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Superbrain Yoga: 3 Minutes That Maximize Brain Power

A baby is born into the world with around 100 billion brain cells (neurons), give or take a few million. The brain is so important to the human species that four weeks after conception, an embryo produces half a million neurons every minute. In fully developed humans, a complex system of 300 million neurons connects the brain’s right and left sides, but they are so minuscule that 30,000 of them can fit on a pinhead.

To make the most of one’s brain, it needs to be exercised and nurtured, just like every other muscle of the human body. Synapses – points of the brain connections – have to be created and conserved for the brain to stay alert and healthy throughout adulthood. How can a parent ensure their child’s development is constantly improving during school? What could a parent of a learning disabled child do to help them develop?

One option is Superbrain Yoga. This simple squat exercise offers benefits not just for young students, but also adults seeking brain wellness into their senior years and patients with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, or other development challenges and cognitive delays seeking normalcy and cures.

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3 Steps To Help You Overcome Fear When Going Through Changes

In this time of global energetic change, many people are transitioning to higher expanded paradigms. While this is a good thing, the collapsing of an old paradigm, which includes habitual ways of knowing and experiencing the world, may give rise to fear. But fear is not a big bad enemy. It’s simply a low frequency energy that you can recognize and overcome.

There are some things you can do to move beyond any fear or resistance you may have while making this transition. They include practicing being centred, reducing reactivity, being in a state of love, and observing fear.

1. Practice Being Centred

This may seem obvious, but with change it is easy to get caught up in current events and daily to-dos. To centre yourself, commit to and set aside a specific time every day to sit in stillness and simply be present...

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Here’s How Brazilian Wasp Venom Destroys Cancer Cells

Nature is full of medicine, and with a staggering 50 percent of us likely to receve a cancer diagnosis within our lifetimes, it’s time to start paying more attention to the healing potential of the natural world. For example, did you know that 25 percent of the active ingredients in cancer drugs are found only in the Amazon? This is despite the fact that only 10 percent of plants in this rainforest have been studied for their medicinal properties.

And it’s not only plants that are making noise when it comes to a potential cancer treatment. A new study from a team of researchers at the University of Brazil has found that a toxin contained within the sting of a wasp kills cancer cells without harming any of the healthy ones. This is similar to a little-known Chinese herb that was found to kill off cancer cells at a rate of 12,000 cancer cells for every healthy cell. Bee venom, on the other hand, has been found to destroy the HIV virus.

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Self-Healing: Proof It Can Work & 5 Steps To Start Doing It Successfully

For the longest time I had tunnel vision and expected life to be a certain way. I studied my failure until I lost sight of my successes. I crafted limiting beliefs and shielded myself from love and happiness by refusing to put myself out there. And as I did all this, I sat back and wondered why my life was not working.

Obviously, I was very lost.

But it was not until 2012, when our family was hit with multiple disorders, that my stubborn habits led me into another internal argument. I remember looking at myself in the mirror that evening and hearing a voice in my head say, “Ana, you are the enemy – your enemy.” I had a strong urge to start searching for a practical tool to turn things around. That’s when I started heavily studying all the different self-healing modalities I could find, taking practitioner courses, teacher courses, and running meditations and workshops. The more I dug, the deeper the levels of truth I was able to uncover, and was then able to start helping others do the same.

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Steps To Help You Ride The Change In Conciousness

At times, existing on this Earth feels heavy. There is too much negative energy weighing down the planet and the creatures who dwell here. Our species is technically an invasive one. We have used too much energy for our egotistical needs and now our own survival is distorted. Does your Soul strain when you read about poverty, injustice, greed, and destruction? Do you ever feel empathetically drained? There is a way to shift the mood on Earth. This shift is very similar to choosing to smile in place of a frown. We are in charge of our own destiny, thus we must ride this wave of positive change, together.

Act Local, Think Global

If you do not do this already, now is a good time to start. Explore farmer’s markets and ask the distributors how these products are made. Next time you visit a grocery store, read the ingredients and the certifications. Understand where your food was manufactured: each drop of water that went into the farming, each gallon of gas used to transport the food – it will all be recycled into new energy inside your own body. When a person thinks deeply about where their food and other consumer goods come from, that person is immediately more connected to the Earth and more in tune with the collective energy.

