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A Taste Of Soulful Connections Beyond Generations

In most modern conventional belief the notion of a “Soul,” if considered at all, is seen as a timeless nonmaterial property of a human being.  New Age thinking generally talks about the soul expressing or manifesting throughout one’s life, and then one returning to an ethereal soul state upon death.

In this context no effort is required or sought and everything simply happens at it should—“everything happens for a reason.”  This is often tied to Eastern concepts of great cycles and it is thought that simple acceptance of “what is” is sufficient for a life well lived.

Then the more motivationally minded of New Age philosophers tend to suggest that “alignment” with the needs of a soul will lead to greater achievement, but in modern material terms.  Books like “The Secret” provide a roadmap for “success” in worldly terms based on a belief that there is a Soul (or sole?) purpose that leads to abundance – but this abundance is generally seen in terms of productivity or material success.

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New Moon In Libra: New Beginnings In Relating & Striving For Balance

We will be having a New Moon in Libra on Monday, October 12th in the Americas and  on Tuesday, October 13th everywhere east of there. (12:06 am Universal Time). New Moons are the beginning of the 29.5 day moon cycle and signal a fresh start for the following month.

This is when there is no light on the Moon, but the beginning of when the light slowly starts to increase again, becoming visible over the following days. This is known as the beginning of the waxing phase, which lasts until the Full Moon and is associated with growth, expansion, and unfoldment.

New Moons are a great time to plant seeds, set intentions, or perform actions in relation to what you would like to grow or manifest over the upcoming cycle. It is best to do this as close to the minute of the New Moon as possible, but it can also be done over the following 24 hours (click here to find out for your time zone).

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Unlocking Your Authentic Self Through Mindfulness

To open up your life to your infinite self is to allow others the same opportunity. There is no greater joy than setting yourself free!

Over the course of our busy lives, in between family, work, and dinner parties, we have precious few moments to sit down with a hot cup of herbal tea or frothy coffee to reflect upon our lives. But, when we do, let’s be totally honest with ourselves — it can be brutal.

Our thoughts are pretty limited to the context of what society (and our relatives) have to say about us as judgments. Begin to observe your own thoughts and notice how many innovative thoughts you actually have each day, or if you are recycling the same ones over and over again.

But then something miraculous happens. On your way home from a lovely evening out, dusk’s rising luminescent moon captivates you and you experience a moment of ecstasy and utter peace. All is right with the world — and you weren’t thinking about a thing. You were just alive — and brilliantly so!

What does this tell us about our thoughts? Do thoughts propel us to our highest potential, contributing to our happiness? Or do they in some way keep us locked in a cycle of limitation?

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Creator Of 5-hour Energy Wants To Power the World’s Homes—With Bikes

Create clean technology: that’s Manoj Bargahva’s mantra. He’s the mind behind the small 5-Hour Energy drink bottle you see sold in stores on almost every corner. Worth around $4 billion dollars, Bargahva has pledged to use 90%  of that money to serve others around the globe. He feels a certain responsibility to invent and invest in products and technology which will help poorer people (particularly those still living in unindustrialized communities) achieve a decent quality of life.  Manoj sees this starting with having power and water.

“If you’re given more — more is expected of you.” 

Free Electric Bike

According to the World Bank, around 1.1 billion people around the globe still do not have access to electricity. About 2.9 billion use solid fuels — wood, charcoal, coal, and dung — for cooking and heating. One of Manoj’s stipulations in creating new technologies is that they must not have a negative impact on the planet. He says “that’s the ideal invention,” explaining that  “simple stuff is the greatest, because it impacts everything and doesn’t have unintended consequences.”

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What Is True Love & How To Let It Happen To You

There was a Granny who had a brace of flying ducks. They spent most of their time sitting and resting on a nearby shed watching the neighbourhood. Every now and then Granny would catch a duck for a dinner. She  threw duck food on the ground then waited for them to come closer until  she was able to catch one after a short chase.

Years passed and Granny no longer had the strength to chase ducks. But she had an idea. She pulled a few feathers from each duck tail to stop them flying away from her. It solved the problem, but what happened next was totally unexpected.

The new generation of ducks born from non flying parents did not even try to fly. They had all the  feathers needed to be able to fly but no one to show them that they could. The best they could do with their wings was merely correct their balance or fly just above the ground, which felt more like fast running. They led their lives in a flat world never being aware of the true potential of their wings.

