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God said:

Hold no grudges. Not against a person, yourself, the world, or God.
This is the same as letting the past go, even the past of yesterday. Every day starts with a new slate. This amounts to not collecting the old. You don’t want to accumulate it. You are not meant to be a hoarder of hurts, a hoarder of wrong-doing, a hoarder of insults or anything you don’t want. Nor, beloveds, are you to be only a collector or recollector of all the good that you have received. You are to live in what is called the present.
You can’t keep adding up your stock in life. All the right and all the wrong are to be let go. You can’t keep the past to you no matter how hard you try. You will mourn the downsides and you will mourn the happiness as well, for you cannot hold either to you, and neither can stay with you forevermore.
Memories are not all they are cracked up to be, for they are memories of what is imminently changing. Even dear memories are a flash in the pan. You can’t live in the past, not the past of long ago nor the past of a minute ago.
Life is a river that flows, and it is ever-flowing and, therefore, ever-changing. Let Us say that life is like being at the beach. You love to swim at the Ocean. Sooner or later, you have to come out of the water and dry off. Therefore, you deal with life day by day. You rinse the salt off each day, and start anew the next day which, currently, as it happens, is today.

You Would Arise as If from a Pool - Heavenletters

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God said:

I love you. Yes, I love you. I love you more than you can fathom. You are, it seems, actually shy of love. You are afraid it is too much for you. You might feel there is obligation if you should realize the enormity of My love for you. You might feel you have to become a different person. No, not at all. Not a different person, absolutely not.
On the contrary, you would become more of yourself as you really are. You would shed layers of pretense and a misguided picture of yourself. You would become so simple, shorn of Earth-mandated appearance. Heretofore, We may consider your existence on Earth as only an approximation of yourself, perhaps an imitation of yourself.
You would become effortless. Tension would be gone. The True You in all your simplicity would arise. You would breathe as if for the first time. You would shed layers of fabrication, of ambition, of performance, even of excellence. Nevertheless, as you let go of all that covers you up or intrudes upon you, you would know your excellence, and your excellence may well not be what you thought it had to be.

Who Else Is There but God? - Heavenletters

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God said:

It is not that you owe allegiance to Me and, therefore, must give your allegiance to Me. It’s not that at all. The question is: Who else is there? Who else is there for you to give your allegiance to but to Me?
You have given your allegiance to individuals, to causes, to groups, to this, to that. Often, too often, you have been disappointed.
I understand that you may sometimes see Me as a disappointment to you. With friends and with Me, your disappointment often comes from taking too many things personally. As if you are rejected. As if you are taken less than seriously. As if you are disregarded.
Remember there is Oneness. My love is for all, and I give My love to all.
Often, beloveds, you would like to be the only one. I understand this. I AM the only One, and you are One with Me. I do understand that life, as it appears, doesn’t always appear in the light you would like. It is easier on you when you can take life as it is served to you. You may prefer a different song than the one played. You may prefer different food from that which is served. You may prefer many things, is that not so? And is it not a fact of life in the relative world that everything does not seem to go your way?


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Today is a grand day, one of great celebration, for you have chosen to be alive on planet Earth! The time has come for each of you to look closely at every belief you hold to be true.

Most beliefs were inhaled on blind faith, never once questioning the authority of those who proclaimed these truths. The Truth is ever-present in the world around you. There is much you can learn by observing Nature in action, for Nature is a reflection of the Creator. All is perfectly balanced and in harmony when there is no human intervention. Have you studied the symbiosis between plants, animals and landscape? Every birth, every new sprout unto itself is a miracle.

You also are given the ability to sprout and grow when given the proper circumstances. The ability to go inside and to connect with your Higher Self and Source is within your grasp. It is your intuition, that inner knowing, that is your connection. Paying attention to this knowingness is your key to fine tuning your connection to Source. Dare to be open-minded and look for Truth in all things.

Ask questions, especially of those who have thoughts different from your own. Instead of perpetuating the differences among yourselves, learn to work together and discover the similarities. Break down the barriers of separation. There are no two among you who have the same beliefs in all things. Each of you is unique, with the ability to change your mind. This is the beauty of being human, being able to think what you choose, to behave as you choose and to change what does not feel right for you.

Beyond Judgment - Heavenletters

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God said:

What if you could nudge your thoughts over to accept that everything that happens is for good? What if you could? You think this can’t possibly be true, for you have seen and read about terrible things. Man’s inhumanity to man is not a new subject. There is no question that in the world, in terms of the world, for there to be good, there also has to be bad. Bad is a reality to you. This is clear, and, in the world, this is logical thinking.
This is hard to believe that bad things are not bad or, even, very bad. You run on this premise. No explaining can make you see differently. Nothing else makes sense to you. Certainly, what could be the good of something that you see as dire when the goodness of it is not even perceivable in your eyes.
Oh, once in a while, you get a glimpse. Most often, not. We have to let that sit. Perhaps, even if you could see all the threads that connect from a thousand years ago, you could not justify the wrongs you see. Even so, in this life time, you have seen yourself heartbroken, and later a recognition of the good in it has come to you. From a distance sometimes you see.
Even in thinking the concept of good and bad, how can there be conciliation or reconciliation? If something is bad, it’s bad. If something is good, it’s good. In Earth terms, opposites can only make sense as opposites. The two cannot co-exist in any one example. Oh, yes, you understand that there is some merit in feeling pain in that it alerts you, yet, in your eyes, that does not make up for the pain.
There is so much in the world that doesn’t make sense, so much that makes no sense at all.

