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Tend Your Own Garden

What you feel is best for you may not be best for those around you.  If you find yourself constantly forcing your opinions, thoughts and actions on others because ‘you know what’s best’, it may be time to rethink your stance.
You are each given free will and that is something that can never be taken away.  Allow the people who surround you the same respect you ask for, let them make their own mistakes, create their own experiences and collect their own memories.  Even though it may be challenging to sit by and watch, it will show a much greater amount of love and caring than anything else.  Guide……. support……. love unconditionally.  Controlling is for those who feel no control in their own lives.  Tend to your own garden and let others do the same. ~ Creator

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Your Truest Self

As you move through your days, some things may appear to have no rhyme or reason. People you thought would be in your life ‘forever’ fade away, places are suddenly gone and it may leave you feeling disheartened and empty. Never fear these changes, beautiful child! Changes, however challenging they are in the moment, are a necessary part of being human. They are, and always will be, an invitation to learn and grow. In this learning and growing, you move closer to your truest self. ~ Creator

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My beloved child, it is time to begin changing.  You create, you create, you create all that you see, all you experience and all that you have become.  If you do not like what you see then it is time to change.  Taking ownership of your existence is paramount in this lifetime.  You have always been given a choice.  Free will always has and always will be yours.  The lessons need to be learned or they will continue to repeat….if not in this lifetime, the next.  Be aware that you are always loved, always guided and, most certainly, always forgiven. ~ Creator


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