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Terminological Demands

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Terminological Demands

Attuning into the higher fields has the potential to give about rises of information which is susceptible to change by a gradual breaking point which brings us beyond the void/veil. Information which shifts unattended can be carried on susceptible points throughout the grids networking force and initially cause a downfall within our memory.

Around the word more people are working up to the awakening individuals by having access to their level of initiative force which works by temporal grids. Initially I am one of the workers which have been in training in the past year and had brought us on a simple route which had very strong energies which supplied us with more routes within the nexus… This portrayed the exact moment where initials to other dimensional beings or simply contact with other dimensional beings can carry on big change in our own system and grid networks while allowing something as anti-matter to be gathered at places like CERN.

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