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Patience is a sin

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No, I'm not getting biblical when I say that patience is a sin. I don't believe having patience means you're going against God's will or anything like that. When I call it a sin, I mean the old definition of the word sin: “to miss the mark”. And which mark is being missed through patience? This present moment, of course...

Patience means you're waiting for something, just like with impatience. Your attention is focused upon a future which doesn't exist, and may not ever exist, yet you're waiting for it to come about. Your energy is being fed into illusion, one that you believe is going to manifest, and you may even be correct, but you're still missing the mark. You're still missing the Present.

Suppose you get what you're waiting for, will you be present then? Putting aside the ridiculousness of making Presence a future goal, really look at what's happening here. Suppose your patience is rewarded, do you believe that's going to break you out of the patterns that keep you focusing upon the future? It's far more likely that those patterns will only be strengthened because you've been rewarded by them.

Patience and impatience, there's really very little difference between the two other than how gracefully you handle the waiting. According to society, one is healthier than the other, but if your goal is to make each moment a joyful celebration of Life, something I highly recommend, neither patience nor impatience will get you there. If you really want to get there, or rather, Here, let go of your dream of the future altogether.

Money Isn't The Problem, Greed Is

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There's a lot of conflict over this, is it wrong to desire money? Can I make a lot of money and still be a good person? There's even been a kind of spiritualization of money recently where you're supposed to get more of it the more in alignment with God or your Higher Self that you are. It's a rather emotionally charged subject, one with a lot of guilt surrounding it, and it's something that really needs to be looked at more deeply.

Money has become so integrated into our lives that it seems like it's a normal part of the human experience. It seems like our society needs money to run properly, yet money, at least as we understand it today, is a rather recent invention. It's not really an essential part of our experience, and there's perfectly healthy ways of living that don't involve money at all.

There's this idea that money is simply energy, and while that's true, the energy we're talking about here is really your belief in its value. Without that belief, money would mostly just be paper and numbers in computers. Understand that the energy of money comes from humanity collectively giving it their energy.

So who controls this energy that is money? In a fair system, everyone would, but that's not how it works, is it? In reality, it's just a tiny portion of the population that controls the vast majority of the money, and because most people's lives are so money-focused, this allows a wealthy elite to control billions of people's lives through money. So money has become a tool for control, which is why so many people view money itself as something evil. Of course, it's not the tool itself that's “evil”, it's how you use it.

Love Is The Only Morality You Need

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If you love someone, would you willingly cause harm to them? The answer is obvious, is it?

Contained within every human being is an intuitive understanding of Love, it's something we just know. We're born with it, even if Love itself is difficult to define in any concrete terms. It doesn't come from the mind, it's not something to be intellectualized, but something to be lived in this moment. Love is dynamic and responsive, it's not stuck in the past, it's not focused upon the future. Love always has an answer in the Here & Now.

Love is the shortest route to God, and if there's any way to measure how close you are to the Divine, it's through your capacity to Love without condition. It's also the quickest way to happiness and joy, though for strange reasons the majority of people make this far more complicated that it needs to be. People search on the outside for something that was never separate from them in the first place.

Love is the greatest good, while rationalization is the greatest evil. Love doesn't need any “thou shalt nots” because Love is compassionate. Love erases separation. When you see yourself reflected within others, the selfishness that motivates people to cause harm to the other disappears. Their joy is your joy as well.

When love is absent, even “thou shalt not kill” has little meaning. Through rationalization, any thought can be twisted around and even the core morals people are taught have become very conditional. In our society, if you kill the wrong people, you're a murderer, if you kill the “right” people, you're a hero. So much for “thou shalt not kill”.

A Guide To Being Unhappy

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I've noticed a very strange thing recently. The articles we post about finding happiness are some of the least popular things on our site. Articles about coping with unhappiness are fairly popular, but it seems like there's a kind of taboo against truly being happy in our society. With that in mind, I present to you our guide to being unhappy:

Now the first key to being unhappy is something almost everyone does already, and this may seem somewhat contradictory, but if you really want to be unhappy, avoid your pain and suffering. All the unpleasant things in your life, just ignore them, don't deal with them at all. This will ensure those things keep building up, and this is a tried and true technique for creating maximum unhappiness in your life.

