The Creator Writings

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Take Care

The Universe is reminding you to take care of yourself.
When you are tired, sleep.
When you are hungry, eat.
When you need to rest, it is okay to stop moving for a moment.
When you need to cry, allow space for that emotional release. You cannot continue growing if you ignore your basic human needs. Love and care for your physical body…The Universe will take care of the rest. ~ Creator

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Be Gentle

Please be gentle with yourself.  Yes, you are an enlightened being with limitless power but, you are also a human, living a human life in an extraordinary time.  Be gentle with others.  Many have not had the time or inclination to develop the tools you are familiar with and may be scared.  In showing care to yourself and others, you are helping raise the vibrational level of your Earth plane.  This is what you have been asking for…let the change happen. ~ Creator

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You Can Do Anything!

No word in the human language has been created that can explain the depth and breadth of love The Universe has for you.  As you move forward into your new year, use it to guide you in new and exciting directions, explore things you have only dreamed of and manifest your best life.  With The Universe beside you, you can do anything!  ~ Creator

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Listening To Understand

As you begin to move forward from the lull, those around you may not be the same as they were before.  Take the extra time needed to listen and understand what is going on around you.  If you find it challenging, The Universe is always there to guide and support you in your learning and growth. ~ Creator

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What You Need

Over the next few weeks, you will be coming out of the holding pattern you have been in.  You have made some life-altering choices and The Universe commends you on the work you have done so far.  What you have co-created may not be what you expect but, will be what you need. (Smiling) Remember…you are loved and even the most challenging moments can become the catalyst for positive change. ~ Creator

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Infinite Possibilities

You cannot change others by force of will or ego. You CAN stay in your truth, know your own mind and take care of your own needs. However, if you are directed onto a path that is unknown, it can benefit you to open yourself up to the broader perspective of infinite possibilities. ~ Creator


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