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Does It Matter?

With the huge energy shifts coming in, it can be very easy to get completely wrapped up in the little stuff.  When things begin to feel too big, focusing your energy on a small slight, hurtful words or actions will often distract you from growth and learning.  It may feel much easier than dealing with the bigger picture, yes?  You are being gently reminded to, once again, take a step back, breathe and look at the issue.  Is it important to you or can you release it to be handled by The Universe?  Dearest one, only you can decide what is truly matters to you. ~ Creator

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A Discerning Eye & Open Mind

The current energy may present you with challenging feelings and experiences.  What you think and feel in this moment may not necessarily be the whole truth. There is a much larger picture to be seen…take a step back and look with a discerning eye and an open mind.  You will be surprised. ~ Creator

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Good Job!

Today, The Universe would like you to know that you are doing just fine!  With all the energetic activity, the chaos and the instability going on in this moment it can be challenging to stay centered…but you are doing it and doing it well!  Give yourself a pat on the back, dear one, you are amazing! ~ Creator

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Have You Seen My Purpose?

One question that is constantly asked of The Universe is, “What’s my purpose?”.  Those of you traveling the path know there is something you should be doing but, there does not appear to be a clear answer.  It is always there, like a forgotten memory, always nudging, always just out of thought’s reach.  The key to finding your purpose is…just live! (Smiling) Each experience you have, every choice you make, each moment you engage in points you in the direction you are meant to go…until one day, those cumulative life experiences act like a light bulb in a dark room.  My dearest child do not dismay if you have not found yours yet.  It will most certainly be revealed to you in Divine Timing. ~ Creator

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Foster Gentleness

It has been said before but, you are being asked to remember that each person on your Earth plane carries a secret struggle.  Some have been working very diligently to release it and others have not recognized it yet. Criticism and judgment hinder the process, love and empathy assists.  Regardless of where they are on this very personal journey, each deserves compassionate kindness so they can continue to move forward.  Be aware and, in that awareness, foster gentleness…the greatest gift you can offer. ~ Creator

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Is It Valid?

Over the next few days, The Universe will be offering up some huge changes and it will be up to you to decide whether you want to step out of your comfort zone or not.  You may be clinging to your current way of being for many reasons; you know not what you will become, you could be afraid of losing your ‘safety net’ or fear is keeping you where you are.  You are being asked to look at all the reasons you can’t or won’t then ask yourself this question…is it valid?  Is it true for you now or do you still carry it because you feel you must?  You have the personal power to change your world at will, it is time to begin making those big choices. ~ Creator

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The energetic dissonance over the past few days may be making it challenging to find your balance and maintain your peace.  And, for every dissonant moment, there is an equally strong resonation in response.  It is all a matter of where you chose to place your focus.  Allow The Universe to assist in your fine tuning. (Smiling) It will always be worthwhile. ~ Creator

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Where’s The Light?

When you are experiencing a challenging moment the only thing you may be able to see is the pain.  Regardless of where you turn, there it is, surrounding you and blocking the light you so desperately need.  When you feel this happening…stop, take a breath and ask The Universe for help.  Even thought it may seem impenetrable, there is always a sliver of light that shines through. (Smiling) And, with The Universe’s support and Unconditional Love you can to turn that sliver into a doorway. ~ Creator


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