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U.S. Government Releases Document With Details Of Extraterrestrial Bodies, Craft & Home Planet

With several governments around the world openly admitting to the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), the United States government has received a large push from its citizens to disclose the truth about their knowledge of this bizarre yet fascinating phenomenon.

As a result, in late 2014 Barack Obama’s right hand man, (Councillor) Jon Podesta, who was also the Chief of Staff under the Clinton administration, tweeted that one of his biggest regrets of 2014 was his inability to “secure the disclosure of UFO files” and that “the time to pull the curtain back on this subject is long overdue. We have statements from the most credible sources, those in a position to know – about a fascinating phenomenon, the nature of which is yet to be determined.” (You can read more about Podesta and UFOs here.)

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Quantum Experiment Shows How “Time” Doesn’t Exist As We Think It Does (Mind-Altering)

“We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery.” Richard Feynman, a Nobel laureate of the twentieth century (Radin, Dean. Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences In A Quantum Reality. New York, Paraview Pocket Books, 2006)

The concept of “time” is a weird one, and the world of quantum physics is even weirder. There is no shortage of observed phenomena which defy our understanding of logic, bringing into play thoughts, feelings, emotions – consciousness itself, and a post-materialist view of the universe. This fact is no better illustrated than by the classic double slit experiment, which has been used by physicists (repeatedly) to explore the role of consciousness and its role in shaping/affecting physical reality. (source) The dominant role of a physical material (Newtonian) universe was dropped the second quantum mechanics entered into the equation and shook up the very foundation of science, as it continues to do today.

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Wellness Classes In A Stranger’s Home Near You? Check This Out!

daana | Democratizing Wellness

Would you go to a stranger’s home for a yoga class?

Would you offer your living or work space for the well-being of others?

If you were offered a wellness class for free, would you contribute fairly for the benefit of future students?

A small group from Montreal is about to find out, and could significantly revolutionize wellness as we know it.

The daana project is a non-profit initiative driven by the intention to democratize wellness activities worldwide. The tagline says it all: “Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind, For All.” This is potentially a huge game-changer in the conventional approach to good health. The concept is simple: wellness, open-source, donation-based, world-wide.

An Easy & Convenient Way To Care For Your Health

Most of us are aware that practices like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, dance, art, dialogue circles and so on, have tremendous health benefits. Yet so few of us participate in a regular group practice. The primary reasons are either location or lack of time or money. Daana is creating a revolution in the welln...

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How Humanity Has Enslaved Itself

Most people won’t believe they are enslaved, though some believe they are enslaved by the ruling elite. But when we look deeper into this predicament, we may be able to see that we are in fact enslaved or trapped by our own minds.

Man is a slave. He is not born as a slave, he is born free. He is born as freedom, but he is found in chains everywhere. He lives in chains, he dies in chains. This is the greatest calamity that has happened to humanity.

– Osho


Feeling vs. Expression

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(Video) Orca Whale & Its Entire Family Show Phenomenal Appreciation After Rescue

Whales are truly amazing creatures. These gentle giants are some of the worlds most intelligent and emotional animals, despite the fact that researchers and scientists still know very little about them. We really don’t give animals as much intellectual credit as they deserve, even though they often display behaviour and characteristics which show (in my option) that many of them far outstrip the intelligence of the average human being.

Below is a video of a stranded Orca who found himself beached on the shores of New Zealand. After saving the whale, the rescuer managed to get some remarkable footage of his reaction as they took him back out to sea. Here is another video of Ingrid (whale’s rescuer) talking about the incident.

I hope you enjoy the footage, and perhaps take a moment to consider what our species is doing to the ocean, and to the environment overall. The way this whale responds to Ingrid is amazing, and even years later “Ben” would still approach her and her boat, while keeping his distance from the others (as explained by Ingrid the video linked above).

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The Brazilian Food Guide – Revolutionizing The Way We Look at Food

Last year the Brazilian Ministry of Health did something pretty radical: they created a food guide that actually reflects healthful eating habits.

The new guide offers a holistic, comprehensive, and ethical approach to diet, and the result is an incredibly refreshing (and quite radical – more on that later) manual for living a healthy life. Rather than dividing foods into subgroups in the typical Western, reductionist manner – carbs, protein, veggies, fruit, protein – and recommending what, in the Canadian context at least, feels like a simultaneously restrictive and unattainable number of servings to consume each day, Brazil’s guide breaks down foods in a much more natural way. Their four food categories are:

  1. naturally or minimally processed foods;
  2. oils, fats, salt and sugar;
  3. processed foods (these include bread, cheeses, cured meats and pickles); and
  4. ultra-processed foods.
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6 Lessons I Learned From Befriending A Stranger

The “Golden Rule” is a maxim which teaches us that one of the most important values in life is to treat others how you would want to be treated. A simple rule to follow, but perhaps one of the most difficult – as it sometimes can be easier to judge, react, or ignore the people we encounter on a daily basis. However, if we step outside of our “comfort zone” and apply the rule to our everyday life, we can come to understand that the wisdom behind the words would have us look at each person as a reflection of ourselves, so we mirror what we wish to see in the world.
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Genetically Modified Virus in HPV Vaccines Causes Twice the Adverse Effects

No matter what side of the vaccine debate you fall on, HPV vaccines should give you reason to pause. These vaccines, marketed as a way to prevent cervical cancer, have twice the number of adverse health reactions as any other vaccine. Though ‘officially’ recommended for boys as well as girls to prevent other cancers, women everywhere should be wary.

According to the CDC:

Two of the HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Gardasil 9) also protect against genital warts and anal cancer in both females and males. Boys should get one of these HPV vaccines to prevent anal cancer and genital warts. Girls can get either of these vaccines to prevent cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, anal cancer and genital warts.

Strangely, doctors have focused on getting young women to obtain their Garadsil and Cervarix vaccines, even though one of the developers of the Gardasil vaccine, Dr. Diane Harper, has been very public about possible negative side effects. Even mainstream news covered this story...

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New Moon In Cancer: Taking Action Towards Emotional Fulfillment

We will be having a New Moon in Cancer on the night of Wednesday, July 15th in the Americas and on Thursday, July 16th everywhere else (1:24am Universal Time on July 16th). New Moons are the beginning of the 29.5 day moon cycle and signal a fresh start for the following month. This is when there is no light on the Moon, but the beginning of when the light slowly starts to increase again, becoming visible over the following days. This is known as the beginning of the waxing phase, which lasts until the Full Moon and is associated with growth,  expansion, and unfoldment.

New Moons are a great time to plant seeds, set intentions, or perform actions in relation to what you would like to grow or manifest over the upcoming cycle. It is best to do this as close to the minute of the New Moon as possible, but it can also be done over the following 24 hours. As the moon’s light grows and expands, your intentions and actions could continue to develop further. How everything unfolds for each person also depends on how one is being individually influenced by the astrology.

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Everything You Know About Addiction Is Wrong (TED TALK)

“The first thing that alerted me to the fact that there’s something not right with this story was the fact that, if I step out of this TED talk today and get hit by a car and I break my hip, I’ll be taken to the hospital and be given loads of diamorphin.  Diamorphin is heroin. It is medically pure, better than the stuff you get on the streets. You’ll be given it for quite a long period of time, there are loads of people in this room who may not realize that you’ve taken quite a lot of herion, and if what we believe about addiction is right, those people are exposed to all of those chemical hooks, what should happen? They should become addicts. This has been studied very carefully, it doesn’t happen. You would have noticed if your grandmother had a hip replacement, she didn’t come out as a junkie. When I learned this, it was just so contrary to everything I’ve been taught, to everything I thought I knew.”


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