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Worth It?

You may ask yourself on occasion, “Is this all really worth it?”

You have been through some interesting times; letting go of hurts, angers and limiting beliefs.  Learning to allow joy, peace and unconditional love to take their places.  Releasing negatives to make room for the positives and delving into the most intimate parts of your existence to find and honor your true self.  You have worked hard with almost limitless tenacity to be who you are today and you are celebrated and admired for all you have achieved.  Even when you have felt quite alone, The Universe has been standing by, quietly anticipating your next milestone.

So, is it worth it?  The Universe will respond with, “Yes, always!” ~ Creator

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You Will Be Okay

You can anticipate the hurtful, negative things that come your way. You can be constantly on your guard to protect yourself. Does it change the fact that those negative experiences still appear on occasion? No. If you allow yourself to relax into them, let them flow over you like water, they are gone before you realize it. There is a certain freedom and peace that comes from knowing you will recover, grow and be okay when it is over. ~ Creator

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Where You Are Now

Today, The Universe would like you to know that, sometimes, a pause is needed before the next leap forward.  Instead of worrying about whether you are fulfilling your purpose, think on this…

Just being where you are now, existing in the space you are in, in this moment is enough.  While you are here, take some time to feel all the love The Universe has for you. ~ Creator

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Release Expectations

Expectations are heady, powerful things. Their scattering energy takes the truth and bends it toward an alternate reality where feelings are hurt, disappointment is the order of the day and emotions ride crazy highs and lows. One of the best things you will do as a human is to release expectations held for and by you and refocus that energy toward the Universal Gift of Love. ~ Creator

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A Freely Given Gift

My dearest child, it may be challenging to focus on the good with so much chaos and pain going on in the world.  On the surface, misunderstandings and divisiveness seem to be more common than acts of kindness and compassion.  Today, The Universe is asking you to look at things from a different perspective.

Behind every act of senseless violence and vitriol is a wounded person who, at some point in their lives, felt misunderstood about who they are and what they need.  After all, it is much easier to deny and project those feelings than to accept responsibility for them.  Remember, each of you carries a Divine Spark within that has existed since the beginning of time.  If you find the actions or words unacceptable, do as The Universe does; send love to that Spark.  It is a freely given gift that is meant to be shared with your world. ~ Creator

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Learn, Grow, Change

Each human on your Earth plane came to learn, grow and change.  Some may choose to use this time productively, others may not…that is the joy of free will! (Smiling) One of the most important things you will accomplish is releasing judgement, taking responsibility for your own actions and allowing others to do the same.  If you need help, just ask!  The Universe will always be there to guide and support and teach you. ~ Creator

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Your Inner Guidance

If you have to ask others if you are doing something ‘right’ then you are probably not. The inner guidance system you came to this Earth-plane existence with is fully operational; it is the doubt you took on while you have been here that is the issue. Release the doubt, listen to your heart and you will always be shown the best way for you. ~ Creator

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Intention & Action

You have always been presented with many choices.  Stay or go, grow or remain static, move or remain inert.  The number of paths available to you are infinite and limited only by your imagination.  What you may forget is that sometimes, positive action needs to accompany positive intention.  Are you ready? ~ Creator

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Some of you have been experiencing a deep longing for things to be ‘normal’ again.  The changes in progress may make it challenging to think, focus and live your life in a way that is comfortable for you.  Yet, through all the chaos, there is a glimmering moment or two where all is right in the world and you can see what the finished product will be.

The Universe is reminding you that it is okay to feel a little off during this time of imbalance, and to give yourself a break.  As things become calmer those small glimmers of hope will become larger and more encompassing…until one day, very soon, everything around you will be peace and joy.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other, dear one, you are almost there. ~ Creator


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