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Just Be Who You Are

As you journey through life there will be people that may doubt your abilities and gifts.  They may mock, attempt to discredit or undermine your faith and trust in The Universe… much so that you may even begin to doubt yourself.  My beautiful child, please remember that you (and yes, even they) are of Me.  It is not necessary to fire back with angry retorts or arguments of validity, just be who you are and send Love.  Eventually, the ‘sleepers’ will awaken and see the magic has been around, and in them, all along. ~ Creator

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The Act Of Creating

The only difference between the artist, sculptor, painter, poet, dancer, musician and you is desire.  The desire to create beauty….beauty of movement, sound, light and word.  When the desire is great it does not matter if you are ‘good enough’.  The very act of creating is good enough!  Create for the joy, create for the love, and create for the way it makes you feel.  Just as there will never be another creation like you, what you choose to bring to life will be unlike any other and that is a beautiful and wondrous thing! ~ Creator

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Mirror, Mirror……

On mirrors; you have many lessons to learn.  There will be people that show up in your life to ‘push your buttons’ and make you feel uncomfortable enough to heal those parts of you.  However, do not disregard those that show up to mirror the best parts of you back to you.  Those are the people put in place as reminders that, yes, you are part of The Divine. ~ Creator

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When You Are Ready

There is a certain beauty in resistance. You have grown used to the constant struggle and have used it to define who you are as a human being. When the struggle is all you have ever known, letting go and embracing Divine Timing can be a confusing and frightening experience. However, once you get used to the idea and see the wonderful things that it can bring you, you will wonder why you chose to wait so long. Allow yourself the adjustment time and know that, when you are ready, The Universe is willing. ~ Creator


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