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The Light Within

The light that shines within you will never be extinguished for you are a child of Creator and Co-Creator of your existence. You have been given and are a gift of unconditional love, joy, and truth, embracing each new day as a new beginning in your power, and being honored for the strong person you are. ~ Creator

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Feel Into It

Over the next few weeks, The Universe will begin showing you the infinite truth of things.  What you receive may contradict the narrative you have adopted in this lifetime.  Rather than dismissing it out of hand, feel into it with you heart.  Truth does not always come in perfect packages with neat labels.  Some of it is raucous, wild and a little crazy. (Smiling) Be open in your heart and mind; The Universe will always guide the way. ~ Creator

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Change Is Happening…

Take a moment or two today, sit quietly, find your center and ask The Universe to show you the changes that have occurred so far on your Earth plane.  Softy, quietly and steadily you will begin to see the changes that are happening both internally and externally.  They may not be huge, earth-shattering events/situations and some so small they are barely perceptible.  But, my darling one, they are happening! (Smiling) This is your opportunity to truly be the change you wish to see in your world. ~ Creator

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The Most Amazing Ways

With the barrage of information from your physical world as well as the energetic, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Opinions, thoughts, facts and figures begin to pile up and vie for your attention, making everyday life a bit more challenging.  The Universe would like to remind you to breathe!  Even though it may not feel like it now, you are learning, growing and adapting in the most amazing ways.  Keep up the good work! ~ Creator

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You Choose!

Now is the time to begin thinking of how you will choose to exist in the changed world.

Will you be happy or continue to be held back by things in your past?

Will you manifest the things you want or just continue to dream?

Will you be kinder and gentler to yourself and those around you?

Will you continue to be influenced by what others say or will you choose to forge your own path?

The Universe is always ready to assist and support you as you release the old and move into the new! ~ Creator

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Into A New World

Now that you have settled into your altered routines, it may be challenging to find the positive in all the negative around you.  The need for human connections, touch and communication has always been important and the lack of it has been affecting some of you very deeply.

The Universe is reminding you of the auspiciousness of this shift and know that when this phase is finished, you will be walking out into your world with an entirely new set of tools.  You are participating in some very important work now that is in the process of changing the face of your society forever.  Give yourself some credit and know that all will be well. ~ Creator

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Negative Or Positive

Of all the negative and positive things drifting through your consciousness, which will you focus on? The inner voice that reverberates with love for yourself and others or the outer voice attempting to change the direction of your path? The decision has always been and will always remain yours. ~ Creator

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Rest & Re-Align

You may notice a slight lull in the energetic activity as compared to the past few weeks.  Many of you have been working so diligently that the breathing room may feel a little anti-climactic. (Smiling) Just like other energetic shifts, The Universe is giving you the opportunity to take a short rest and re-align.  There is still much to be done so use this time to self-nurture.  When you are ready, begin where you left off and know you are loved, respected and admired for what you are doing now. ~ Creator


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