Unhappiness thrives in unconsciousness, so you must distract yourself from your own life. This is the root of addiction, and there are countless forms to choose from. There's the more socially acceptable ones, like television and compulsive eating, and the less socially acceptable ones, like illegal drugs. I suggest one of the more socially acceptable methods as you will generally have a lot more support from other people, which makes things easier.

Another great tool for unhappiness is judgment, and it's very effective at destroying happiness. Doesn't matter much if you judge yourself or others since the two are closely connected. However, I suggest judging others since it's a mask for our own self-judgment and helps to add an extra layer of unconsciousness. Keeping your attention focused outwards will help with avoiding your inner feelings and really assist in anchoring in unhappiness.

Your Life Is The “How To”

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This is something that seems universal to spiritual seekers, and a question I hear almost constantly, people want to know “How?” How do I connect with God? How do I connect with my Higher Self? How do I induce mystical experiences? How do I escape my suffering? How can I end corruption? How do I become free? These questions all share the same root, “How do I get what I want?” and of course it's not just spiritual types asking this, but all of society. The How has become a kind of kind of common mantra, I wonder why...

Look at these two questions:
“How do I get what I want?”
“Why do I want this?”

With the first question, you're almost always going to be looking outwards. You're looking to the external world to provide not only an answer to your question, but also the object of your desire. And there's always those willing to offer you a How, though they usually have some personal stake in it as well. You want to fix society? Some politician has the answer! You want something expensive? The bank will give you a loan! You want to get everything you desire? The latest spiritual self-help book will show you how for only $19.95!

Now look at the other question, not the How, but the Why. Why do I want this? With this question you can't help but dig a little deeper. You're forced to look within, to become introspective and examine your motivations. The How was just on the surface, but with the Why you start to look underneath to where all the Hows come from.

“How do I get someone to like me?”
“Why do I need their approval?”

One of those questions really gets to the heart of the matter. In fact, when the Why gets an answer, the How many disappear altogether.

“How do I find happiness?”
“Why am I unhappy?”

The God Mind

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At the core of every Human Being I see a brilliant point of Light. This is where to Divine shines through, and how we can see ourselves reflected in Everything. It is the “I”, the One, not the ego, but the I (Eye) of Consciousness. The body and mind depend upon this Consciousness, but Consciousness requires neither the body nor the mind.

Now obviously, something has happened. If this is the core of every Human Being, why is it so hard to see? People sure do an excellent job of hiding this Brilliant Light, both from themselves and others, why is that?

The physical realm is very dense, very heavy. For energy to create the illusion of solid matter, it had to be slowed down enormously. It's difficult for a Higher Vibrational Energy to exist within a lower vibrational field, and your Eternal Consciousness started getting lower vibrational energies “stuck” to it.

Now, so long as there lower energies keep getting cleared out, there's no problem. Your Divine Self can enjoy the fruits of the material realm without forgetting Who You Really Are. There used to be common methods of clearing out that stagnant energy that everyone engaged in, and people understood how incredibly important that was. If the lower vibrational energy wasn't cleared out, you would get lost in it, and unfortunately that's exactly what happened.

You Are Responsible For How You Feel

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This is the difference between heaven and hell. Are you responsible for the way you feel or are external circumstances responsible? Are you a tree, with roots firmly planted in the ground, or a leaf blowing around whichever way the wind goes?

Most people behave as if they have no control over how they feel, as if life is something that just happens to them. Some believe control of your life is supposed to belong to this cosmic parental figure who divvies out rewards and punishments based upon personal merit. Determining the exact rhyme and reason can be confusing, it almost seems to happen at random, which leads people to believe that either “God works in mysterious ways” or to dismiss the whole idea of God and believe that life is happening largely by random chance. Either way it seems like life is outside of your control.

