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YEE-HAW! THANKS, SUN!: "A Severe (G4) Geomagnetic Storm is now in progress. Bz/IMF conditions continue to intensify the ongoing geomagnetic storm.

ALERT: Geomagnetic K-index of 8"" 



Immersive venues for Contact Modules

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Immersive venues for Contact Modules

Interactions in core groups as ECETI and CSETI, are complimentary for humans which want to advance, learn develop some of the abilities, and experiences which allows comemorable extensions of worldwide phenomena’s to become (Get) active in formations which allows a prosperous amount of individuals to (get to) understand the general fabrics of how these things are going to manifest in the near future. The beings in the crafts and so on experiences with extra dimensions and more so, eventually some factions will contact more people on Earth to individually converse what is important in moments while some others are simply giving out their presences to allow humans to adapt in what we term some subjectable matters which would be in this case, unsurmountable if it were to let people interact directly, physically…

Some matters which are concessive in reasoning, how these beings are having or setting up a generalized idea of what is out there, and how they are, as peaceful and angelic, can sometimes make us wonder in effects to why it can be so, in some ways it allows us to get to know them in a way which is natural to us as love is one of the main factors in how this concession is apparatus… Meaning the world interactions made with extra-terrestrials and other dimensional groups, beings, can become different on occasions if you allow, get to see some of their purpose or agenda? In some cases, what their purpose is, has substantial matters on how we will evolve… In actuality, many things which are from differing groups, pertains to some matters in which we are going to become used to in the future.

The Moment

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  • The moment when your heart opens to the truth that lives around you.... It's indescribable.  It is hope, love, gratitude, empathy, pain, joy, struggle and a host of so much more, yet with peace to the core.  
  • The moment you realize that the posts you read on social media each day that aim to motivate ARE in fact for YOU!  
  • The moment that you allow your heart to break and feel a flood of emotion to the likes of nothing you have ever imagined.

I've been so very emotional lately.  Yet, there has been no real explanation for my tears, my sorrow, my joy, my pain... I honestly thought I was going slightly bonkers, but I still embraced the stage of life.  I understand that much of my emotion comes from being a deep Empath.  I used to always say that I didn't have too many friends, because each new person I let into my life was soul tied to my heart, and I could feel their emotions.  DAMN, I did not know how true that was!  And now, here I am... openly inviting all of you into my life and my world with complete honesty, transparency and love... and this sh^t is no joke!  The funny thing is I wouldn't have it any other way and I even sometimes wish I could advance this journey just so I could reach out to so many more of you.  Yet, I call out my ego for having those thoughts and check myself back into the current moment because I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment.

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