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The Creator Writings - Anticipating The Worst

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The Creator Writings


You can anticipate the hurtful, negative things that come your way. You can be constantly on your guard to protect yourself.

Does it change the fact that those negative experiences still appear on occasion? No. If you allow yourself to relax into them, let them flow over you like water, they are gone before you realize it. There is a certain freedom and peace that comes from knowing you will recover, grow and be okay when it is over. ~ Creator

Inspiration for the Day from Shanta Gabriel - September 28, 2013

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Find your Truth and be there in your heart. Let your actions follow the promptings of your heart. Give only what you can and leave the rest to God.

Establishing a strong sense of Well-being within you is a focal point of this retreat in October. Please join me in Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat in Mt. Shasta 10/11-14.

WakingTimes ~ Dylan Charles ~ Gratitude ~ Happiness Made Easy

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waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1What makes you happy?

Happiness is rather elusive for many people, if not for most people in our society. This is a remarkable statement about the world we’ve created, which offers unprecedented access to food, shelter, health, entertainment, convenience, mobility, wealth, safety, security, and so on. With all this going for us, it should be easy to be happy, right? After all, we already have so much, and do so much, don’t we?

Where is happiness?

Happiness is a state of mental and emotional well-being, of satisfaction and contentment with life, and the easy ability to enjoy whatever circumstances arise. It is intangible, priceless, and there are many, many impostors of it. Even though the pharmaceutical industry may try to prescribe it, or the entertainment industry may try to sell it, or the government may try to provide it, happiness, genuine, true and lasting happiness is something that comes as a result of an inner process, a transference of one’s awareness from expectation to appreciation. A maturation of the understanding of one’s relationship to the self, to other people, and to the world at large.


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heartlightdg | September 27, 2013


The heart is the body’s fuel tank.  If you do not fuel your heart, if you do not allow your heart to feel, you become quickly depleted and distressed.   The nerve center of many human beings, the mind, starts to fray, starts to fragment, starts to become distressed when the heart is neglected. You are heading into the future and now at a moment of choice.  You can choose to allow more feeling or… not.  There is no right or wrong.  But I will tell you this, the more you allow yourself to feel, the more joy, the more love, the more ease, the more peace, the more happiness you will experience. The heart is the fuel tank, so fill it. Fill it with whatever makes your heart feel good.


~~Ziadora through Lee, from The Heart of Humanity and ‘Energy Speaks’

The Creator Writings - Leave Or Stay

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The Creator Writings


It is not your job to “force” others to remain in your life. You can make all kinds of concessions and deny who you truly are to change the outcome, but the choice is theirs and theirs alone. This hasnothing to do with who you are inside. If they choose to stay they will stay and if they choose to go, they will go. Your only responsibility is to send them the Unconditional Love of The Universe, bless them on their journey and know they are making the right choice for themselves. ~ Creator


Give and take – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 27, 2013

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(Translated from original language german)

My child, it is important that you also accept. You can not always just give and give and not receive. This interrupts the flow of energy and just blocks everything. So please, the next time when life gives you something, in whatever form, take it. Be grateful for what you get and rejoice in it. How then can the universe provide you with something, if you just say no and always close the door? How can it then deliver your goods for you? It is called ‘give and take’, not give, give, give. In your own interest, for your own good, accept what life wants to give you. If you order something at your merchant you take it, too, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

Loving Life~ By Ellion

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Love is never disappointing unless its conditional.  Unconditional Love gets stronger moment to moment, situation to situation.  Standing wide awake at dawn develops tremendous joy in anticipation of the Day ahead.  Choosing to let the ego die and the appreciation of the  all that is rise in the heart, certainly energizes a Love being!  Love said  " 'It is better to give than to receive'."  A clear case of action speaking louder than words, lol.


Unconditional Love to All who read,


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