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How to Think for Yourself

free thinkin3

The matter of free thinking is important for us to understand because it allows us to become more aware of our personal authentic perspectives and to see how we may have taken on some opinions that were not ours to begin with.

What does it mean to think for yourself?
The first thing that comes to mind is how one forms their opinions and thoughts. How much of your authentic vision of the world was formed by personal experience compared to established thought and opinion formed by what the majority has come to agree on.

We all have thoughts/perspective/opinions that have been formed from imitating or agreeing with others in order to fit in or feel ‘apart of’ the whole; the point is how we use that perspective to grow.

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10 Amazing Discoveries That Will Make You Question Everything

What are the true origins of humanity?

There are so many ancient artifacts from the past that still perplex us today. How did ancient civilizations create such intricate and advanced technologies? There are so many mysteries surrounding humanities past that we are finally becoming aware of. There seems to be a lot more going on than meets the eye…

Here is a list of some of the most amazing discovery’s to date!

1: The London Artifact...

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How to Become a Miracle Worker


Becoming a miracle worker and knowing the joys of true magic comes naturally on the path to becoming whole.  To be a miracle worker means that you allow yourself the option of being multi-sensory/dimensional.

We are body (physical) and soul (esoteric) and the soul is not governed by the same set of rules as the physical world. Laws do not limit the miracle worker, for we transcend reality.

A whole new world opens up when one steps into the esoteric parts of ones soul to form a balanced flow between the soul and body.

The physical world could be seen as the arena for growth and expansion with the intent of evolving into higher dimensions of love and connection within the self and outside of ones self.

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How To Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

As Humanity continues to rise to unthinkable levels of love and connection, integrating a true sense of self love is crucial. This can not be a forced process, for your soul will feel disrespected if you apply pressure or force love where it is not in alignment with how you truly feel.

Loving ones self fully and in truthful emotional alignment is a selfless seed, loving ones self openly and loud to show others what you feel you have achieved inside will only rob you of your moment for expansion.

Self esteem means for one to have a realistic respect and knowing of ones true authenticity and identity, this is confidence in its rightful position.

Self esteem that exaggerates cockiness is usually formed as a source of protection, or heart armor, and can ripple that same emotion to others.

Simply being honest with ones self about ones true strengths and weaknesses will set the space for more of who you are to emerge and integrate and will in turn help the collective do the same.

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Nature is healing, get in it

The design of our society ensures we experience a level of separation and disconnection. When ever you find yourself in a low, dense vibration where your mind lacks clarity and your physical body reflects your inner feelings; remember a simple step out in nature can help positively transform everything.

Try to breathe in and absorb the fresh vibrant goodness nature emits; it is not only good for your mental clarity but if you’re willing to receive, you can experience real healing as well.

I try to make it a point everyday to get some time out in nature. I find that it helps clear the mind of the tangles and static so that one can ground and see things from a new fresh perspective.

Places like natural springs, where there is constant running water, release something called Negative Ions. Don’t get the name confused, those little Ions help balance us back to a grounded space when one may feel intoxicated with all the Technology and Cell towers that are so prevalent in our day.

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This Impressive Tower Creates Water from the Air!

There are a flurry of amazing inventions coming into the fold lately, hoverbikes being among one of them.. but today I want to tell you about this really cool device that is making an impact in Ethiopia, and hopefully will soon make its way overseas to North America and the rest of the world.

The device is called Warka Water – and it has the capacity to generate up to 25 Gallons of water PER DAY simply by sitting in the hot heat of the desert. Now THAT is impressive, especially considering the whole scare of an impending drought that is currently upon us.

The magic of Warka Water however is not just that it generates the water, but HOW it generates the water. This device ultimately harnesses a singularity to pull water from the air through condensation, creating clean and drinkable water for those all around.

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Epigenetic Gene Control and Alchemy

Have you ever heard about Epigenetic gene control?

It literally means for one to be ‘Above genetics’, which could be fractaled down to being in control or “above” your thoughts, actions and in turn, your DNA.

There are these interesting little tags in the DNA structures called Epigenetic genes. These genes are responsible for everything we have/are/and will experience in our lives, a big something I like to refer to as Gene Alchemy.

Being ‘above’ something is for one to be able to see the pattern in what ever it is one is wanting to change/master. Seeing it from the outside looking in, or vice versa.

I feel there is grand importance in learning how we create our own reality and lives; how our thoughts and the food/chemicals we take into our body impact our life styles and Neural programming in ways that  trickle down to our Grandchildren’s future, and even on from there.

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From I to Us

As we found out in Spirit Science 4 and in the Human History movie: we are moving as a consciousness from a head focused species into a heart centered awareness.  We want to take some time to explore what that means, what it looks like, and how we are naturally shifting from expressing from our heads alone to our hearts as we love and nurture ourselves and the world around us.

What is the I?

Self, Ego, Mind, Separation, Solo, Lone Wolf,  Me mentality

This is the part of us that is pridefully independent.  Even when we need help we struggle to ask for it.  There is a sense of separation, independence and lack of general connections with others, or acknowledgment of  our own emotions.  As you can see in this state we are not only feeling separate from others but we are feeling separate from ourselves.

What does that look like?

Overly Analytical, logical without regard to emotion or flow, compromising, assuming, telling yourself negative stories, Critical, Limiting

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A Glimpse of Happiness

We’re always in the pursuit of happiness.

Affecting the world and those around us with our words, actions, and thoughts. Being effected in return. Every day another opportunity to do it right. To “walk our talk.” To live in a way that harmonizes with the rest of the universe, both internal and external.

It’s about breathing, eye contact, staying hydrated, and being aware of posture.

If I’m unconscious in the moment, caught up in fear (future) or worry (past), my spine slumps over, chest caves in,  and breathing becomes inconsistent. I’m spiraling. Deeper and deeper. Into a space that serves no one, not even myself. It is in this place that I have effected those around me in a negative and traumatic way.  I’ve pushed loved ones away, lashed out in anger, distanced myself in every way possible so as not to deal with the emotions I have locked away in my soul.

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How to get ‘Into The Flow’

What does it mean to be “In the flow”?

You have probably heard this a lot on different websites and in articles but what does it mean?  Flowing is very symbolic of water and being carried downstream, naturally getting to where you need to be in life.  Our journey through life can be bumpy especially if you fight the current.  But if you take a deep breath and flow with the stream of life you can find that you experience miracle after miracle, and are able to go far beyond your normal abilities physically mentally and spiritually.

Being in your flow feels incredible.  You just know without a doubt that everything is working out, your trust for the world around you and in yourself is at an all time high,  and you know that you will get where you are going.


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