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What You're Searching For Has Always Been Here

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What could be more amazing than experiencing the whole Universe as God, Yourself included? What's stopping you from doing that right now? Probably a whole lot of attachments and desires that you've made more important that God. You may deny this, you may believe its not true, but do your actions say the same thing as your mind? Do you actually trust God more than your own fears? If you do, you will let go of them, as well as your attachments to the past and desires for the future.

This is not just a mental release either, you don't just say in your mind, "I release my desires". Do you understand what that would do? You'd just be creating another desire in your mind! True surrender is a function of the Soul, you're not going to fix a limited mind with a limited mind, you will just be an imitation of whatever you believe "Higher Consciousness" is supposed to look like. If you want that go join a religion.

Real Truth can only be realized through the Soul, you feel it directly. It's not something you figure out, not something you read in a book. You're already completely immersed in Truth, which is God, which is Higher Consciousness. Truth never left your life, it's simply that your own vision became clouded and confused. You stopped seeing through the Eyes of Love, and started perceiving things through your mind. From a higher perspective, it's such a minor detail, just a flaw in perception, but for the being caught up in the illusion it's the difference between Heaven and hell. You make a molehill into a mountain and wonder why the path is so hard to walk.

Higher Consciousness isn't coming to you, it's ALL-WAYS HERE. It's not something to be achieved, it's not an award, it's not some place you get to. It's Where You've Always Been, it's Where You Are Now, it's the Way the Whole Universe has always worked.


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The Lies of Capitalism

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Capitalism is something that you might think is totally separate from spirituality, and while that would be nice, it doesn't seem to be the case at all. Capitalist belief systems have become so embedded in people's psyches that it bleeds into all the other aspects of their lives. There's people who even delay and retard their own spiritual growth because of financial concerns. This is not something to ignore.

There's a lot of spiritual messages that say money is just an exchange of energy, let's look at that more deeply. Is this an equal exchange? Who gets more of the money, the people or the elite? Seeing money as an exchange of energy is an accurate way of looking at it, but it doesn't paint a very pretty picture. It certainly doesn't make money seem innocent or harmless. It means that money is one of the major tools the elite use to drain energy from the people. It's used to create a system of economic slavery and exploitation.

It's not money that's evil though, I don't recommend thinking in such dualistic terms. It's the way the money is used to allow a whole class of ridiculously rich parasites to exist that makes me wonder how useful money is. Probably the biggest lie of capitalism is that unchecked greed would somehow create a fair system on it's own. What a ridiculous myth that is. Even religion warns us about greed, so how incredibly ignorant is it to base our whole society upon a system of greed? You have a whole system that was rigged from the very beginning, yet the people who the system abuses the most are often the ones aggressively defending it.

Transcending Duality | How To Read Our Messages

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With everything I write, I try to go beyond dualistic thought altogether. It's a rather challenging thing to do, as I'm limited by a dualistic language. It seems I'm doing a decent job at this though, because I've noticed an interesting thing with people's reactions to my writings. Some people believe I'm being negative, while others see my writings as positive. Let me go into an example:

I wrote about forgiveness previously, and while I mentioned how wonderfully healing forgiveness is and encouraged it, I also mentioned it's an illusion (if you don't judge someone as having wronged you, what is there to forgive?). Well some people took this as me saying forgiveness is a "bad thing", which is not what I said, nor is it how I view forgiveness.

It seems people want to define the things in their life as either being "good" or "bad", and  they're looking for spiritual messages to assist with this. Yikes! Reality doesn't fit very well into the narrow confines of duality. We certainly don't encourage people to judge everything in their lives as either "good or bad". I posted this story a few days ago on our site, and it directly applies to what I'm talking about here:

Thoughts on Channeling - Updated

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I'd like to share my observations about channelers and channeling, as there has been much controversy surrounding them. Channeling allows for some very wonderful information to come through, and it has assisted millions of people with their own evolution. For many readers, and the channelers themselves, it is the easiest way they have to connect in with the Higher Realms. It gives people inspiration, drive and direction and encourages people to go beyond their boundaries. While channeling has many beautiful aspects, it also has some limitations I recommend being aware of.

Authentic channeled information doesn't come through in English, Spanish, or any other language spoken on Earth. It comes through telepathically as Pure Thought, the Universal Language, and it's the channeler that translates it into English. For most channelers it seems this happens automatically, the channeler isn't even aware of it. Their brain takes the thought of a tree and turns it into the word "tree", so it appears that the Being they are channeling is communicating in their language. This works quite well to convey certain understandings, but 5D Thought is notoriously difficult to express in a language that revolves around a 3d experience. Things can very easily get mixed up, both on the part of the channeler, and on the part of the reader.

Everyone Is A Piece Of The Puzzle

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Everyone is a part of God, everyone. Not a single person is separate, so what does this mean when you reject or hate another? If your goal is the realization of the Divine Mystery, then every Human Being, every single part of your life is a piece of that Puzzle. I highly recommend embracing it all, not ignoring any tiny bit. If you do that, you'll have an incomplete picture, a limited vision.

