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Today, you are being invited to look at judgement.  How you judge yourself, others, situations and experiences.  It can be a very slippery slope, dearest one.  Allowing yourself to be in a superior position due to any number of factors also opens you up to experiencing the same thing.  Also, it may very well mean that you are pointing directly at something you are holding within yourself.

Remember, you have all come from the same source of Unconditional Love and will return to it once you leave your Earth plane.  What you do with that time is your choice.  How do you wish to spend it? ~ Creator

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Giving Just To Give

Even with the world moving toward a higher vibrational level, you may experience those who still play the ‘tit for tat’ game.  Dearest one, please do not allow yourself to be discouraged by this.  Each of you is on your own path and some are choosing a more leisurely pace. (Smiling) The ‘giving to get’ energy will soon be gone.  All that will remain will be unconditional.  Love, giving, receiving and ideas will flow freely from one to another without thought of a ‘payment’ in return.  Continue to take steps toward a freer time, knowing you are joined by a multitude of others working toward the same goal. ~ Creator

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Moving Mountains

The creation of your life and what you want rests with you.  Yes, on occasion, there have been outside influences that have changed your path but, you get to choose to remain by the wayside or jump back into the game.  Today, you are being asked to ponder exactly what that means to you.  Do you wish to remain static due to circumstances that have been presented to you or will you find your way back and continue manifesting what you desire in your life?  The Universe understands that things have not always been easy, however, the tools you need to change for the better have also been provided.  My dearest child, it is time to get to work! (Smiling) If you choose, you can move mountains! ~ Creator

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As you grow and gain knowledge, the voice of The Universe will become more distinct and understandable.  Just like anything else on your Earth plane, if you choose to practice, that particular skill will become stronger.  Those around you are awakening every day on a scale never seen before and many of the messages received are similar in nature.  This is The Universe’s way of giving you something that resonates until you have developed the means to interpret its messages for yourself.

Today, you are being invited to step into the gifts you were born with and begin using them on a regular basis.  Humankind is heading toward a time when all will work together peacefully and without conflict…and it is coming much sooner than anticipated.  Rest easy in the knowledge of being fully supported during this amazing process! ~ Creator

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Your Best Self

It has been said before and it bears repeating as a reminder; what is right and true for you will not necessarily be right and true for others.  Your experiences on Earth have formed your opinions, thoughts and actions…some for the better, some not so good.  It is up to you, via free will, to decide what you choose to be and how you present yourself.  The Universe has been and always will be love, compassion and kindness.  As you walk your path, think about what is important to you, how you prefer to be treated and extend that same courtesy to those around you.  It may not feel like it now but, a time is coming when this will be the norm.  Until then, keep being your best self and know you are loved. ~ Creator

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Change? Or Change!

During this great shift (which, by the way, is still going on) many of the things you believed to be true will be challenged.  What you have held close to your heart for much of your life will be modified, changed and morphed into completely different thoughts, feelings and actions.  Please keep in mind; this is not a bad thing! (Smiling) As the soul grows and gains knowledge, it finds a new center of balance, begins to forge new realities and will always seek out and find a more compassionate space to exist.  In that space there will be less room for judgement of yourself and others.  Some will approach this part of the shift with reluctance and negativity; change is scary!  Others will embrace it with open arm because…change!  Whichever space you are in now, know that all is well in The Universe. ~ Creator

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Stay Focused & Calm

Many of you have noticed that today’s energy brings a certain gravitas.  This is a reminder that, as always, The Universe (and its continual shifting) has great things in store for humankind. (Smiling) Before the anxiety of not knowing kicks in, please keep this in mind; change may not always be easy but, it is needed for a greater understanding of how to heal your world.

As you make choices for your everyday life, remember that you are also working with a multitude of others toward a peace and tranquility your Earth has never known.  Stay focused, calm and carry an awareness in your heart that, even though it may feel challenging in this moment, what you have always longed for is on the way. ~ Creator

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Steady On…

As you move through and release your ‘deep darks’, it may feel like a never-ending process…that the negative emotions, hurts, anger, resentment and fear will swallow you alive.  Always remember, my dearest child; there is a guiding hand and light with you every step of the way.  Letting go will be one of the most important things you do in your lifetime and, the further to move from where you started, the more manifesting you will be able to accomplish.  Steady on!  You can do it! ~ Creator

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Choosing The Flow

As you are riding the waves remember to relax!  Every moment you are presented with is temporary at best.  Know that, even though it may be challenging right now, the next will be something completely different and lovely.  Allowing yourself to ‘go with the flow’ does not mean blowing listlessly in the wind and being at the mercy of what goes on around you.  It means changing and adapting to whatever comes your way and, yes, stepping out of the way if you feel it is not in your highest and best.  Your free will is always active…all you have to do is put it to use! ~ Creator

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Take A Moment…

Take a moment today and think, really think about how you choose to move through and present yourself to the world.  This may seem like a pointless exercise that you want to skip over but, really think about it!  Do you spend it kvetching and blaming others for your difficulties, do you have the feeling that everything bad happens to you or that you cannot ‘catch a break’ no matter how hard you try?  If you spend your time thinking about all the times it has happened in the past, anticipate the worst coming at you and believe it will happen again and again no matter what you do to change it, then you are missing the point!

Even though you may have heard this before, it bears repeating; you are responsible for you!  There may be outside force directing negative things toward you but, ultimately, you are responsible for you. You choose to continue there simply because it is where you have always been.  The Universe would love to say that changing your thoughts does not require any effort.  It may require a lot of effort!  However, armed with a conscious awareness and the will to change, all things are possible.  Give The Universe a chance to show you…and allow yourself to be amazed! ~ Creator


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