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Whispers Of Change

As you continue your inner work, it may not feel as if anything is happening.  You go on, day to day, in your usual way feeling exactly the same.  This may make you feel down-hearted and frustrated.  However, The Universe and your soul see it much differently.  Changes, even if they are minute, are happening every moment!  It is important to keep in mind that not all changes will be life altering…they are more like whispers on the wind, softly touching your consciousness until you realize they are there and in working order.  Do not be dismayed at your assumed lack of progress, dear one.  One day, very soon, you will see them all and rejoice! ~ Creator

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The Desire To Create…

As you move forward…yet again…yes, some will be dragging their heels.  I can hear you say, “Dang it, I’m tired of this!  I don’t wanna do this anymore.  This is too hard, too exhausting!”  All The Universe need say in response is, “I know, dearest, I understand.”  Now, that may not be enough for you so, how about this:

When Creator was in the process of creating Creator, it did so because it had a desire to know itself, to know Unconditional Love.  In this ever-expanding knowingness of infinity, there were growing pains, however, the desire to create far outweighed it.  You may be “only human” but, that desire, the same that brought into existence all you see, feel and hear is with you as well.  All you have to do is find it within. ~ Creator

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..And Here You Go Again!

…And here you go again!  Quantum leaps are beginning as a proactive measure to make sure you will be ready for the changes coming before the end of the year. As you move closer to your brightest self, you may feel troubled by the negative around you.  Remember to radiate Unconditional Love from your heart and you will receive the same in kind. It may be challenging to find the Divine Spark in others but, it is there.  The Universe is always available to help and guide you through the process. Set your goals and move toward them the best you can…I know you can do it! ~ Creator

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A Sacred Space…

How often do you allow yourself to have those ‘not so good’ moments?  You may have always been or worked toward becoming a happy person…then something broadsides you.  In an instant you lose your ‘happy persona’ and the people around you wonder what happened.  They may even become upset that you are not the way you’re ‘supposed’ to be.  Oh darn! (Smiling)

Remember, my dearest child, you are human!  You will have your moments.  This is not something you need to apologize for…it is you being you.  It is wonderful to please others, however, pleasing yourself and practicing self-care during times of sadness/grief/pain the most important thing.  Allow that sacred space so you can move through it in a way that works for you.

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With the latest phase of the shift ending, you may have noticed a release of negative emotions.  Again, things you had not thought about in years came to the surface to be transformed.  But, this time it felt different, did it not?  As you develop a deeper relationship with your soul and its true purpose on your Earth plane, the hard things are becoming easier because you know it is for the highest and best.  The assistance The Universe offers in embracing rather than battling is a true sign of your amazing growth.  Take a moment today and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.  You deserve it! ~ Creator

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On Its Way…

As you finish shedding your ‘old layer’ there will a lightening, a lifting and an easing of energy.  You may be letting go of situations, experiences or feelings that have kept you bogged down and feeling a bit stagnant.  Think of it as stretching after a good night’s sleep (Smiling)…it will be about allowing yourself to gently expand into those unfamiliar spaces with joy and anticipation.  Remember, dear one, it is about releasing fear and embracing whatever comes your way with new vigor.  The next phase is on its way and you are worthy and deserving receiving the arriving gifts! ~ Creator

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Just Say No Thank You

During your great leaps in growth and learning, set backs may occur.  When they do, it is time to take a moment and ask, “Is this self-created?”  When you move forward, some of your old stuff may come back into play, creating little inconsistencies…glitches, if you will. (Smiling) It still wants to ‘play’ and bring, what it perceives as, a bit of balance to your peace.  It is your choice as to whether you allow this to happen or not.  It is possible, and you can live a life without chaos coming to call.  All you have to do is ask. ~ Creator

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In Response…

What will be your response today?  Over the next few days, weeks and months, there will be situations presenting themselves that may test your abilities to the fullest.  It may be something small and seemingly insignificant or a huge life change.  The most important thing to remember is to breathe, take a step back and think about your reaction.  Will it be in line and appropriate with the situation at hand or will it be ‘off the hook’?  Will you be honest with yourself and others or will you skirt the issue?  Regardless of what it is, you always have a choice.  The measurement of your true growth is having the response being in line with your abilities.  Think about it… (Smiling) ~ Creator

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Yes, You Can!

Dearest one, I know you have been faced with many challenges of late…experiences that may have caused you to second-guess yourself and your choices; moments where you have wanted to walk away and never come back.  If I told you those specific times were when you grew the most, would you believe me? (Smiling) Well, it is true!

For every time you wanted to give up, back away, and just stop, The Universe was there whispering in your ear, “Yes, you can…I love you…yes, you can!” ~ Creator

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Forward Without Fear

There are many things in your world that are being specifically designed to draw you away from your peace and into fear.  Why is that?  Dear child, it is very simple.  Those that live in fear may look for answers that are readily available rather than taking the time to listen to their hearts.  There is also certain ease in going along with the ‘fear dialogue’ being played out right now on your Earth plane.  It is time to step out of that loop! (Smiling) If you are Divinely guided, you will instinctively know what is right, you will treat all humans as brothers/sisters and begin seeing things for what they are rather than what you are being told they are.  Your homework for today; look at your world and what it could be without fear then begin to take small steps toward a freer world.  The Universe will always be beside you! ~ Creator


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