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The Importance of Community in Choosing a Way of Life, not an Occupation

by Jessie Klassen

“Are you sure you just want to farm?  Don’t you want to do something more with your life?”


These were the questions posed to me in high school by my well-meaning teachers when I had declared that I was going to farm with my family after graduation.  In their eyes, I was wasting my talents by staying on the farm.


For generations, this has been a fostered attitude here in the country;  you grow up, move to the city as soon as you can, get an education so that you can get a good paying job and you’ll be much happier than living out here in the sticks.

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Allowing Nature to be the Example for Our Children’s Bright Future

by Jessie Klassen

“If we look at Nature, we see that absolutely everything within it is important and there for a reason.  As we are all a part of Nature, this means that we are important and here for a reason as well”

This is one of the key lessons that I teach, not only to my own 3 children, but to all of the children that I meet when I am touring with my book, “The Sapling.”

There is nothing within Nature that happens by accident.  It is all planned and perfection.  We are the same.  There are no accidental or extra people on this Earth.

We all arrive with a gift to share, which is why it is so important that we grow into who we truly are, just like a tree, for example.  Because if a tree did not grow into their full potential, we would all be denied their gifts, and look at how many of us would suffer.  The rest of the world actually depends on us being true to ourselves.

And what about those people of the world who don’t seem to be contributing?

They are simply not in touch with who they really are and the true desires of their heart.  When we turn to Nature and truly connect with the Earth, we become centred, grounded, and compassionate human beings.  It is hard to deny our Soul’s longing within the authenticity of Nature.

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A False Agenda for Humanity

by Julian Rose

Humanity has, for millennia, been led down the road of an entirely false agenda. So much so, that every aspect of society is almost the precise reverse of what it should be.

Just a glimmer of awareness reveals that the true potential of the majority of mankind remains locked away, unable to exert any influence on the course of events on our planet.

Given the scale of this imprisonment, it becomes apparent that the world has been moving on a trajectory invented and directed by a false intelligence, whose interests are diametrically opposed to the intelligence of natural planetary consciousness.

I use the word 'intelligence' because its hard to find the right word to describe that which is very clever, but lacks the ability to feel love or compassion; and is often ruthless without ever showing emotion. Intelligence should have a more human ring to it, but the word has been hijacked by the spying networks: the CIA, FBI, MI5 for example, all call themselves 'intelligence agencies'. Not exactly warm blooded institutions!

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Talk to the Trees

by Jessie Klassen


An easy exercise to develop communication skills with Nature

-excerpt from “The Sapling”

Nature has lessons for those who listen, and communicating, interacting, and listening to Nature is easier than we think. Infact, it’s natural for us to do so.

This exercise is great for children and adults alike.

Science has proven that trees can talk to one another, but just in a different way than we can. Old trees help seedlings, and healthy trees will help sick trees to recover.

Resource sharing happens all through the forest. This is why it is so important to honour and respect all plant life, no matter where they are in their life cycle, because they all play a very important role.

Nature is also aware and sensitive to our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Trees are able to sense our energy and communicate with us, as long as we are open to the possibility.

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"Be a Tree" Grounding Exercise for Children - to feel stable, calm, and increase focus

by Jessie Klassen

(excerpt from Jessie’s new children’s book, “The Sapling”, now available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and smashwords)

Trees provide the perfect example of the importance of staying grounded to be strong.

Grounding does for us what roots do for trees.

When we are grounded, we feel strong and able to handle anything that comes our way, just like the roots of the trees hold them steady when the strong winds blow.

Often times, simply being out in Nature, hugging a tree, or barefoot on the grass is enough to stabilize and calm our energy. But, sometimes we need to do more.

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Solstice Blessings: Soar To New Inner & Outer Heights - Faye Naturales

by Ulonda Faye, Faye Naturales

On this day, and always, we truly have such a deep connection to our creator and to the heavenly realms.  Now is a time to see things from a higher perspective.  Now is a time to soar to new heights.

Cleanse your body, mind and spirit.  Purify your soul.  Clear the clutter of your sacred space.  Let go of people, things, relationships and situations that no longer serve you.  Cleanse your body.  Go within, and meditate.  Seek dialogue with our creator, and give thanks for this beautiful life of yours.

Soak in hot water, allow the steam to rise and dissolve any attachments that need to be dissolved.  Allow the energy to ignite and cleanse your soul.

Release, any and all wounds, past and present, and give them up to the great spirit for healing.

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Discovering the Joy of Life Within our Tasks

by Jessie Klassen

When you live on a farm, such as I do, your day is centred around your chores.

There are mouths to feed that depend on you, and they will always come first. All other activities happen somewhere between these daily chores.

When I was a child, my parents had a herd of milk cows, and this meant that twice a day they would need to be milked. I remember Christmas mornings, anxiously waiting for chores to be done so that we could open our presents, or on Halloween night so that we could go trick-or-treating (we were often the last kids walking from door to door)

My parents taught my siblings and I the importance of “getting our chores done”, and we simply knew that everything else came second to this. But I have to credit my parents for never making chores feel like a “chore.”

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The Responsibility of Freedom

by Julian Rose

On the Integration of the Spiritual and the Social

A lot of people are writing and talking about spirit, higher self, personal enlightenment, shining health, transformation and the attainment of the Godly. A lot of people are following the words of those who proclaim knowledge of the above.

It is clear that many are searching for the security of a sound spiritual path to lead them through the material and mental chaos. Something that will bring with it a new awareness and sense of reality.

But this immediately raises the question: once having set off down this road – what will one do with the new found power which comes with traveling it? This opening-up of a new dimension of personal awareness and inner freedom.

Will one be content to simply carry on with 'life as usual' basking in the sense of uplift generated by this elevated sense of being? Perhaps one will change one's diet. Buy a purer toothpaste. Take a brisk run each morning. Get a better juicer. Practice regular yoga and positive thinking. Even maybe seek to move to the fresher air of the countryside?

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How to Stay Sane at a Time of Increasing Insanity

by Julian Rose

I’m sitting outside a small café/bakery alongside Vienna’s Hauptbahnhof, the city’s main railway station. I’m between trains, on my way to Brussels from Krakow, and observing the scene. Concrete and glass rising-up everywhere in absolute neutered conformity. A ‘Novotel’ trying to make itself visible amongst the high-rises, but remaining hardly distinguishable from anything else. A square featureless concrete carbuncle.

It’s 8 in the morning and it’s late August. A man in a dark business suit walks past on the wide pavement, a Coca Cola in one hand and two trim brown sandwich bags in the other. Chemtrails cover the otherwise blue sky. Someone in green shorts and dark glasses is sitting at a nearby table staring at nothing in particular and smoking nervously.


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