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Which Way?

There will be moments where it will seem that two equally opposing forces are vying for your attention; the good will be very good and the not so good will be convincing enough to draw your energy in that direction.  It is up to you to choose but, remember; whatever you select will bring more of the same.  Free will is yours. ~ Creator

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Embrace Your Worth

It is time, dear one, to truly embrace your worth.  From the beginning of your creation you have been worthy of receiving love, being honored, respected for your skills and your ability to grow even though the world around you may appear to be remaining static.  If others question your worthiness, please remember that these are their feelings….not yours.  Believe in yourself!  Why?  Because it has to start somewhere.  Once the inner belief is there, your world will change and follow suit. ~ Creator

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Holding Onto Pain

Like handfuls of broken glass and fistfuls of barbed wire… hold onto your pain like it will save your life.  Yes, it may have kept you safe for quite some time, but at what cost?  If you choose to hold onto the pain labels you have given yourself and that others have given you, there is a chance you may miss out on new experiences that are meant to heal those wounds.
Let go, my darling child and grow.  I assure you that a new kind of safety awaits. ~ Creator

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Embracing Human

Why do you insist on being anything than what you are now ~ human? Out of the infinite energies, very few of you have chosen to be here……now……experiencing what you are experiencing at this very moment. A monumental challenge to be sure but, a choice you made.  Enjoy experience, explore and embrace the human in you. ~ Creator


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