The Creator Writings

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An Extraordinary Ability

Can you believe?  Can you believe that you are in the right moment at the right time to change everything about you and your world?  Can you believe that you came here for just that reason?  Can you believe it is your given right to do so?  You, in your Divinely Human state, have been gifted with this extraordinary ability.  Use it! ~ Creator

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When the dreamer dreams, nothing is impossible; flying, amazing feats of strength, meeting those who have crossed over or any number of things is completely normal and attainable.  The human mind possesses the capacity to create galaxies, to spin yarns of exquisite beauty (or terror) to show you exactly what your full potential truly is.  The only difference between the sleeping and waking mind is the ability to know you can accomplish these thing in a conscious, waking state.  Please remember; anything you can dream, you can create.  Free will is yours! ~ Creator

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Tread Lightly

As you journey through you Earth-plane existence, be aware of your soul and its movement.  During your encounters with other souls, tread lightly.  This does not mean ‘walking on eggshells’….it simply means moving softly through your life.  If you have to shove past, step over, step on, use guile to get what you want or take from another, it is not the way of The Universe.  Be true to yourself, but also be very aware of how you are allowing yourself to be perceived.  You can choose… can always choose. ~ Creator

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Where Is The Instruction Manual?

Please remember that you asked to be human.  The growth and learning you are receiving now will extend far beyond the life you chose before you started living it.  The changes you are experiencing now, your awakening, are a necessary part of the process.  Yes, it will be painful at times and yes, it may seem that you are not making any progress at all. But, my dear and beloved child, never lose sight of the fact that all the tools you need are already inside you just waiting to be put to use.  You can spend your time bemoaning the lack of an instruction manual or you can use that time to creatively access whatever you need.  The choice is always yours. ~ Creator


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