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I Was Sick, Fatigued, & Stressed – How Daily Meditation Changed It All & More

I like to think of myself as a healthy person. I exercise regularly, drink infrequently, and prepare plant-based, whole foods-derived meals every day. I also, however, suffer from IBS, and accordingly am no stranger to things like bloating, stomach pains, and infrequent bowel movements. Through trial and error and a great deal of self reflection, I have come to learn which foods trigger these reactions – gluten, dairy, fried foods, sugar – and generally manage the condition quite well. But it is also triggered by stress and lack of sleep (two obviously correlative problems), and thus far in my life I have neglected to address stress management as part of my health regimen.

Or rather, up until a couple of months ago, I had. It feels strange to look back now and try to understand my reticence in attempting different stress management techniques (other than exercise, which of course is one of the best). I think what it boils down to is something I like to call ‘selective laziness.’ I would not call myself a lazy person by any means, but trying something new and difficult, with no guarantee of success, just, well… seemed like a lot of work.

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How Walking In Nature Changes The Brain

The majority of people in the Western world live in busy, congested cities. Many of us have been completely cut off from nature in our day-to-day lives, especially compared to the generations before us. There have been many studies showing that city dwellers are much more likely to suffer from depression and other forms of anxiety than people who live in more natural, rural areas.

This may seem obvious to some, since the feeling we get from going for a walk through a park or forest, going camping, or just getting out of the city in general is so refreshing and generally very relaxing. But new research is proving just how important getting out of the city and into nature can be for our mental and physical well-being.

Can Being In Nature Actually Change Our Brains In A Way That Positively Impacts Our Health?

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What You Need To Know About Commercial Cleaning Products & How You Can Replace Them With Essential Oils

Have you ever noticed that many commercial cleaning products come with a fine print that reads something like, “hazardous to humans and domestic animals”? Though what we want is a product that will kill germs and make our windows, dishes, sinks, toilets, and floors sparkle, what we don’t want is to harm ourselves, our loved ones, or the environment. And it’s scary to think we’re spraying and scrubbing the space we call home with toxins that could be doing more harm than good.

With chemicals currently being used daily in our society and making up an astonishing 96 percent of products and materials in America, it’s hard to believe that little regard is being given to their effects. But the Toxic Substances Control Act, which was passed in 1976, hasn’t been updated since day one. So as for those cleaning products? They’re basically untested and unregulated.

And to put the result of this into perspective, traces of about 300 pollutants, including chemicals used for household cleaning, have been found present in newborns’ umbilical cords, while the most common chemicals we use in our everyday lives have been found to cause a variety of illnesses, cancers, and developmental disorders.

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The 40 Hour Work Week & More: How Culture Has Made Us “Hungry Ghosts”

Consumerism is Heavily Nurtured by Corporations

Here in the West, a lifestyle of unnecessary spending has been deliberately cultivated and nurtured in the public by big business. Companies in all kinds of industries have a huge stake in the public’s penchant to be frivolous with its spending, and in the documentary “The Corporation,” a marketing psychologist shows just how easy it is to increase sales by targeting nagging children, and the effect that nagging has on the parents’ spending.

“You can manipulate consumers into wanting, and therefore buying your products. It’s a game,” says Lucy Hughes, co-creator of “The Nag Factor.”

This is only one small example of something prevalent in our culture, that companies don’t make sales by promoting the virtues of their products, but by creating a culture of hundreds of millions of people that buy pointless stuff to chase away dissatisfaction. This is reminiscent of the analogy of culture as “hungry ghosts”; a culture of people who constantly want and need, but are never satisfied.

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Can You Bear To Deal With Your Shame?

Shame strikes you more deeply than any other emotion – straight at your CORE – at the very junction where your physical and non-physical worlds collide. 

Shame not only affects your ability to truly know and find affinity with your REAL Self, but as an adult, your ability to show up and function effectively and authentically in the world.

Shame can also be one of the most elusive and slippery emotions to grasp.

Shame and embarrassment around being seen as your true Self is most often a direct by-product of your childhood experiences. Being humiliated, reprimanded, criticised, neglected or overlooked, rejected, abandoned, violated, physically punished or otherwise abused – essentially being made to feel fundamentally flawed or unworthy of the innate need to be yourself, validated and unconditionally loved, are key factors that contribute to deeply seated shame. In fact, core-level embarrassment or shame can be so deeply submerged that perhaps you are reading this now, doubting that in your case, there might very possibly be significant amounts there.


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