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You Can Choose

There will always be those who consciously misunderstand you.  When this occurs, you have one of two options:

You can choose to engage in similar behavior or…

You can choose to disregard it and continue your path.

Being human can be challenging but, it is up to you to choose what is best for yourself.  Regardless of where you go, what you do, and who you choose to be, The Universe is there to support and guide you always. ~ Creator

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Highest And Best

Your Earth plane has been changing and growing.  The divide between the awakened and the sleepers has become more pronounced and personal growth is now quantum leaping. (Smiling) It can be very unsettling not knowing what will happen next but, you are being asked to trust The Universe.  Rest assured that whatever comes your way is in your highest and best. ~ Creator

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Deep Healing

Please be aware…the next wave of change may bring up things you buried or thought you put to rest a long time ago.  Rather than stuffing it back into its hiding place, let it come.  Instead of projecting, look at the possibility that you may have created it.  It may be challenging or hurtful in the moment but once it is gone, it is gone for good.  Embrace this deep healing time and trust that The Universe is caring for you in the highest and best way. ~ Creator

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On mirrors; you have many lessons to learn. There will be people that show up in your life to ‘push your buttons’ and make you feel uncomfortable enough to heal those parts of you. However, do not disregard those that show up to mirror the best parts of you back to you. Those are the people put in place as reminders that, yes, you are part of The Divine. ~ Creator

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In angry retort, humans will often say, “who do you think you are”? Well, The Universe is you…you are The Universe…you are one in the same. To deny that fact and continue to view yourself as singular is the most common misconception on your Earth-plane. Learn from your mistakes, know that everyone is a reflection of you and derive great joy from the thought that you have learned something new today. ~ Creator

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That First Step

Change is inevitable.  Some may accept it, others may not.  The Universe would like you to take a moment or two day and really look at your feelings regarding change.  Are you willing to step gracefully into each stage of growth, or will you balk at the uncertainty of it all?  Moving into the unknown can be unsettling but, once you have taken that first step the rest becomes easy.  As always, The Universe is there to guide and protect you through it all. ~ Creator


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