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Emotional Imprisonment

My lovely child, today I will speak to you of imprisonment.  Yes, there are the Laws of The Universe, common sense and societal laws that are in place to maintain order.  However, in the course of your earth plane existence, there may be times when you may feel bound by other’s feelings.  The obligation to be or act a certain way to receive acceptance, love or inclusion can be a strong and motivating force.  It is up to you to ‘play along’ or not.  The beauty of your time here is that it has always been your choice.  Listen to your heart, do what is right for you and know that you are always loved and supported exactly as you are in any given moment. ~ Creator

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Let Me Show You

In the coming year you are being asked to embrace your release and healing with gusto!  There is no more time for dodging and ignoring the things that need to be cleared, my love.  As you move through and past the challenging moments the ecstasy of living your human existence will become more persistent, all-encompassing and, eventually, it will be all you feel!  Give The Universe a chance to show you exactly what it will be like by starting today! ~ Creator

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Quiet Time

Dear one; you may be feeling as if someone has hit the pause button on your recent growth process.  When these moments occur, do not create things to busy yourself.  The making of chaos for chaos’ sake accomplishes nothing worthwhile.  Instead, allow yourself the time and breathing space to enjoy the plateau.  There is great and exhilarating work in the year ahead.  Rest, treat your physical body well, nurture your spiritual self and reacquaint yourself with the practice of deep gratitude.  Once the forward movement begins again, you will be glad for the strength you have gathered in this quiet time. ~ Creator

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One Step Closer

My beloved; you may hear or see something that will knock you completely out the complacency of your current existence.  It will make you ponder your reality, your morals, ethics and thoughts about life and how it should be.  During these challenging moments please know that I am by your side, supporting and loving you in a way that only The Universe can.  Remember, it is not your place to judge or condemn but to love with all of your heart and soul.  Moving through these moments bring you one step closer to Mastery. ~ Creator


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