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We Are One

In angry retort, a person may say, “Who do you think you are?!”  Well, I am you…you are me…we are one. To deny that fact and continue to view yourself as singular is the most common mistake you will make on your Earth-plane. Learn from the mistakes, know that everyone is your mirror and derive great joy from the thought that you have learned something new today. ~ Creator

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Love Will Always Make It Better

Since your Earth plane is experiencing quite a bit of change, any information relayed to you by The Universe may seem a bit anti-climactic. (Smiling) With that being said, it is time to prepare for yet another wave in this tsunami of growth.  Those beginning to walk their paths may still be prone to projection and denial because they know nothing else.  Be patient, be kind, demonstrate compassion, remember you were once where they are now and, most importantly, send Unconditional Love!  The journey may not always be easy, but love will always make it better. ~ Creator

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Participation Required

The greatest gifts come from the most difficult situations and questions. Difficult situations present themselves as a reminder of what you do not want to be, act, react or live. Difficult questions present themselves as a reminder that ALL thoughts can change in a moment. But, it takes is your participation. ~ Creator

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Happy To Oblige

How are you going to approach your existence on Earth? As always, The Universe gives you the opportunity to exercise your free will. You can either embrace and take in all you can from stretching, growing and moving forward or stop just short of your bliss. Either way, The Universe is most happy to oblige. ~ Creator

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Being Of Service

What does it mean to be of service?  That, my dear child, depends on your heart.  It could be something as simple as giving a smile to someone who does not have one or giving your time and love to an idea you believe in.  Large or small, it is important to remember that all forms of service are valid in the eyes of The Universe.  Let your heart lead the way! ~ Creator

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Where Have You Been Hiding?

Where have you been hiding, my love?  You have been standing quietly on the sidelines, waiting for the perfect moment to contribute and you have yet to find your voice.  Your Earth plane is as expansive as you and still you remain silent…why?

You have done your homework, you have practiced your skills, now it is time to step into the circle and add your love and light to the mix.  It may not be easy at first.  Anything worth doing/accomplishing rarely is but, The Universe knows you.  It knows the wild and raucous you, the part of you that loves to dance, sing and proclaim your thoughts and opinions out loud. (Smiling) It is time, my darling one, to step up, step out and step into what you are truly meant to be!  Once you begin, nothing will be able to hold you back. ~ Creator

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The Task At Hand

Every once in a while, you may need a reminder of exactly how incredible you are.  You are, in this moment living through a time that few humans have experienced, and you are doing it with an amazing amount of grace!  The Universe is aware of the great changes you are going through on a personal level and commends your efforts.  Today, The Universe is asking that you do your best to release the negative (there is a lot of it right now) and focus on manifesting your most perfect world.  It may take some time but, you have the skills, knowledge and wisdom to complete the task at hand. ~ Creator

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Unexpected Gifts

Remember to look for the unexpected gifts. Experienced personally or witnessed from afar; they are all around you. A smile, a comfortable pause in a conversation, the way a child laughs or a loving glance between two people. They are to remind you that your existence on this Earth plane is full of miracles. ~ Creator

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Completely Up To You

You are ‘as you are’ in this moment.

You can change to ‘you will be’ in less than a heartbeat.

Free will has always given you that choice.

The Universe sees you ‘as you are’ and ‘as you will be’ in the same instant.  You can stay your course or change at any time…your growth is completely up to you.  You are loved, cherished, respected and admired regardless! ~ Creator


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