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Balance Is Being Reestablished

The Universe is sure you have noticed the extremes to which others are going and the vacillation between those extremes depending on what they have read/heard that day.  Please understand that this is part of the human condition.  When those that are on the verge of awakening do not understand the ‘whys’ of a situation, they will search to find one.  It may even be contradictory to their truth.  You are being asked to be kind, practice compassion, do not take it personally and understand that each has their own path to follow.  Balance is being reestablished, dear one…just be patient. (Smiling) ~ Creator

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Moving Forward

Over the next few months, The Universe will be showing you how implement the information you have received.  You have stepped out of your comfort zone and done it with an amazing amount of grace and fortitude.  It is now time to put these changes to use in your everyday life. (Smiling) If you are unsure about how to proceed, just take one step in the direction of your choosing.  The Universe cannot make decisions for you but will be your guiding light as you move forward into your new life. ~ Creator

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A Different Path

The opportunity you Earth plane was given with this time of change is unprecedented.  Some may feel it extreme but, the grand scheme of things, Nature is doing what Nature does. (Smiling) The reset button has been pressed and the whole of humanity has been given the chance to change course.  The Universe knows some will participate and others will not…and that is okay.  Enough of you have received the message to begin travelling a different path toward a kinder, gentler, wiser and more compassionate reality.  Remember the experience, dear child and grow! ~ Creator

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Take a look at your Earth plane experience so far…what do you see?  Yes, there may be negatives but, there are more positives than you can count.  Sometimes The Universe may place a not so good situation or experience in your sphere to remind you of how lovely, wonderful and right the positives can be. (Smiling) So, when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, remember that all things will seek and find the perfect balance. ~ Creator

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The Balance of Head & Heart

Today, The Universe is asking you to go deep into your heart and assess your emotional state.  Is it coming from old, learned programs or your current connection to All That Is?  Moving forward, this discernment will be particularly important.  If you choose to revert to your most primal instinct, the ‘us vs. them’ may overwhelm the good.  If you choose to receive input from your connection, Divine Truth will be available to guide and support.  That is one of the truly beautiful things of being human…embracing the balance of the head/heart and free will. ~ Creator

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During this time of change, many of you have been finding and releasing some of your deeper wounds.  The growth and learning you have experienced remain with you for lifetimes.  The Universe is inviting you to take all you have learned and help others who have not yet started their journeys.  The quiet knowledge and wisdom you possess will draw those who are ready and willing to begin.  This is the birth of a new level of understanding and open communication between you and The Universe. ~ Creator

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Standing Together

My dear, beautiful child; The Universe knows it can be a challenge to stay centered and grounded when it feels as if everything is falling down around you.  Please know that even though great changes have been made to your societal structures and way of life, more changes are on the way.  Some may be barely perceptible, and others may rock the very foundation on which you are standing.  Many of you have been preparing for this moment for an exceptionally long time!  Standing together, you possess the knowledge, skills and fortitude to help move your Earth plane to the next level.  The Universe will always guide and support you throughout. ~ Creator

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Free Will

You are inundated with information all day, every day.  Fact and fiction, fear and hope, love and hate…each one fighting for dominance in your (sometimes) overwhelmed system.  It is important to remember this; the only one ‘controlling the narrative is you!

There will always be suggestions on what to do, where to go, how to live and love but, it is your choice to decide what is best for you.  If you choose to be of love and you are accepting being pushed into fear, ask why.  If you choose to be kind and you are accepting being pushed into judgement, what is the trigger?  You are an autonomous creation and free will is yours! ~ Creator

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A Symphony

Rather than complaining about the wet, take time to sit and listen to the music of the rain. Rather than complaining about the cold, take time to notice how snow changes sound and the way frost paints the world with intricate designs. Rather than complaining about noise, listen to the living symphony it creates around you. Perception is a very powerful thing. ~ Creator


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