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Through The Camera’s Eye

For today, view your life through a camera lens.  Each photo represents a moment in your life.  Some are good, others are not so good.  There are traumatic moments, lovely ones and quiet ones.  Now imagine yourself putting together a photo album of your life experiences…what theme did you create?  Did you take all the amazing photos and leave all the not so great ones out?  Does your theme focus on happiness or pain?  Compassion and kindness or discontent?

Please remember, my amazing child, you have the ability to change whatever is there to something different as you see fit.  The choice has always been yours. ~ Creator

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A Better Person…

As you travel on your path, those small set-backs may seem like insurmountable obstacles.  It may be the only thing you can focus on in the moment…all the emotions may leave you drained and unable to move.  This is when you have a choice, my love!  You can let this moment overwhelm you the point of remaining still or…see it for what it really is.  Any ‘trial’ is The Universe giving you a gift of change.  Give thanks and accept it with as much grace as you can because, after it is all said and done, you will be a better person for experiencing it. ~ Creator

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Following Blindly?

In this great shifting time, be aware of who you follow blindly and what you choose to believe.  There are a great many opinions and ideas floating around your world; some positive and others that are not so positive.  Be open to hearing all sides and listen to what your heart says before coming to a concrete decision.  Time and discernment are some of your most valuable tools…allow yourself plenty of both!  If you come from a space of transparency, openness and honesty, you will always be pointed in the right direction. ~ Creator

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There may be times when you want to go with your first, initial reaction; to lash out, hurt, judge or make another person feel what you are feeling.  These are the times when The Universe is asking you to take pause, to reflect on and feel into the root cause of the emotion.  You may hope that it will take only a moment of your time, however, this is not always the case.  First and foremost, practice self-love and care, honor who you are and your feelings, then turn it over to the Unconditional Love of All That Is.  An answer may not come quickly, but it will come.  Patience, dear one, patience is the key. ~ Creator

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Your Boundaries

Your boundaries are yours.  You have created them to give yourself a sense of peace and stability…to create order where chaos once existed.  It is imperative to keep this in mind when others ask you to change them.  Yes, there can be a bit of give, but how much is completely up to you!  Stay true to you, The Universe is supporting you every step of the way! ~ Creator

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Some of the things that happen to you may be joyful.  Some may be sad.  The most important thing to remember is that you are loved regardless of what is going on in any specific moment of your existence!  “Good” people can make bad choices, “bad” people can do good things but, keep in mind, these are experiences.  It is up to you to decide what you would like to do with them.  Hold onto them, let them change you or let go, the ultimate choice has always been yours. ~ Creator

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What Do You Choose?

The beauty of your existence is not determined by who you ‘hang out with’, what you drive, how much money you make, or what kind of employment you have chosen.  You can be the most important person in the world and still be ethically/morally bankrupt.

Your true beauty lies in every moment, every breath of kindness and compassion, who you are as a person and what you decide to do with it.  The Universe is asking you to be the best you can be; be there for yourself and others, continue to grow and learn in love, allow the beauty of life to shine through your eyes and be reflected back to you.  This is your opportunity to create wonderful memories, what will you choose today? ~ Creator

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The Negatives…

Here is a bit of a radical thought for you; feel your emotions!  Some of you may think that because you are spiritual any emotion other than peace, happiness, joy or love is unacceptable.  Dear ones, please remember…you are here to experience all emotions!  Yes, it is OK to get angry, upset, sad, frustrated, unhappy or to freak out. (Smiling) The only time it will becomes an issue is when you choose to hold onto and feed them.  Refusing to release them may also harm your physical body.

Moving through ‘dark spaces’ will show you how much better the positive emotions feel.  The Universe knows that it may take some time and work to let them go but, in the end, the relief you feel will be immense.  Go ahead, let the negatives flow.  However, keep in mind, those emotions are your responsibility!  Projections or hurting other in the process is discouraged and may produce an undesirable outcome.  Move yourself to a safe space and let it roll.  Once they are gone, you will have more room for Unconditional Love than you ever thought possible. ~ Creator

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Coming To Fruition

It is time again!  Seat belts, harnesses, lashing yourself to the mast of your ship or whatever other means you have of securing yourself.  The ups and downs of this past week have been challenging…to say the very least.  But, there has also been an uptick in your gifts and abilities.  The Universe is doing its best to maintain balance for you, you must also do your part.  As you are navigating this wild ride, it is important to keep this in mind; the emotional/physical lows are bringing up things that need to be cleared.  The highs are to remind you of what it will feel like when this part of the shift is done.  Do no block them, dear one!  Use it as an opportunity for growth.  The best version of you is about to come to fruition! ~ Creator

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Work In Progress

Inner work is a work in progress and it always has been.  Yes, you can put it on pause, you can help others in lieu of helping yourself or you can ignore it altogether.  But, keep this in mind…these processes were put in place for a reason.  The continued work you do help you keep pace with the growing Universe, so you can become the being you were meant to be.  If you stop working on your ‘inners’ you will stop growing. ~ Creator


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