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See Your World

Do you really see the world around you?  For today, open your eyes, my love!  See everything as The Universe sees it.  The mundane, what you consider ‘ugly’, the beauty in everyday things, the sad and joyous moments, and the love in all thing are my gifts to you.  Notice!  Once you do, you will never unsee it again. ~ Creator

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Where Is Fear?

If you feel as if you are being punished, take a close look at the feeling.  Where is it based?  How did it begin and why are you choosing to carry it?  More often than not, another has perpetuated this feeling for themselves and you have picked it up to feel connected to them.  It is completely up to you to choose to continue carrying it or to release it.  Free will is yours. ~ Creator

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Am I Growing?

When you were a child and asked your parent, “Am I growing?” and they said yes, you believed them. It is the same thing now. Just because you cannot see, hear, feel, touch or taste it does not mean it is not happening. If you ask Me, “Am I growing?” I can tell you yes, you are. Your Earth-plane existence is not always about experiencing, sometimes it is just knowing. ~ Creator

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Help Is On The Way

The most loving, giving and compassionate people you will experience in your Earth plane existence are the ones that have ‘been there, done that’. They have walked through fire, bear deep scars and know the pain of loss, abuse and betrayal intimately……yet they are still willing to extend their hand and offer assistance regardless of the circumstance. Why? They know the dark side and what it does, but they also know

that a flame is still flickering deep within and, once it has been fanned, can continue to grow.
For those of you experiencing despair; the help you have prayed for is coming! When it arrives, it will be tempting to turn it aside just as you have always done. Instead, know that I heard your cry and sent this seemingly unassuming soul to aid you in your movement back into the Light. You are not alone… are never alone! ~ Creator

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Just An Experience

The Universe asks this of you; change your perspective.  There are no lessons to ‘learn’, only experiences.  The word lessons denote a pass or fail, a success or unsuccessful outcome.  Experiences are just what they are…..experiences.  Remember; there are no ‘wrong’ answers in your Earth plane existence. ~ Creator

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Creative Force

Imagine; you are a graceful dancer, moving to music written by, and on a stage, created by you.  The choice of style, audience and hall are all your creation.  The tenor, whether joyful or somber, is set by you.  You are the ultimate creative force……..this is what your life is meant to be. ~ Creator


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