Ode to Oneness - Heavenletters

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God said:

It is like you, human being that you are, have come into My Life, a welcomed visitor. I am a genial host. I invite you to sit down with Me. I offer you the splendors of the Universe as you might offer a guest tea. This is hospitality, beloveds. This is hospitality at its best. You are welcomed into the threshold of My heart and into the center of My heart.
Plump yourself down, and notice where you are. It is not possible for you to leave the Palace of My Heart, and why, why would you ever want to?
It is a good thing to know where you are, and where you are is in My heart. You are tucked in nicely here. You warm My heart, and I warm yours. Here, We hold hands, and, here, We roam the valleys and the mountains and the fields and the forests. It is here in My heart where you meet people. Just think, you are as good as the host or hostess of My heart, and you welcome all.
Everyone wants a welcome, and you are a welcomer. Welcome all to Earth. Move over a little, and make room to seat everyone. My heart expands to receive everyone, and you are learning to welcome all. It is easy to understand why you are on Earth. It is such a little thing I ask you to do – to make room for everyone in your heart. This is how you usher everyone into My heart.

…know that you have left nothing undone. – channeled by Ron Head

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light12Michael and the Councils

 We have spoken in our last message of ways, methods, to increase your frequencies. We will bring some of them forward today. Let us state beforehand that we are not going to give you anything that is new. After all, you have been on this path for thousands of years and many ways of doing this have been developed. You were the ones who developed them. So we will jog your memories. We might give you a thought or two about them that may be other ways of thinking which you have not considered, but the practices are very, very old. They are well used. In the manner of wearing a pathway through a forest, that is a part of their efficacy. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. There is no need to blaze a new trail.

We will speak of light, which is high frequency energy. We will speak of grounding. We will speak of your perceptions and understanding. We will recommend that you begin a daily practice if you do not currently have one. We also recommend that you do not beat yourself up for not having one or for missing a day in your daily practice if you do have one. Remember the whole purpose is to raise your frequency and beating yourselves up will certainly not help that. Let us begin.

You were created in Love and from Love, and within the illusion you have been forever seeking that Love. - John Smallman

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We are all One. The divine realms, the spiritual realms, and the physical realms are all One, and your scientists have discovered this though their ongoing studies in physics. There is nothing that is not part of the One, because the One is All That Exists, and every particle of consciousness is an eternal and inseparable part of that Whole, even though it may choose to experience itself as individual, separate, alone.

You knew this consciously and experientially when God created you One with Himself, and then, when you built, developed, and entered into the illusion, you forgot. But to forget is not to lose or be without, it is merely a temporary state in which the infinite abundance of your perfection, wisdom and knowledge – bestowed on you at the moment of your creation by your infinitely loving Father, God, the Source of All, Who, in His infinite Love for you, gave you everything that He had – is hidden from you only by your own choice to enter the illusion.

Your sense of individuality, separateness, aloneness, even abandonment is but part of that illusion, because it is impossible that you could ever be separated from the One that is All that exists. Your choice to experience that unreal state has brought you much pain and suffering, and you have now collectively decided to return to Reality, to the experiential knowing of your true state at One with your Creator.

Return to Tribe - Mayan Messages

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RETURN TO TRIBE   Take time today and begin to dream big. What do you want your life to look like? What are your passions and how can you fit them into your life? Begin to create what you wish to accomplish through clear visualizations. If you can see it in your mind, you can create it in your reality.

Allow yourself to be the person you wish to be. Work through issues that leave you feeling as though you have little worth or self-esteem. Know you are a magnificent Being of light, here on Earth for a moment’s experience with plans to return to the Source from whence you came.

Once you can accomplish these goals, you will be able to unite as One on Earth. Erase any feelings of separation and embrace each other as brothers and sisters. Remove any thoughts of racial or intelligence domination. Release any judgment against them and any feelings of inferiority or superiority over them. Make a heart connection with each.

Everything Comes from Within You - Heavenletters

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God said:

Despair is not to follow you. Shrug it off. You may feel that there is nothing you can do when darkness of soul overcomes you, yet it is for you to part with darkness. Be happy anyway. The world does not end. It’s like you tripped and fell. That’s when you pick yourself up, rub off whatever has stuck to your clothes, and then you walk forward again. This is what to do in life. Pick yourself up, and keep walking.
Don’t squeeze every drop of anguish from whatever tripped you. It’s done. Now make it be over. Get on.
When you literally fall in mud, let’s say, you don’t stay there wallowing. And when you get up, you don’t keep the mud on you. You scrape it off and take a shower and change your clothes.  
If you fell and cut your knee, the cuts will heal. Scrapes are scrapes, yet they transform and become scars. Scars show healing. Don’t take pics of your scars. Don’t put the pics in the album of your mind and keep going back and ruffling through the pages.
Now I want to tell you something. Although it’s true, you had a fall which you consider a fall from grace, when, Beloveds, did you allow yourself to feel grace to fall from?


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