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‘Agrihoods’ Provide Suburban Living Built Around Community Farms – Not Golf Courses

California’s first farm-to-table new home community just opened. Called “The Cannery,” it’s a residential project designed and put together by The New Home Company. Designed with a seven acre urban farm near the center of downtown Davis, this 100 acre project is considered to be the very first agrihood built on what used to be industrial land.

The community is also home to 547 houses, all of which are energy efficient; each one is solar-powered and comes equipped with electrical car power outlets.

This is great, initiatives like these need to start happening all over the world, and the fact that somebody has now done it shows the rest of the developed world that it’s possible. Instead of building normal residential communities, why not create something sustainable?

Earthships, tiny homes, weatherproof greenhouses, organic farming and more all seem to be part of a larger trend that more and more people are investing in. We are waking up to what’s needed to ensure the prosperity of future generations and the health of the planet. Indeed, this community is focused on organic farming, which is a proven sustainable practice which can only be good for everyone involved.

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How The Mainstream Media Has Been Hiding Good News From You

When you think of the current state of the world, you may have negative thoughts about how our future will turn out. It’s not your fault that what you usually read or hear is, for the most part, pretty dismal. Reporters and journalists seem to love covering the scrumptious scandals, the devastating wars, and the natural disasters. Tragedy is the product, and apparently, we’re still buying. And so they’ll tell you about the trees that burn down, not about the trees that grow.

But I want to tell you something different. We are in much better shape than we think. Despite what you have been told, global poverty, illiteracy, and disease rates have all dropped in recent years. Yet not many people know or think about these encouraging statistics. For example, when asked what percentage of the world’s population is living in extreme poverty and how that number had changed over the past 20 years, Americans were way off the mark. Two-thirds thought the percentage had doubled, while 29% thought it had remained more or less the same. According to the World Bank, however, the number has actually halved. How can 95% of the population be so wrong? Maybe it’s the way issues are covered (or not covered) in the media.

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Students Revive Extinct Squash With 800-Year-Old Seeds In It

A school in Winnipeg, Canada is making headlines after growing a squash previously thought to be extinct for hundreds of years.

According to Mother Nature Network, it was discovered on First Nations land during an archaeological dig. The historic gourd has been estimated to be approximately 800 years old, and inside of it the archaeologists found preserved, ancient seeds.

From these seeds, students at Canadian Mennonite University successfully grew a squash, and the plan is to save the seeds from the revived squash in order to grow more.

“This squash is representative of a tribe of a large community and everybody in that community having a place, and food being a right of citizenship.” – Brian Etkin, Coordinator of the Garden of Learning in Winnipeg

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Global Consciousness: The Mind-Blowing Effects Of Mass Meditation

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is one of the most fascinating, revolutionary, and useful research initiatives being carried out in the world today. Its potential to improve the quality of our life is infinite, with the scientific method being its only hindrance – to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are all one.

GCP is the brainchild of Dr. Roger D. Nelson, a professor at Princeton University who holds a PhD in Experimental Cognitive Psychology. He has the distinction of being the first scientist to find a way of measuring with mathematical models what ancient spiritual traditions have always claimed: we are all one. Nelson has devised a way to measure the field of global consciousness, a field that unites us, and in doing so has revealed that we are the cells of a single body. That body is humanity.

The scientific name given to this phenomenon is Electrogaiagram (EGG). It is measured through a network of one hundred computers in many different parts of the world that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, emitting ones and zeros in a predefined random pattern.

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The Secret To Staying Healthy: The Lymphatic System

Let’s talk about the sewer system of your body. Did you know the lymphatic system circulates, cleans, and filters all the leftover blood in the body? Surprisingly, there are three times more lymph than blood in the body. It is far too important not to educate people about this before society’s toxic, consumeristic products overwhelm our most important detoxification system.

The gut contains up to 80% of our immune cells. They’re contained in GALT, or gut associated lymphatic tissue. From our tonsils and adenoids in the throat to our colon, the gut is the storehouse of the lymphatic system. Lymphocytes, or white blood cells that are part of the lymphatic system, are also stored and made in the thymus behind the heart, the spleen, appendix, bone marrow, and lymph nodes scattered throughout the body. See how important mouth to colon health is? Why would the body put nearly our entire immune system there if exposure to food wasn’t so vital?


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