Everyone in your life has a gift for you, and you have a gift for them. More accurately, you are the gift, and you can also get to know yourself more deeply through your interactions with others. What we need the most now is for people to come together, not united through some belief, but out of Love for themselves and each other. We have so much division at the moment when we could instead be learning so much from each other.

Many spiritual communities form cliques, which means "a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons held together by common interests or views". This is not a very helpful thing, it just creates more division and separation, which is something the world does not need any more of. Exclusive groups with exclusive teachings, is this what it means to be spiritual? If it is, perhaps we should toss out the whole concept of spirituality and just focus upon being Human Beings.

Love Is

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What many people today think love is is not truly love at all. Love has no conditions, no limits, and no boundaries. Love is really all there is. Everyone loves something, whether it is a person, animal, plant, etc. Without love, there would be nothing. True love is a precious gift we have to give to ourselves. Only you can decide to be love, and choose love as the answer to all questions.

The Difference Between Believing In Truth And Living It

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Humans have this uncanny ability to recognize Truth, and I'm not talking about the small temporary truths like "I ate a sandwich for lunch yesterday", but the big Universal Truths. Subconsciously, part of them knows it's true, it sounds good, even if they don't consciously understand why. It's no mystery to us here as to why that is, we're not kidding when we say every Human Being IS GOD, though very few are aware of what this really means. Even to the skeptic and the atheist, something like Love or the profound wonder of the Universe is still very appealing, humans are drawn to those things like moths to a flame.

Now there's a seeming contradiction here, because if people can naturally recognize truth, then why is there still so much ignorance on the planet? Well it's one thing to recognize truth, it's another thing to believe it, and it's something else entirely to actually live that truth. For that, you have to embrace it, truly understand it, and also integrate it into your life.

Nothing Written Is Ever Completely True

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I'm going to share something that's helped me immensely with understanding spiritual writings: don't believe everything that you read. I highly recommend approaching it from the understanding that the person who wrote it is very much a human being, and still growing in their personal understandings. They're still developing, and they likely have plenty of their own illusions that they're not yet aware of. What they tell you may even be 95% accurate, but there's still that 5% to watch out for.

I recommend approaching the messages this way no matter who they claim to be channeling. A 5D Being wants you to step into your Higher Self so you can be like They Are, that's what they're here for. What They're not here to do is make channelers and their followers completely dependent upon Them. That feeds into the illusion that people are weak stupid cattle, and not the amazing, blessed, and Divine Beings that Humans truly are. You all have this Connection to Truth, not just certain special people.

There's also the fact that our language is designed around communicating 2d and 3d thoughts. When I'm talking about Truth, I'm talking about God, I'm talking about the Transcendent Reality that exists beyond the limited mind. Do you have any idea how incredibly complex God Is? I can feel the wonder of this directly, but I couldn't possibly write it down. We have such a restricted vocabulary to communicate God, only a handful of words such as Oneness, Source, Spirit, Truth and Love.

What is the ego?

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Our society shuns real individuality and encourages conformity. What you're supposed to wear, how you express yourself, what you do, the way you behave, all of this is supposed to conform to certain norms. If you don't, chances are you'll be cast out, rejected, shunned, and in some places you can even be locked up for being "mentally unfit". Since we're social beings, this doesn't feel very good, and it's understandable that people attempt to change who they are to fit in. We learn to put on masks to hide the socially unacceptable parts of ourselves, and most in our society have worn that mask for so long they have trouble telling between the mask and what's underneath. This mask is what we call ego.

Mainstream society equates ego with self, and this means a whole lot coming from a society full of people out of touch with their authentic self, their True Self. They've lost themselves in the mask they wear, so of course they believe the ego is their "self".

Then there's the "spiritual" people who will tell you that you need to make peace with your ego. The ego is born of separation, it is the source of conflict in your life. If you're really at Peace, there is no ego. There's more than a few spiritual gurus who believe they're masters of their ego when it's more the other way around. The tail wags the dog. They may let go of certain parts of their ego, only to strengthen other parts, such as the desire to control others.

Fear is an illusion

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Don't just believe this because it's a popular thing in New Age teachings, if you just believe it you'll really miss the deeper understandings that come through personal revelation. You can come to this realization through your own experience, it's quite simple to see for yourself the illusionary nature of fear. When one of your fears arises, don't run away, don't feed into it, don't resist it, don't fight it, just observe it. You strengthen your fears by avoiding them, and that's all fear is, avoidance.

What happens when you really look at your fears without backing down? They lose some of their power over you, don't they? When you really really look at them, feel what's behind them, look at the fear entirely, it disappears! It was never real to begin with, but you gave it an illusionary existence by feeding the fear with your life energy. Fear is really nothing more than this, a parasitic thought form.

Compare what happens when you look at fear to what happens when you look at Love. Put your attention on your own Heart, your Connection to God. When you pay attention to these loving feelings, when you really focus upon your own Heart, the Love grows, doesn't it? Fear is fed by avoidance, while Love is fed through Awareness. Fear and Love, unconsciousness and Consciousness, avoidance and acceptance, illusion and Reality. Which is your choice? I recommend paying more attention to the way you behave than what you tell yourself in your mind. Watch for patterns that arise, experience that keep repeating themselves.


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