness or grief.  Whether they were your own decisions, things you allowed that, in hindsight, were not the greatest or experiences you had because of those decisions, they helped get you to where you are now.  You do not have to forget; keeping those memories is called wisdom.  You may not be ready to forgive…yet.  This process is all about being on your time.  Move at a pace that is comfortable for you, ask The Universe for assistance when you feel stuck and know that all will be well. ~ Creator

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More Release…

One of the main focuses of the next wave coming to Earth will be the release of toxicity.  Whether it be in the human body, relationships or your environment.  When you let go, an amazing thing happens; there is an abundant amount of room for growth and change!  Allowing yourself the freedom to experience the joy of moving forward, you will wonder why you chose to hold onto it for as long as you have. ~ Creator

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Go Play!

here is a world that exists beyond your physical world. A world where magic happens, where manifestations appear at a moment’s notice and your creations are as real as what you are looking at now. You have been given the tools to access it so, go play! (Laughing) Have fun! Run toward it like a child chasing the ice cream truck, roll around in it like you have found your first big mud puddle and there are no adults watching, dance with it like it is playing your favorite song! You have the power, the drive and skill to do it. The only thing stopping you is, of course, you. ~ Creator

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Another Gentle Reminder…

Each heart, each soul, each human deserves to be treated as such.  It does not matter what they wear, who their friends/family are, where they are from, what they choose to/not to worship, where they live or where they are choosing to go.  Each and every one of you is living your here and now, walking the path you are meant to take and in a way that works specifically for you!  When you decide within yourself to shame, exclude, harass or abuse another because their views differ from yours, you are choosing to hurt yourself.  Yes, there will be differences of opinion, however, you know…in your gut…when it crosses a line.  Be a bringer of understanding, love, joy and peace.  It is much easier and takes up less ‘brain space’ but, fills so much of your world with good. ~ Creator

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The Road Ahead…

Today The Universe would like to speak to you about balance.  It can be a challenge to go from a full-on dissemination of information into a rest period and back into full-on.  If you are new to the process, the effects on the human body may be a bit of a shock.  This is where your skills come in. (Smiling)

You have been given the tools to navigate these changes with grace and ease but, sometimes, it is neither graceful nor easy.  The best thing to do in moments like these is to breathe! Being consciously aware of your breath will help you maintain your center.  Keeping your thoughts positive will help you to stay on your best path even though it may be a little rough.  Grounding, in whatever manner you choose, is also of great assistance.  Being fully here, on your Earth plane, may be the last thing you want to do. But it is necessary for the health and well-being of your chosen vessel.  The Universe, of course, is always available for assistance whenever you need it.  As always, you are loved, cherished, admired and respected for the work you are doing now and the work forthcoming. ~ Creator

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Take a very deep breath…now, send your consciousness out beyond yourself…and just feel. The changes going on now are so different from anything your Earth plane has experienced thus far, it is challenging to put into words so, you may need to experience it for yourself. (Smiling)

The Universe wants to you to know that you have done a stellar job with the intense learning presented and the current ‘rest period’ is well-deserved and very needed before the next wave comes arrives. Over the next few days…take some time for intensive self-care, devoting some of it to the integration of what you have already received. This will begin the process of preparation for upcoming events and instructions. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, just ask for help. Assistance, in whatever form, is always available to you! ~ Creator

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A softer, more loving energy is being introduced with this next wave.  You are being gently guided to examine the changes you have made thus far and looking into what further work needs to be done.  The Universe knows that things have been a bit frantic in the last few weeks so, this is your chance to relax a bit, take it in and enjoy!  Remember…you are always worthy and deserving of the good coming to you! ~ Creator

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Today, you are being invited to look at judgement.  How you judge yourself, others, situations and experiences.  It can be a very slippery slope, dearest one.  Allowing yourself to be in a superior position due to any number of factors also opens you up to experiencing the same thing.  Also, it may very well mean that you are pointing directly at something you are holding within yourself.

Remember, you have all come from the same source of Unconditional Love and will return to it once you leave your Earth plane.  What you do with that time is your choice.  How do you wish to spend it? ~ Creator

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Giving Just To Give

Even with the world moving toward a higher vibrational level, you may experience those who still play the ‘tit for tat’ game.  Dearest one, please do not allow yourself to be discouraged by this.  Each of you is on your own path and some are choosing a more leisurely pace. (Smiling) The ‘giving to get’ energy will soon be gone.  All that will remain will be unconditional.  Love, giving, receiving and ideas will flow freely from one to another without thought of a ‘payment’ in return.  Continue to take steps toward a freer time, knowing you are joined by a multitude of others working toward the same goal. ~ Creator


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