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Once The Dust Has Settled…

And here it goes again! The topsy-turvy, almost out of control free-fall into more deep releasing. It can be very challenging to deal when everything you are standing on seems to move under your feet. Old foundations are crumbling fast and that means you may have to rebuild more quickly than is comfortable. These are the times when The Universe reminds you to take a deep breath and know that everything will be all right. If you were not provided with these moments, where would you be?  

Remember that stepping outside or, in some cases, being forced out of your comfort zone may feel a little crazy-making and that is OK. As the activity swirls around you, do the best you can to find your center and ride it out. Once the dust has settled, you will find a changed world, one that embraces and loves you for exactly who you are! ~ Creator

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Just Like You…

The Universe knows it may be challenging to maintain your own space when you are surrounded by lower vibrational energies. First and foremost; There has never been any “us vs. them” in this equation. They are no different from you, they have just chosen another path. The moment you begin to ‘look down your nose’ at them is the precise moment you stray from yours. Each of you was created and were given the gifts you need to learn and grow…and you will utilize them differently. Before you choose to pass judgement, take the time to look at where you have been, what you are experiencing and how you got to where you are now. With this fresh perspective in place, embrace your ability to help others (who are ready) to grow and learn, just as you have. ~ Creator

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It All Starts With You

Take a moment and think about what you are opening yourself up to on a daily basis?  Is it loving, compassionate and kind or is it negative, hurtful and derisive?  Each and every one of you has the power and free will to make your life what you want it to be.  Positive or negative, it is all up to you!  The Universe is bringing this to your attention because it needs to be practiced!  You have been given the task of changing how your world operates.  Whatever you choose will be, dear one, and it all starts with you! ~ Creator

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Choose Wisely…

One of the most profound things you will notice during this current changing time:

Those who have not embraced their personal power will spend all their time attempting to convince others they have an abundance of it. What this really shows is a lack of understanding and the insecurities they have yet to release. Those who truly have it will remain silent and assured in the knowledge of its existence within and exactly where it came from.  The Universe has always given you the choice of which direction to go and how you present yourself to the world. Choose wisely, dear one. ~ Creator

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You Have…

As the path you travel becomes more intricate, you will begin noticing the actions and reactions from yourself and those around you.  As you clear and release, there may be people that say, “Wait…no, this is yours, you get to keep this”, in an attempt to project it back to you.  They sense a change and will often attempt to keep you exactly where you are for their comfort.  Whether you accept or deny this is completely up to you.  Just having a conscious awareness of it will alter the circumstances.  Remember, dear one, you have a choice, you have free will and you have the Unconditional Love and support of The Universe. ~ Creator

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Caring For Your Emotional Self

Not just for today; be sure to nurture and care for your emotional self. There may be a child vying for your attention, there may be a teen looking for validation during a world-altering moment, there may be a younger self feeling alone and needing someone to tell them that yes, in the future, everything is going to be OK.  They all exist within and are a part of your emotional body.  Ignoring any/all of them may put you in a place where things remain unhealed, unresolved and very painful.

As you embrace the changes going on in your existence, it is also vitally important to embrace all parts of yourself. That child, teen and younger self helped you get where you are today. You are functioning in the world and have moved through many challenging experiences because they were right there with you. Hold them close, thank them for helping, treat them with the same respect and love you give others. You (and they) are so worthy and deserving of that love! ~ Creator

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During this newest wave of change, it is imperative to stand in your honesty and integrity.  Yes, The Universe knows this may make you ‘unpopular’, you may feel very lonely as you progress through the process but remember, you are never alone!

As people who do not understand what you are accomplishing move out of your sphere, a multitude of others will be willing to step up and join you in your growth.  Healthier connections will develop as you shed your old layers and happiness, peace and joy will become a part of your daily life.  Allowing this to happen may be one of the most challenging things you will ever do, however, the reward will be priceless! ~ Creator

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Finding The Root

Each pain you experience in your life has a root cause, a seed that was planted a long time ago.  They manifest in repeating negative patterns, self-destructive behavior or self-sabotage.  Dearest one, you cannot avoid it any longer.  It is beyond time to begin releasing.  The Universe has been preparing you for this work for quite some time now and it must be done.

Over the next few weeks, you will be guided to and supported through finding the cause of those behaviors so you may release them if safe and comfortable ways.  You get to decide how easy or challenging it will be.  Allow yourself the space and time to accomplish what you need to do.  If you need help, it will be supplied in whatever form you choose and, in releasing pain, you will be opening yourself up to the gifts of peace, happiness and joy.  You are being asked to do this now so, when the time comes, you will be able to provide a voice of experience to those around you.  Do not be afraid, dear one, The Universe is with you every step of the way. ~ Creator


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