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Facing Your …

Dearest child, turn around and face what you have been attempting to outrun realizing your mind may have made it much bigger than it actually is.  During this time, it will be very important to realize that once you connect with and understand that fear/emotion/feeling, it can be safely released to The Universe.  Standing your ground and speaking your truth will show the world that you are ready to learn and grow in the best way possible. ~ Creator

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As your current year draws to a close and a new one is ready to begin; The Universe would encourage you to open your heart to the possibility of great change!  The many things you have asked for are ready and waiting…all you have to do is allow them to arrive. (Smiling) In the eyes of The Universe, you have always been worthy and deserving of receiving, now it is time to begin believing. ~ Creator

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Where Is Your Energy?

Yes, you can sit there all day and say, “There’s nothing I can do to change it.  I have no control over other’s thoughts and actions.  They are the negative influence in this situation.”  The question is; in this equation, where does that leave you?  This is a gentle reminder to you…no one has complete power over you, what others say about you is none of your business and you can choose to join the ‘game’ or step away.  You have always had the power to change any situation into which you choose to put your energy!  What will you choose today? ~ Creator

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Embrace The Wonderful!

It may seem as if a lot of ‘old stuff’ is coming to the surface to be processed and released.  The Universe would like you to know that this releasing is necessary for your next stage of growth.  There is no way you can rise with weights from the past holding you down.  Even though it may be uncomfortable, take the initiative to begin (or continue) the work needed.  Once it is gone, you can finally be free to embrace all the wonderful things that are coming your way! ~ Creator

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Listen Closely!

Now is the time to listen, dear one!  You are being given some very pertinent details about upcoming shifts/changes and it is imperative that you take in as much as you can.  In response to that information is it vital for you to fully understand what The Universe, Earth, society and your body is telling you.  Worry or anxiety does not have a home in this process.  You have the skills and knowledge to understand and take action in ways that you have never explored before.  Trust The Universe…trust the process…and trust yourself.  You can do this! ~ Creator

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The Space To Feel

Hang on, dearest one, just hang on.  The moments of indecision, being uncomfortable and ‘not feeling it’ will pass.  With every surge of new growth, there may be a stage of dissonance; know that it is perfectly acceptable and normal.  The most constructive thing you can do is recognize it for what it is and release.  Extend this understanding to those around you, knowing they are most likely experiencing the same thing and it will pass.  Allow yourself the space to feel…you will be back to your bright and shining self in no time. ~ Creator

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Shine Your Light

A gentle reminder; be aware of where you put your focus and energy.  Your Earth plane is in the middle of prime manifesting energy so, it is important to keep your thoughts and actions positive.  Yes, you will have human moments (Smiling) but they will pass, and you will be back on your path again…shining your light to all who choose to see it.  ~ Creator

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The Creator Writings - December 10, 2019

By now, The Universe is sure you are aware of holding space for another so they can release, process and move forward with their life.  But, what about holding or taking up space for yourself?  At first it may sound like a selfish thing to do but, you must remember, self-care is always a loving act of kindness!  Giving to yourself is just as important as giving to others.  You are worthy and deserving of this gift…use it! ~ Creator


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