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Dearest one…The Universe knows that being hit again and again with waves of energy can be challenging and exhausting.  Those of you that feel these changes acutely may feel on the verge of collapse.  Take heart!  When the changes finally become a part of you, a renewed sense of peace, love and joy will replace it, making the ‘struggles’ you are experiencing now so worthwhile.  Remember, you are gathering and storing strength for the upcoming shifts on your Earth plane.  Treat yourself gently and know all is well. ~ Creator

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Take Hold And Begin

Healing begins with you.  If you are repeating your ‘story’, re-living the slights and gathering energy from anyone who will listen…this is not healing.  Bemoaning the fact that ‘no one has helped you’ is perpetuating a cycle.  The Universe has always been there; helping, guiding and supporting you.  You have always been given a choice to receive that assistant or move past it.  Look around you, darling one…change and healing is everywhere!  Take hold of it and begin!  You are ready! ~ Creator

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Practice, Practice

In your world, there are many ways to receive information and just as many ways for it to be (mis)interpreted. Do you remember playing the ‘whisper game’ when you were younger? The original becomes twisted and gnarled, the feeling/meaning becomes lost and the regurgitated information is then passed off as ‘truth’. Today, The Universe wishes you continue practicing discernment. Each soul is learning and growing at its own pace and this, above all, should be honored. What works for you may not work for another. Express your truth…without judging others or allowing ego to govern your actions. Listen to your heart…without impeding another’s path. Think for yourself…know the difference between resonance and dissonance. Respect the whole to which you belong, however, only you know what is truly right for you. ~ Creator

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Your Earth is being immersed in the next wave of energy.  This means the release of any faking or hiding of emotions.  You will no longer have to ‘fake it until you make it’ because it is already there.  It is also a very important shift in your growth and learning; stepping further into your truth and learning to let go of the negative things you have been saying to yourself on a regular basis.  If your needs are not being met, find out why you have chosen not to meet your own needs.  If you are bemoaning the lack of something in your life, look at why you may feel unworthy/undeserving of receiving.  If you feel you are being ‘put upon’, ask yourself why you are allowing yourself to carry all the weight.  These may seem like complicated questions; however, the answers are often very simple.  Take your time, darling child, there is always plenty of time…the beauty and peace from these self-inquiries will always be worth the effort. ~ Creator

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Keep Moving Forward…

Today, you are being asked to look back and remember yourself ten years ago.  Where were you, what were you doing, who were your friends, how were you feeling?  This exercise is not to make you doubt yourself or feel uncomfortable, instead it is to show you exactly how far you have come. (Smiling) It gives you a chance to see the amazing gifts The Universe has bestowed upon you, highlight the challenging work and uncertain moments you moved through and give you a sense of who you really are.  Honoring who you were gives you the strength and fortitude to keep moving forward now! ~ Creator

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Release The Fear…

Some of you have felt the huge changes going on, others…not so much.  You each decide exactly how this energy will come to you.  The one thing noticed by almost everyone; the dissonance keeps getting louder.  You need to keep in mind that whatever ‘darkness’ left realizes it’s hold is slipping and is desperately attempting to keep you moving toward fear.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to choose to shine your light, embrace Unconditional Love, compassion, empathy and peace.  Release the fleeting thoughts of fear and know you are protected and supported by The Universe. ~ Creator

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Feeling A Little Low?

The next time you feel a little low…think of this;

The Universe is an amazing place and you are an amazing part of it!  The emotions you feel and the existence you create is definitively unique.  With pure thought, intention and forward action from you, anything you dream or wish for can be yours.  The beauty of your soul is infinite.  The complexities of who you are and the fact that you chose to be here, helping your Earth plane grow is a credit to your strength!  Please remember, my dearest child; without you, your world would not be as bright as it is now.  You are loved beyond measure! ~ Creator

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The peace for which you have been so desperately longing is just a breath away.  The Universe has always been ready to supply, now it is just a matter of accepting it.  It may not arrive in a way you expect…no big booms of insight or a firework display that spells it out in the sky.  Most of the time it comes quietly and gently into your soul like a soft sigh of contentment.  This is when everything around you becomes beautiful and full of light.  Give yourself this gift, darling one, you are so worthy and deserving of it. ~ Creator

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Your Choice

It is time to fully understand that you get to choose!  You oversee how you feel, what you do, where you go and how you get there.  The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual have always been dictated by you.  The current wave of energy being delivered to your Earth plane signals changes as well as an acceptance of responsibility for your very existence.  In the bustle of the everyday, this fact may slip from the forefront of your mind.  You are being invited to bring it back to your conscious awareness, using it to make much needed shifts within.  The Universe is always beside you, guiding and supporting every step! ~ Creator


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