It's true too, life is ultimately outside of your control, though that's not to say you don't have enormous influence over how your life unfolds. More often than not, you helped to create the “bad luck” in your life. It's your choice to flow with Life or to fight with it, to struggle and resist. One way works far better than the other, but ultimately you don't have control over your life. That's not how the Universe works, and that's not how God works. It's through the Divine we each have within ourselves that we co-create our lives together. Your life isn't just you, it includes everyone and everything that's a part of your life, and it happens on a level of complexity that your mind can barely comprehend, much less control. While logic has it's place, life works much better when it's lived intuitively. Flow with Life instead of trying to exert rigid control over it.

The Value of Being Alone – When It Helps & When It Hurts

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I see a lot of talk in spiritual communities about how important it is to spend time alone, about how healing it is and how great it is for our Soul. While in many cases that's true, always wanting to be alone can hamper our growth as well. There's moments to be alone, and then there's moments to be together...

I won't beat around the bush, I don't like big cities. From a mental perspective, they're great, the mind can stay very busy in the city. There's all sorts of entertainment, non-stop things to do, and great food to eat. Movies, music, and dancing are never far away, people are everywhere. There's only one thing missing: peace.

To me, visiting a city is like wading through thick psychic mud. All the chaos is people's mind, all their fears & desires, create this kind of discordant psychic noise. It's very draining to be in that energy, and people become very numb, very disconnected from each other. It seems like a contradiction, but you can be surrounded by thousands of people, while also being incredibly alone. There's even a term for it, “urban solitude”.

Having lived in this environment myself, I can understand the desire to want to be alone in your own personal space. Being alone in my room was one of the few opportunities I had to really experience a calm and peaceful environment, with the exception of being out in Nature. Everywhere else in the city was stressful, and the longer I stayed, the more stress built up. I always had to do a deep auric cleansing afterward.

Knowing Darkness, Being Light

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It's a well known fact to the dualistic mind that you can't have light without darkness. This is one of the fundamentals of duality, that if you have one thing, there must also be its opposite. It's something basic not only to religion, but science as well. It has become “common knowledge” and it's simply assumed to be true.

There is a Light without darkness. Though you can't know light without darkness, you can be Light without darkness. To understand this, you first need to see the difference between knowledge and Being. Knowledge requires the illusion of separation, without that there's no perspective. I have to be apart from something to define it, which creates relativity, and then I can begin to qualify things. The All can't know the All without the One, the individual, and this is the beginning of knowledge.

Your mind contains a reflection of your life on Earth and for the unaware, it can be indistinguishable from the real thing. When a person is dreaming, the dream seems very real, and most don't even realize they're dreaming until after waking up. Of course, for the person who's really questioned the nature of reality, the person who has raised their consciousness above the norm, they start to become aware of when they're dreaming and when they're not. Not only during the night, but during the day too.

Why Not Be Happy For No Reason?

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You know what joy is, you know what happiness feels like. Look within yourself, that feeling of happiness is already there. It may be a bit buried under all the thoughts and emotions you've been focusing upon lately, but happiness is there within everyone. Why not focus upon that feeling? You deserve it, everyone does, why not make it that simple?

If you're like most people, you've got a hundred reasons to be anxious, and you think these are all perfectly valid reasons too. If you didn't think they were valid, you wouldn't be anxious about the future, about money, health and relationships. “I don't have time to be happy, I've got bills and work and chores to do!” You bind your happiness to situations, events, things and desires, but the good news is, you don't have to. Happiness doesn't really work that way.

By your own choice, you put happiness into the future, and by your own choice, you can have happiness in the present moment. You don't have to let this all happen unconsciously, you don't have to let happiness depend upon situations that appear to be out of your control. Even if you're struggling to make ends meet, you have the power over how you react to that. Some of the happiest people have next to nothing, while some of the most miserable people have everything they could ever want. It's a choice, and it has very little to do with external situations.


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