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Will You Stop Short?

How are you going to approach your existence on your Earth-plane? As always, The Universe gives you the opportunity to exercise your free will. You can both embrace and take in all you can from stretching, growing and moving forward or stop just short of your bliss. The Universe is most happy to oblige. ~ Creator

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Being Human

Why do you insist on being anything than what you are now ~ human? Out of the infinite energies, very few of you have chosen to be here……now……experiencing what you are experiencing at this very moment. A monumental challenge to be sure but, a choice you made.  Enjoy experience, explore and embrace the human in you. ~ Creator

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Challenging Moments

There will be challenging situations in your existence that will bring you to your knees.  You can choose to let it break or define you.  Please remember that you would not be where you are without those moments.  And, because of it, you are a completely amazing and beautiful creation of The Divine living linear time for the benefit of your soul. ~ Creator

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Your Energetic Signature

An important reminder; everything you touch, every thought you have and every word you utter carries your own unique energetic signature.  Whatever you are feeling and thinking at any given moment transfers that signature and sends a message to The Universe saying, “Give me more of that, please!”  A conscious and determined effort on your part can significantly alter your Earth-plane existence in any way you choose.  Good, bad or indifferent….that choice has always been yours. ~ Creator


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