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Evolution or Extinction?

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Augureye - 12/27/13

I know, it's so much easier to just believe you are powerless against the might of these corporate giants, that nothing you alone can do would even be noticed by them.  Have you ever spent the night in a tent with a hungry mosquito?  To regain your empowerment is going to require you to see with new eyes, as you begin to unravel the matrix.  You need, for instance, to see that those who enslave humanity are counting on subterfuge and misdirection to win the day.  They cannot prevail in a fair fight with us, which is why they always operate from under multiple layers of obfuscation and hide in the shadows.  This is why they put so much effort into pacification technologies such as HAARP, the GWEN towers, chemtrails, fluoridated drinking water, and  EMF soup from a thousand microwave transmitters.    

Beneath all the hype, noise and diversion, We have but a single choice:
Evolution or Extinction

Pick One!

We Are Never Abandoned

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Source: Just Wondering by Zen Gardner, 12/24/13



by Zen Gardner

We will never be left alone. We are always embraced by Universe. The prime example is Gaia, our living earth. Even she will never let us go.

Something to think about.

Not only are we never alone, we are amongst an energetic Universe of continually renewing, all embracing life. While we look out at incredible assaults on our planet and personal lives, we need to maintain a firm connection to this truth – deep within our hearts where this knowledge already lies.

This is not some philosophical, etheric concept, but a real knowing to be tapped into.



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The following is knowledge that I have received through the Holy Spirit and I felt this knowledge should be shared with all. The Holy spirit told me that I should tell my Truth about Mother and Father God as it is the "Simple Truth." I have had people ask me "Why do I say Mother and Father God?" Do I believe in more than one God? These questions are valid because of what we have been taught through the writings of man.

The Truth is there is one God, one Source of Creation and within the one God or one Source of Creation there are two vibrations or energies. There is the masculine vibration or energy (Father God) and there is the feminine vibration or energy (Mother God). Both of these vibrations or energies can manifest in physical form.

Solstice – A Spiritual Responsibility

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December 19-22nd 2013.
A Spiritual Responsibility.

by Elva Thompson

Occult science teaches that the Earth is a sentient, living being that breathes once a year. The in-breath takes place over the four days of the Winter Solstice, and the out-breath takes place at the Summer Solstice June 19-22.

Whatever the Earth breathes in, in terms of frequency at the winter solstice, she will breathe out at midsummer.

The Satanic control grid.

Saint Germain, Lady Nada and The Masters of Wisdom: Awaken Your Passion, Your Wisdom, and Your Hearts!

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Source: - 12/22/13, raydawn


Channeler: Ray Dawn

Hello to you Dear Ones, it is I Saint Germain, here to speak to you!

Now as we are moving beyond the year of one, 2013, we are all coming home to the heart space. We are all coming together in unison to awaken our hearts upon the great sphere on which you reside, Mother Earth.

The heart song is calling you home to remembrance of your innate gifts and wisdom. To bring forth here the occurrence of Love!

Love holds no bounds and yet the bounty of love, is so fruitful!
Each of you is here upon the Earth to awaken to your innate knowledge and to sing your soul song into form!

Embracing Uncertainty: Spiritual Lessons from Anxiety Disorders

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Source: Waking Times - 12/20/13, Barry John Johnson

In the field of mental health, there is a concept relating to tolerance for uncertainty, most specifically relating to treatment of anxiety disorders; People with high anxiety have a low tolerance for uncertainty, whereas people with low anxiety have a high tolerance for uncertainty.

An extreme example is someone who suffers with agoraphobia, an anxiety-based panic disorder whereby they may remain “shut-ins,” refusing to leave their homes. They do not want to leave their homes because of the uncertainty that something bad, no matter how slight the chance, might happen to them should they venture outside.

Dissolving the Make-Believe Matrix

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Source: Wake Up World - Zen Gardner, October 2013


These power crazed would be rulers don’t own the earth. They don’t own you and me. They don’t own all their stupid secret symbols. They don’t own the present, they don’t own the future. They don’t even own themselves.

They’re usurpers, in every sense of the word. And absolutely nothing to fear.

That these invading power freaks striving to control the world should try to lay claim to some secret knowledge and power source that is superior to everything else is a fraud. That they think they can bring on world changing events that result in national clampdowns and population reduction is their personal nightmare in the making.

It’s only true if we submit to it. Our validation and obeisance affirm their intentions. Without that it would immediately crumble into dust.

~Ascension Symptoms~

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Ascension Symptoms

rainbow line rainbow line

Some of these ascension symptoms are ones I’ve lived with for many years now and have gotten familiar with how they cycle in and out, year after year, becoming less intense the more I transmuted and released. As I’ve said elsewhere over the past few years, your mileage may vary, because we each are dealing with and transmuting slightly different emotional energies, karmic/polarized energies, past life energies, and varying degrees of lower negative vibrating energies across time on earth. Some of us have been processing not only our own stuff and junk from this life, but ALL of them, and also doing transformational bloodline family work, and also planetary clearing of specific lower stuck (dark or negative) energies done by people across time on this planet. That is what Starseeds do, and more.




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