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~Ron Head~ You could build an ark or you could wait to see if the rain will stop.

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Please give me your message now, and begin by telling me with whom I am speaking.


Our name is one whom you call Noah.  We are a group consciousness, as are most of the ones whom are channeled to you at this time.  We come forth today simply to lighten things up for you just a bit.


You find yourselves today heaving a huge sigh of relief, having averted, even if temporarily, what seemed to be a major economic catastrophe which would have had consequences everywhere in your world.  It seemed to you that it would have been as terrible as the catastrophe that we lived through.  And in a manner of speaking, we suppose it might have been so.

What you have done, in actuality, is prevented inevitable changes from causing grief where no grief is necessary.  And that is, of course a good thing.  Do not allow yourselves to think, however, that those changes need not happen.  The imbalance in your world needs to be, and will be, corrected.  Far better however that it happen because of enlightened thinking and intentional improvement than because of some selfish and backward unwillingness to change, is this not so?

It is the function and joy of your angels to help you.~by Ron Head

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We come today to inform you of the extremely potent flow of energies in which you find yourselves at this time.  This was forecast and explained by other sources.  It is divinely sent although you will have noticed that your star and the other heavenly bodies are playing their parts.


That shows the physical component, you see.  But understand that the major portion of what we are speaking of is not around you in a form you will be able to measure, at least not yet.  But it is something that many of you can sense and even feel.


We assure you that there is no doubt in the minds of any of those who are so gifted.  They feel, as well, many changes in their beings and see many changes in their lives.  Are they so different?


They are different in the sense that they have looked for and accepted what has been given.  All of you are equal in many respects, dear family.  But you do not all act is the same ways.  This is not to place blame in any wise.  It is only to ask you, if you have not done so, to open yourselves fully to these possibilities and to accept them with full knowing that you are deserving and loved.


You are creators. Be good at it. ~by Ron Head

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Divine energy

Divine energy



We congratulate all those who have been, and continue to be, detached from the apparent chaos that surrounds you at this time.  As usual, all is not as it appears to be from your perspective.


There is, in fact, a great deal to be joyful about, even in those events which hold so much of your attention if you let them.  Of course we recommend that you not give them that much attention.  Still, we recognize the difficulty of that.  So let us say that what appears so terrible on the surface is, as we have stated prior to these happenings, only the clearing of the way for much more positive things.


It is now the time for seeing the situations clearly so that beneficial changes can be made later.  It is time for the fog to disperse, so to speak.  And so it appears that, no matter in which direction you look, there are things which are undesirable to you.  That is not any more true than such statements usually are, but it would seem that way, would it not?


Choose what your heart knows that it needs~ by Ron Head

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Michael and the family of Yeshua


We are here with Michael on this day to state our intention to communicate with you through this channel in the future.  We are grateful for this opportunity.  It has taken this one some time to recognize our presence.  We are gratified that at last he has done so.


We have been needing a conduit for our group communications and we are happy to have this one.  Michael has built up a wonderful audience and we are very happy that it will be so easy to communicate with all of you.  Each of us has our own channels, of course, and wonderful they are.  But this will be a welcome channel as well, and it will be enjoyable to work together.


It has been said through this channel that you have turned a corner recently, and that is indeed the case.  And since that is so, let us speak a bit about something that you will be seeing more and more of.  We speak of healing.  There is much of that to be done, is it not so?  And you will have noticed, of course, that there are now more healing methods around you than ever before.  And that will continue to increase as you learn more and more of the possibilities.

BE love. All else will fall into place. ~ by Ron Head

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May we begin today by asking that all those who follow these messages hold only love and the intention for the highest and best outcomes when you observe what is going on around you at this time.  Those highest outcomes will be, dear ones.  But they will manifest sooner, and you will be far less effected by any negativity if you guard yourselves against the thoughts and emotions which can invade your thoughts all too easily in these circumstances.


When situations and the actions of others which seem dubious, to say the least, come to your attention, remember that everything is part of a very complex flow of change which is designed both to bring your world into alignment with the highest good for all, and to show the futility of the last of the duality as the final lessons are learned.


The path will begin to level out now.~ by Ron Head

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We return now to discuss what is happening for many of you at this time.


Your purposes, your abilities, and your perceptions of opportunity are coalescing into something which seems more possible to you than before.  What was once not even thought of is coming into focus for you.


Many of you feel surprise as this happens for you.  Do not be surprised.  Before the changes which have been given you, many of these things would not have been possible.  But now you are taking up the tools which your past experience and current intent have given you.  All of the talent you have so arduously earned is returning.  The vision may still be a bit fuzzy for a while yet, but it will clear.  Circumstances which you came into your lives to take care of, opportunities you foresaw, will appear around you.  You will be prepared.



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