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A Secret Trade Agreement Could Place Major Restrictions On How We Use The Internet

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As noted in Motherboard's past TPP coverage, Congress has the constitutional power to debate trade agreements. In the fast tracked TPP negotiations, Congress would be shut out, as would stakeholders and the individuals who actually helped build the internet's infrastructure. Diplomats, politicians, and select corporations would instead secretly settle on the language and regulations contained in the trade agreement. 

"You know that legislation is really, really bad when it's opposed by major tech companies as well as nearly every labor, environmental, and Internet freedom group in the country."

FBI Continues To Withhold Information On Occupy Assassination Plots

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A U.S. District Court judge says the FBI’s reasons for withholding information on assassination plots against Occupy movement leaders in several U.S. cities aren’t good enough.

It was quietly reported last June that the FBI was aware that an organization — possibly a law enforcement agency — had plans to assassinate leaders of the Occupy movement, and the bureau did nothing about it. Now a U.S. District Court judge says the FBI has some explaining to do.

Not only did the FBI not intervene at all, but it didn’t even alert or notify the leaders of Occupy movements in several cities whose lives were threatened. Their inaction goes against the bureau’s practice of informing potential victims of violent threats made against them.

The public and Occupy leaders only learned about the assassination plans after documents containing the information were obtained by the human and civil rights advocacy group, Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Though the documents largely detailed how the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. military and private corporations had flagged Occupy Wall Street protesters as “domestic terrorists” and “criminals” in order to spy on them, there was one paragraph on page 61 that caught the group’s attention.

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STOP! You Are Not A Machine!

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Not sure who the original author is, but a great message none the less:


You are not
a machine.

Your natural
genetic design does
not tolerate 2-4 hours
of travel per day,
8-12 hours
of slave-labor
5-6 days per week
for whatever monetary
on 5-6 hours of sleep
in a system built on
penalistic principle
and a life under
judgmental surveillance.

Like it or not
you are human.

NASA study links collapse of a civilization with the gap between rich and poor

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A new NASA study predicts a rather grim future if things don't change soon. I'm normally not too into the gloom and doom stuff, but I find it very interesting that even NASA is now saying the Elite are a threat to our whole society. From

...“the economic stratification of society into Elites [rich] and Masses (or “Commoners”) [poor]” These social phenomena have played “a central role in the character or in the process of the collapse,” in all such cases over “the last five thousand years.”

Currently, high levels of economic stratification are linked directly to overconsumption of resources, with “Elites” based largely in industrialised countries responsible for both:

“… accumulated surplus is not evenly distributed throughout society, but rather has been controlled by an elite. The mass of the population, while producing the wealth, is only allocated a small portion of it by elites, usually at or just above subsistence levels.”

The study challenges those who argue that technology will resolve these challenges by increasing efficiency:
“Technological change can raise the efficiency of resource use, but it also tends to raise both per capita resource consumption and the scale of resource extraction, so that, absent policy effects, the increases in consumption often compensate for the increased efficiency of resource use.”

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The War on Terror is a Fraud: How the West has Fostered Radical Islam and Actively Keeps it Alive

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Have you ever heard, "what you resist persists"? That fighting against something actually feeds into it? This might not be news to most of us here, but it turns out the U.S., the very country fighting so hard against terrorism worldwide, is actually helping fund it:

In 2009, a series of events occurred that ought to have raised questions in the press. First, the United States began a troop surge in Afghanistan designed to deliver the final blow to the Taliban insurgency. Then the United States provided a $7.5 billion aid package to Pakistan. Around the same time, the Carnegie Foundation published a study which revealed a majority of Pakistan aid goes to the intelligence agency ISI and the military. The problem with these three events is that earlier in the year, U.S. officials revealed to the New York Times that the ISI was funding the Taliban, and was responsible for providing direct assistance and helping with some of their strategic strikes.

The press did cover these stories, but independent of one another. Not one media institution connected the dots that the United States was actively funding the harm that its armed forces were simultaneously fighting. Following the official narrative of the war, it certainly doesn't make any sense that the United States was indirectly prolonging the quagmire. Perhaps such mistakes are the inevitability of a bloated war bureaucracy, or that U.S. officials simply didn't realize the connection. Unfortunately, a collection of evidence points to a more sinister explanation: the United States and its allies have been deliberately proliferating radical Islam for decades, only to later spend trillions fighting the enemy they created.

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Tens of Thousands Protest in Russia Against War With Ukraine

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MOSCOW — Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters marched in central Moscow Saturday against a Kremlin-backed referendum in Crimea on whether to break away from Ukraine and join Russia.

It was the largest anti-government demonstration since 2012. Demonstrators waved Russian and Ukrainian flags, while opposition activists — including two members of the Pussy Riot punk band — shouted "Say no to war!" and "Putin, go away!" from the stage.

Protesters also held up banners that read: "For your freedom and for ours!" One demonstrator held up a plate of salo — cured pork fat that is a staple of Ukrainian cuisine and adored by many Russians — along with a poster that read: "Make salo, not war!"

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