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Messages from the First Contact Ground Crew Team from Galactic Center

To Dream the Impossible Dream ~ Cosmic Awareness

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That which is Cosmic Awareness is available at this time please proceed with the
Thank you Awareness for being with us for the Rainbow-Phoenix session of September
25, 2013. The Interpreter is Will Berlinghof, Joan Mills is energizer and questioner. The
Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked. Is there an opening message or
current event you would like to discuss please?

That this Awareness has a general opening message. That, that which was the Equinox
energies, that which was the date of September 21st and the weekend of the 21st
- 22nd has now been completed. That this marked not the actual moment when great change
would occur but it did indeed mark the completion of the nine-month period that this
Awareness has often talked about and described. That many have had an experience
upon the completion, of great weariness, great tiredness and that many are wondering
what this is about, why they are feeling so exhausted and so tired.

Receptivity ~ Shanta Gabriel

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Your spirit has been expanding at an unprecedented pace. Never before have you had so much assistance in your spiritual awakening. Be receptive to this Divine Flow.

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Meredith Murphy ~Divine Embodiment ~ Message From Archangel Michael With Sanat Kumara & The Council Of Light

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MeredithMurphyGreetings Beautiful Ones!

I AM delighted to be here with you, connected in conscious appreciation for the unfolding of awareness and being on your planet. I join you to harmonize and assist with your own deepest desires for presence and remembering! Together, in this communion I can transmit and broadcast to you and support you in opening yourselves to more fully connect with the non-physical aspects of you. I am with you in this communion of remembering. It is my focus as a presence of life and light to participate in this expansion on Earth. It is my joy!

As you unite with all that you are, as you invite by your attentive focus our participation in your experience, we will open with you the ways of being that support and ignite the light within you, presenting a fuller expression of your divine vitality. As you allow this to proceed, you will find yourselves more light, more joyous, more easy with your present focus then before this opening commenced. This ease is more available to you and it is simply by your focus in this here, this now, with all that you are, empowering the magnificent energy of you, that this opens up. We come forth today, to participate with you in this material and Earthly experience, and it is you, making it possible for all of this to open more fully. I bless and celebrate your conscious remembering and all that has led to this moment of conscious connection, this convergence of Light, this coming together for the experience of MORE JOY!

Visionkeeper ~ Listen ~ 26 September 2013

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Yes, we all need to be owls. For so long we have lived in a world where everyone had to be heard, everyone had to be right, everyone knew best and sadly everyone never listened. We did a lot of talking but our ears did little listening. This is a skill we need to sharpen and bring to the light. How can we know others, how can we understand situations, how can we know the truth, if we do not listen and learn? We are learning how to open our hearts and let the love flow in, let us not forget to open our ears and pay close attention to life as it flows by us. We seem so busy, always going somewhere, always doing something, we think we don’t have the time to stop and listen closely. This is a huge mistake. To not listen wisely to others is saying we have nothing further to learn, but we do! Hopefully we never stop learning while we are here living out this lifetime on earth. To learn is to grow and to grow is to raise our consciousness. To remain static is to admit we have not raised our consciousness enough to even know we need to learn more.

Selacia ~ Walking A Tightrope ~ 26 September 2013

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SelaciaFeeling like you’re walking a tightrope, perhaps still recovering from last week’s emotionally-charged full moon? You’re not alone. The intensity of recent weeks continues, and it will take mindfulness and inner stability to navigate the path. Even getting from point A to point B may be challenging on some days, your perhaps feeling you’d rather go back to bed than face the next task.

Because of planetary aspects stirring up emotions, you may feel challenged to remain calm. Also, if you responded to last week’s energies with emotional reactions, you may need to mend some fences with others now. Regardless of how you have been personally impacted by recent energies, you can be sure that some others around you have had a difficult time. Keeping this in mind helps you to have compassion for the people in your life.

Why, you may ask, are things still so intense, so difficult, and so uncertain? Read more HERE.

Life can be confusing at times

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It has been confusing at times to me and at times I do not know which way to go.  Do I stay here?  Do I go there?  What does the future bring because I really do not know.  At times I seek help and other times I want to do it alone, but the one thing that I do not wish to forget is the connection to my spiritual parents, Father/Mother God.  They are the ones who made it all possible for us to go through this grand experiment called life and ascension. 

My heart felt gratitude to them because they had to go through all this before we did so that they could understand the process.  They answered our call for help back when we knew we making choices that would destroy life as we know it on this beautiful planet.  Everyone alive at this grand time agreed that we wanted life to be simple, and all live in peace, love and harmony.  This time is now upon us. 

I am one of those that made that call even though I might have been very young at the time.  Peace, love and harmony and living as one with all of humanity regardless of where they live on this majestic planet has and still is a strong desire.  I am a Royal Angel just like every other person with a heart beat on this planet whether they know it or not. 

Cobra's Update, the Sun is Shining

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 Short Update About the Paris Conference and Zurich Workshop
Our Portal conference in Paris was a huge success. We have been instructed not to work on financial system but rather to transform the Paris vortex, as before the conference that vortex was one of the main Archon strongholds in Europe. We activated the Paris vortex for the Light and transformation of energies in Paris was tremendous. Needless to say, we immediately got sunshine and clear blue skies after many days of rain.

A strong interdimensional portal was opened and it connected Paris, Giza plateau in Egypt, Al Nilam stargate in Orion and the Galactic Central Sun. This portal will be one of the main stabilization portals for the planet at the time of the Event.


Our Goddess Spiral Workshop in Zurich went beyond all expectations and manifested energies of balance never experienced before. In the moment of the Autumn equinox, we have balanced female and male polarities and have triggered a planetary process of triangulating all pairs of opposites and merging them into Oneness.

Needless to say, we had sunshine all the time. The sun of One is about to rise on the surface of this planet.

The Creator Writings - Keep Your Own House Clean

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The Creator Writings


What other people feel, even if it is about you, is none of your concern. The Universe asks that you “keep your own house clean” and those that resonate with it will be drawn to you. If you force the issue, making others emotions your issue, you may lose yourself in their chaos. Stand in your truth and all will be well. ~ Creator


SaLuSa 24.09.2013 by MADAD

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SaLuSa (1)

As your Sun is so much brighter now, your Light is also shining so brightly and this allows us to work with you and come closer to you each day. This also allows all the changes to move much faster, as now your wishes being fulfilled almost instantly. Do practice fearless wishing and see for yourself how it is manifesting into your reality. Being fearless is the most important point in your current transformational process, that is why we are constantly making you aware of the fact, that only fear and doubts are holding you now from making your dreams come true. You need to find the best way of clearing away those old memories and thoughts that are causing you looking back and questioning if this what you dream of is really that what you wish. We want to let you know that your dreams are with certainty showing you which way to look and therefore see them as guidance on your path. Do trust yourself, because now you are aware of the basic principle within this whole Creation and that is that you are creator of your own reality and co-creators of reality that you are sharing with all of Beings you meet on your journey.



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