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Over the next few weeks, there may be times where you will be around other people that trigger you.  Once again, and as always, you have a choice.  You can allow the triggers to happen or you can realize them for what they are, smile, nod and walk away.  One of the things that will differentiate you from others will be your ability to step back and think before you speak!  It will also be beneficial if you ask yourself these questions;

Will I be acting/reacting the same way I always do?

Will what I say be hurtful or insulting to another?

Will what I say make the other person feel/act/react differently?

Will I be projecting my feelings onto another by what I say?

Are they projecting onto me?

If you take a moment and ask The Universe for assistance and support, you will find the answer to the aforementioned questions will change and change quickly.  Remember, you are all growing in ways you have never conceived!  Give yourself and others that opportunity. ~ Creator

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Waking The ‘Sleepers’

Dearest one, it is time to wake up.  It is time to open your eyes, see past the chaos and know there is a gentle, more compassionate, beautiful existence waiting for you.  Like a sunrise painting the sky with hues of pink, purple and deep blue, your Earth plane is realizing the infinite possibilities available to every human on your planet!  Nudge the person next to you and quietly whisper, “Will you look at that, isn’t it amazing?!”  Slowly, they will begin to raise their eyes and gaze on something you have always seen…a new world, in all its infinite glory, created just for you! ~ Creator

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Fear, as an emotion, is real and has been with humans since the beginning of time.  Implementing a response to fear kept you alive and safe.  But, fear also feeds on fear.  If you choose to engage in that spiral, it will grow and put you in a space where everything is dangerous and ‘out to get you’.

As always, this is where The Universe offers you a choice.  You can let fear run your life, letting fear take over and stop all forward movement and growth….or….you can acknowledge fear, thank it for its service and move through it.  Keep in mind that it may be one of the most challenging things you do but, one of the most rewarding!  Even through the chaos fear is creating on your Earth plane in this moment, if you look closely enough, you can see the light on the other side.  Always focus on the light and know you are supported every step of the way. ~ Creator

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Right Way?

Many people will have opinions on what path you should be walking.  There may be times when you do not trust yourself and feel the need ask others their thoughts while disregarding your own.  You may receive very strong direction from The Universe and choose to second guess yourself.  This is a part of being human! (Smiling)  It takes practice to be able to hear and understand those messages.  Embrace the fact that each of you has your own way of deciphering.  One way is not better than the other and no one carries ‘exclusive’ information.  The best thing to do is listen to your heart, it will always show you what is perfect for you! ~ Creator

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Joy Is Arriving!

It is time to get moving again, dearest one!  Like dragging yourself out of a nice, warm bed on a very cold morning…you may be a bit reluctant to begin.  But, begin you must! (Smiling)  This next surge of change will feel a bit different from the others because there is a great deal of joy attached to it, like a child waking up and knowing they are finally going to Disneyland!

Take this wonderful burst of energy and put it to good use; step outside your comfort zone, explore parts of your inner workings that you may not have touched in years, remember what it is like to be unfettered by heavy, cumbersome thoughts.  Play, dance, love with abandon and know, with certainty, the light you creating now will be sent to every single soul on your Earth plane. ~ Creator

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Take A Deep Breath

Stepping forward into the unknown can be fear-inducing.  The primal part of human may kick in, making it challenging to move forward.  “What is out there?  Will it hurt me?  Am I safe?” are very valid questions.  One of the things you must remember; The Universe is by your side every step of the way.  Your entire world is moving forward in a way that has never happened before and it is time to step forward with it.  Take a deep breath…..and go! ~ Creator

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Express Yourself

If you find yourself being ‘cast out’ because you choose to voice your opinions, feelings and thoughts, do not let it bother you.  Some may feel you are spreading negativity.  You may have people in your circle that look to you to be the bright light you have always been to them, therefore, it is your ‘job’ to quell the flames, do the opposite of what you are feeling in the moment…keep it quiet, keep it private, do not let anyone know. Does that sound familiar?!

Yet another gentle reminder; it is important to express negative emotions so you can get back to the good ones.  The Universe does not bemoan this.  It is a release, it can be necessary and you may not be able to fully recognize your light without also acknowledging the dark.  The important part is to move through the moment and do not let it linger!  Respect each of your emotions and feelings regardless of how they present themselves.  This is one of the reasons you chose to be human…to express yourself! ~ Creator

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Status Quo?

During this unprecedented time of change, you may feel as if every decision you make is wrong.  It feels as if you are doing everything right; the decision feels good to your heart and mind, it resonates with your body and beliefs but, the reactions coming from the world sometimes tell a different story.  The Universe would like to remind you that, regardless of what you choose, it is okay! (Smiling) You are moving from a time when directions were chosen by the group consciousness into the gentler and softer self-caring mode.  This is by no means a turn to ‘selfishness’, that is the old way.  Your Earth plane is shifting to a more loving and peaceful space.  You will begin to draw and be drawn to those who have made the same decisions and, in concentrating those beautiful thoughts, it will radiate out in ways you cannot imagine.  The status quo is fading and bringing in a new reality. ~ Creator

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Take a deep breath….now release.  And another….and release.  You have stepped into another brief resting phase before the next shift arrives, so take full advantage.  Take care of your body, be mindful of your self-care…you will need it.  Rest, feed yourself nourishing foods and spend time in nature.  This will help you cleanse the residual energies from the previous changes and renew your body for the next.  It may feel as if the path is getting steeper and, in some ways, it is.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just know The Universe has your back.  You were born with the strength to do this and you can! ~ Creator

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Are You Ready?

This may be something you already know; you have ownership over every single aspect of your life.  Your thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions,your drive, love, your ambition, your compassion and empathy…they are yours!  You determine which path to choose and walk, you have control over when/where to stay and when enough is enough.  This gift, these amazing choices are yours!  Making others responsible for your life and feelings is handing over your power with nary a whimper.

You are being reminded that it is time to step up and into your new role in this great shift of consciousness…this is something only you can do!  Even though you may not feel it from those around you, the unwavering support and Unconditional Love of The Universe is always there.  The only thing holding you back is you!  Your new state of be-ing is waiting, are you ready? ~ Creator


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